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I got fed a delicious, home-made four course feast last night. There was venison and chocolate torte and ginger cream and fishcakes and port and I never want to see food again oh God.

Of course, this fabulous feast meant I didn't do anything writing-wise last night, and after my dismal efforts last week, I really wanted to get things rolling this week. So far I've failed with a big, fat, chocolatey F. So this seems an appropriate time to roll out an accountability list. In no order of importance, I need to:

1. Write my Queered Fiction horoscopes
2. Write my Cambridge Explorer horoscopes
3. Finish The Necromancer's Apprentice (yeah, I went back to it. I cut the horrible sex scene and replaced it with some stuff about demons, which I like a lot more. I think I can get a first draft done this week now)
4. Finish proofreading WILD. I've found two typos so far *tears hair out*
5. Get at least 2k done on Blood and Bones over the weekend

I'm sure I'm missing something from the list, but I'm so doped up on a food hangover and lack of sleep, I can't think what it is. I've got a story submission to read for Serve in Heaven... that I'm pretty excited about. I know that's not it. I mean, that is something else I have to do, but I'm hoping I'll squeeze it in at work if I get some quiet time.
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Queered Fiction are running an ebook giveaway today for Valentine's Day. Just check out the blog post for rules and then tweet for the chance to win any ebook from their catalogue, including QUEER WOLF (featuring Urban Wolf short WOLF STRAP) and SILVER KISS!

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It's my birthday in April and I want a cake like this:

I know it's really early, but I figure the earlier I put my cake request out there, the more time people have to make it for me, okay?

In actual news, I'm writing a new horoscope column for QueeredFiction - Curious After Dark. This is addition to, but different from the column I write for the Cambridge Explorer, and I think it's going to be a lot of fun, and it gives me a monthly Tarot workout, since I don't do as much reading as I used to.

Oh, and also, Static Movement have lifted the max word count limit on several of their anthologies. I keep thinking I want to write something for their Fountain of Youth anthology because I love the cover, but I've yet to have any amazing ideas.

Anyway, that's me.
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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays and Season's Greetings and so forth! I hope everyone's having a wonderful Christmas Eve and will have an awesome Christmas Day too!

In the spirit of season, I have things! To give (or announce) to you! First of all, QueeredFiction are giving away a free Christmas-themed anthology right here. Huzzahs! It's very pretty and the stories are excellent, so you should check it out and share it with people (and there's a Glory story in there, and that's always good ^_^).

Second of all, I did a guest blog on werewolves and Christmas for Minding Spot which is right here, and there's also a lovely review of SILVER KISS there too so that's that.

Right, there's a tub of Ben and Jerry's in the freezer with my name on it, so I am outta here! Everyone have a wonderful holiday!
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I'm stupidly smiley and happy this morning. Must be all the glorious sunshine! (And I'm still a little bit giddy from seeing the maned wolf on Saturday - must find a way to work a maned werewolf into a future novel).

Anyway, where are we at? Wild is back with my Fearless Agent, who's re-reading the changes and promises to get back to me soon and send it out on submission (barring any further changes *quakes*). So:

Writing Life (in no particular order)

1. Finish Earthbound for Queer Light anthology - waiting to hear back on this one.
2. Rewrite Wild for my Fearless Agent. First three chapters must be done by 23rd March. Shouldn't be a problem. Actually ended up rewriting the whole second half from scratch, then adding in a further 11k last week to accommodate a few suggestions and questions from my Fearless Agent. Am now sick to death of werewolves. (Nah, not really).
3. Finish Demonised, an Ethan Banning novella, for submission to Damnation Books - this is definitely the next project. Got 13k already down, and really want to finish this off before the end of April (which won't happen, but there is a bank holiday weekend coming up, so we can but try).
4. Start on BAD DOGS, the sequel to SILVER KISS - This is my May project, another reason to finish Demonised as soon as possible.
5. Continue with Afterburn, the sequel to AFTERLIFE. - Yep, still on the list, except I'm changing the title back to Halflife because I decided to steal the original plot for another novel to be written in the future had a rethink on the storyline and came up with a much, much better idea for Yasmin's second adventure.

The Queer Gothic anthology is due for release soonish, so I should have edits for Moths forthcoming too.

Real Life

1. Keep job-hunting! Must be in new job before the summer if possible - Got an interview on Wednesday (hmm, need to tell my boss, actually).
2. Start house-hunting. Must be in new house before the summer. I will not spend another winter in this glorified cowshed - We've got three places to look at this week, and fingers crossed one will be right, because I am just not paying the extra rent on the cowshed. [ profile] chaostheory  has already found herself new digs (sob!) which makes me sad for myself but happy for her, because she's going to be saving money and living with awesome people.
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First, what the heck is this book even about?

SILVER KISS - Urban Wolf Book One

Ayla Hammond has come home.

After years as a lone wolf in a self-imposed exile she's rejoining the pack and trying to mend fences with her parents. She's convinced them to accept her girlfriend, but can a lone wolf change her ways?

As if homecoming wasn't hard enough, Ayla also can't help getting involved in a missing person case. With pressure to solve the case mounting from the pack alphas, Ayla is starting to question where her loyalties lie - and if a return to the pack she left behind is really what she wants.

Available March 1st 2010.

Leading up the release of SILVER KISS, there's going to be all kinds of shenanigans. There'll be a blog tour, starting at Bitten by Books on February 22nd. There'll be tarot readings, the chance to name a character in BAD DOGS, signed copies of SILVER KISS, extra prizes from QueeredFiction's anthology backlist, and much, much more!

I'm also having a Twitter release party on March 1st, so if you'd like to join in with that, just come and follow me Twitter.

And hey, if you want to help spread the word via these images - well, there may be a prize in it for you, too.

Next - as part of the SILVER KISS promo storm, maybe you'd like to go and sign the petition to Save the Werewolves? Because if we don't, who will?

There's more information about all of this right here at QueeredFiction, including the first chapter of SILVER KISS, so be sure to check out. Go now!

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Oh yes, SILVER KISS has indeed had it's first review, and it's a lovely one! Check out the Pen and Muse for their thoughts.

 "Clark immerses the reader in a world that is imaginary yet bordering on the verge of being absolutely real ... This is a must-read!"

See that? I'm a must-read! Oh, and just in case you didn't notice the gorgeous cover QueeredFiction have given me - here it is again.

Snikt! )

I'm in love with this cover, I really am. It gets me all excited about seeing future covers ^_^

Now. So. You may well be wondering when SILVER KISS is actually out and what all this top secret stuff I've been alluding to is. Well, I'm going to be bombarding you with information, so stay tuned. There's loads planned - competitions, blog tours, interviews, and (if I'm lucky) lots more lovely reviews!


Feb. 16th, 2010 02:26 pm
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Since Wild is with my Fearless Agent and SILVER KISS is almost ready to step out into the big bad world, my mind has inevitably turned to the next project. (It's taken me like, a week to get over Wild. When I finished the rewrite I swore I'd never write anything again and everything could just go to hell because dammit, my arm really hurt. Still does, but anyway).

Anyway. There are a couple of certs - namely the two sequels to SILVER KISS. I'm undecided what order to do them in. Both will take Ayla and Shannon out of town. Probably Bad Dogs will be next since the events follow on quite closely from SILVER KISS. That's set Oop North. The third book is set in France and is currently called Moonstruck, but I'm edging towards changing that to something along the lines of Stone Touch. All will become clear eventually, I promise.

I've also got the sequel to AFTERLIFE, called Afterburn despite the indigestion connotations. That's not contracted, but Damnation Books did express an interest in seeing it, and I definitely want to write it.

I've been working on and off on a novella called Earthbound for a QueeredFiction anthology. The deadline is already gone (it passed whilst I was feverishly writing about junkie werewolves and homeless ghouls), but I'm going to finish it up and inquire anyway.

There's that zombie-military thing too. I'm currently reading Zombie CSU for research. There's also a YA idea floating around, although I've never written YA before so I'm not sure about that one.

And always, always, there's the rewrite of Scarlett's first novel. Sigh. Always. One day I will do it, I will make it awesome and it will take over the world. And then you'll all see *shakes fist skyward*

And all of this is why I need to escape this damnable dayjob.

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I finished the edits on SILVER KISS last night and emailed them back to my awesome editor at QueeredFiction. Huzzahs! That's one werewolf novel dealt with - for now. I expect I'll be seeing it again soon, but in the mean time, it's back to Wild. I checked in with my agent a couple of days ago to assure her that I'm still alive and not ripping my hair out over it all. Which is mostly true. I am definitely alive.

And I am very much looking forward to finishing the edits on Wild. The end is almost in sight, and I've got to tell you - I'm ready to be done with it, for now. Again, I expect to be seeing Wild again in the near future (I certainly hope to, anyway, because that might mean it's sold), but for now, I just want it to be done!

Once it is done, I plan to drink a lot of vodka eat a lot of chocolate fake my own death to escape the damn novel once and for all work on a couple of short pieces; an angel story for QueeredFiction's upcoming Queer Light anthology, and a novella for Damnation Books. Neither of which will involve werewolves or drugs. Honestly.


Nov. 26th, 2009 11:35 am
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I'm trying to write a bio for QueeredFiction. I don't know why I feel the need to provide a new one when there's a perfectly serviceable one on my website already, but I do. Possibly this is displacement activity, since if I'm writing a bio, I'm not doing Day Job Stuff. Always a good thing. The problem is, I can't think of anything to say about myself except "Naomi has a deep and unholy fascination with cephalopods, werewolves, and cocktails." Maybe that will do? Maybe I should make up a bunch of lies, like "Naomi travels in a pimped-out Mustang and always keeps a bottle of brandy and a flamethrower close at hand."


(I just copied and pasted the bio from my website, thinking I'd modify it accordingly, and have just deleted everything except the first line. Sigh).


I've also been pondering some more on the zombie/military UF. My ex-military heroine now has a name and a case of obsessive-compulsive disorder (got to keep everything clean when you're a plague-bearer, you know). I really, really want to write this book. I just need to settle on a title. I fancied Living Dead Girl, until I read Elizabeth Scott's book of the same name (it's an awesome, heart-wrenching book, you should all read it), and now I feel I can't use that title. Then I thought of Better Off Dead, but that's a bit too generically UF. So, I'm pondering more. I plan to start work properly once the Institute closes for Christmas (other projects allowing), so I'm sure the perfect title will hit me by then. If not, I'll just call it The Incredible and True Tale of the Zombie Plague Bearer and Her Brave Struggle with Hair Loss and leave it at that
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I'm deep into the edits on AFTERLIFE now (I know! Time is a-wasting, but they insist on keeping me trapped in this insidious day-job!) and I'm realising a few things.

Firstly, I'm very lucky in that the majority of the edits are format changes. Changing UK spellings to US, for example, or altering punctuation. Quick and simple.

Secondly, it pays to turn in a clean manuscript the first time round. The first draft of AFTERLIFE was about 7k shorter than the finished version, was missing a plot thread or two, and had lots of logical errors. How glad am I that I fixed all that before submitting to Damnation Books? Extremely. Leaving aside the fact that the original draft probably wouldn't have been picked up in the first place, having dealt with all these big issues early means I'm only dealing with little issues now - rephrasing, polishing up sentence structure, etc.

Thirdly, you never know it all. I'm amazed at how many passive sentences Kim Richards (my superstar editor) has picked up in the manuscript. I'm amazed that I didn't notice them myself, as I'm very quick to jump on other people for passive constructions (as [ profile] laburton could tell you). It's brilliant how much difference tiny little adjustments to a sentence can make to a whole scene, how much stronger they can make your characters' voices.

Fourthly, writing is not all wild parties and cocktails. I mean, don't get me wrong. I feel incredibly lucky to have made such massive leaps forward with my writing career this year. I'm in a place now I didn't think I'd ever get to this time last year, and I can (hopefully) only go forwards from here. But there is a lot of minutiae and nit-picking work that goes into producing a finished book, which I hadn't fully appreciated before. I knew on an intellectual level, but now I know first-hand, and I'm absolutely in awe of the work that goes on that we as readers never see.

Fifthly (sp? Is there such a word? See, you never know it all), you're never finished. As soon as the edits for AFTERLIFE are done, I'll be working on SILVER KISS. Yes, there's lots going on there that I'm not yet at liberty to discuss. I've got to put together a blurb and an author bio before anything else, and there will soon be edits, marketing, and promotions galore to deal with. That's before I even think about any forthcoming edits for MOTHS, writing the sequel to AFTERLIFE, not to mention writing the sequels to SILVER KISS. Seriously.

But I love it.
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I'm back at work after my glorious, fun-filled, productive, Baileys-soaked week off. Sigh. I got loads done last week. I finished rewriting Wild and emailed it to an interested editor (fingers crossed, but shall not think about that too much). I made a start on the synopsis so I can sub it elsewhere too. I got cracking on the edits for AFTERLIFE. I had a short story accepted for an upcoming QueeredFiction anthology (okay, that wasn't exactly me being productive as all I had to do was read the email saying it had been accepted, but it counts, dammit). I went to a few local bookshops to ask about getting AFTERLIFE in stock, and now have some people to call regarding that.

I also managed to be fairly social - visited my parents and my grandparents, and spent Thursday night getting utterly and complete drunk with Kyle and [ profile] chaostheory , which was fun and necessary.

All of which just reminded me once more that I want to be a full-time writer. Soon. (Not the family-visiting and the drinking. That was awesome, but doesn't contribute to my writing scheme). So yeah, back at work today, already missing the carefree days of yore when I could stay up until 5am playing Super Mario 3 and then sleep in until 12 noon and spend the day watching reruns of Mock the Week and Come Dine With Me write all day. I have hypernostalgia for last week.


Nov. 13th, 2009 04:38 pm
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QueeredFiction have accepted my short story, Moths, for their Queer Gothic anthology. Yay! I'm so excited - I really wasn't sure about this story when I submitted it, so it's nice to be validated, lol.
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A pretty big opportunity has come my way. I don't want to say much because it's all very much a long shot, but it means I need to whip Wild into shape, fast. For those who don't follow my obsessions religiously (you should, I'm fascinating), Wild is my epic tale of heroin addiction and werewolves in Liverpool. Or rather, it is now. Back in 2007 when I started writing it, it was an epic tale of heroin addiction and werewolves in America. I finished the first draft sometime in late '07/early '08, I think. It was a particulary difficult book to write because A) it's one of these gritty labours of love that breaks you in half and B) I was with The Ninja at the time, who you might remember as the clingy boyfriend who refused to believe I'd broken up with him and started hanging around my house in the middle of the night talking about the Mafia. Being with him was not conduicive to writing. At all.

So, once I'd finished the first draft (finally! After all the blood, sweat, and tears it bloody took), I emailed it, full of hope, to my now Ex-Agent. She was... lukewarm about it. Liked the writing, thought the plot was lacking. So I immediately began ripping the plot apart, throwing in some werewolf gang warfare and LSD-abuse for good measure. Then I grew incredibly disenchanted with my agent, my writing, and myself, decided I hated Wild and everything to do with it and never wanted to look at it again. So I wrote the first half of AFTERLIFE instead and pushed my junkie werewolves to one side.

And then I got my writers' group to look at it. They suggested I move the story to Liverpool and keep trying with it. So I started rewriting it again, got half way through, decided I hated it, everything to do with it and never wanted to look at it again, again. Then I finished writing AFTERLIFE, left my agent, decided my writing career was over anyway and seriously contemplated never writing anything ever again.

Then in 2009 some other stuff happened, like WOLF STRAP selling to QueeredFiction, and them contracting me for SILVER KISS and its sequels, and AFTERLIFE selling to Damnation Books, and suddenly I was feeling like, man! I'm not going to let Wild beat me! It may be the literary equivalent of a puddle of vomit that makes my headache just to think of it, but seriously! I'm going to damn well finish that book.

And then I didn't because some other stuff happened.

And then something else happened. Something I can't go into details about, but something with potential. Nothing I want to put too much hope in, but something that's sent me back to Wild like a ... I don't know, demented writing junkie masochist of some kind. Because I need to finish rewriting this book and making it as good as it can possibly be. This is always a problem for me - I never believe anything I do is good enough, but with Wild I want to try and do the story and characters justice. And I want to do it before next Monday.

I've got roughly 100 pages to go. Half the book is still set in America rather than Liverpool, and the first half of the plot has nothing to do with the second. One character is called Grady for 200 pages and Lennon for the next 100 or so. One character is a witch for the first twenty chapters and a werewolf for the next ten. It's a great, nasty sprawling mess. But I will tame it. Oh yes, I will tame it.
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Breaking away from SILVER KISS revisions and AFTERLIFE promotion to let you know that QUEER WOLF, featuring my short story, WOLF STRAP is up for an award! All the details are here at [personal profile] elisa_rolle's livejournal.
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Stop everything! Seriously, stop. Listen to me.

I'm beyond excited to announce that QueeredFiction have contracted me for two more Ayla/Shannon novels to follow up SILVER KISS!

You heard me right - that's three Ayla/Shannon novels altogether, to be published over 2010 and 2011. That ringing you hear in your ears is the fading echoes of my thrilled screams of joy :D

I honestly can't tell you how pleased and proud I am. I loved writing SILVER KISS and exploring the characters and world more, I love writing about werewolves, and I love that I've now got the chance to write even more.

All I need now is a series title. Suggestions on a postcard, please...
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Why yes, that is my contract for SILVER KISS, along with a bunch of goodies that I shall be taking to the RNA conference tomorrow ^-^
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Okay, so we all know I had a short story published in QueeredFiction's Queer Wolf anthology, right?

And we all know Wolf Strap has been getting some pretty good reviews, right?

And we all know I've been working on a novel-length follow-up to Wolf Strap called Silver Kiss, right?

Well, I am thrilled (and a little bit nervous) to announce that SILVER KISS HAS BEEN CONTRACTED BY QUEEREDFICTION! Which means I'm going to have a novel published! A whole, full, genuine novel all by myself etc!

Details are tentative at this point, but we're hoping SILVER KISS (yes, I will henceforth capitalise it all the time, sorry) will be released in early 2010.

This is by far the most exciting thing that has happened to me since I started writing, and I'm over the moon to have the opportunity to do this. So, virtual party at my place! Bring cocktails!
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June 7th is a Hot Moon!

Queer Wolf, the first anthology from QueeredFiction is released in trade paperback. It's already available for pre-order on and, and if you love me, you'll totally buy a copy, because Wolf Strap is the opening story and rumour has it that it rocks.

But you can also win a copy direct from QueeredFiction just by going to and signing up for their newsletter. I know! It's so easy! Sign up before June 7th and you're in the drawing. Come on. You know you want to.

And just to tempt you, here's what people are saying:

 “The debut anthology from James EM Rasmussen's QueeredFiction is an entertaining
   and varied collection, boasting such talents as Charlie Cochrane and Ginn Hale. Lovers
   of the lycan will find much to slaver over here: from the werewolf wanabee to the
   lovers-through-time, to waifs and strays. From the carnal to the violent to the passionate,
   this anthology will wag your tail, I guarantee it.”
Erastes author of Standish


More reviews )
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1. Finish first draft of the gothic horror short story. (It took a wrong turn and became a gothic romance, which has set its progress back somewhat).

2. Get the lawn mowed. Sounds simple, but the grass is knee high at the moment, so I'm drafting in my parents and Holly to help. Because cocker spaniels are awesome at gardening.

3. Get some serious work done on planning Silver Kiss, the Ayla and Shannon piece.

4. Ponder some more on Lone Wolf. I'm leaning towards rabies and super volcanoes at the moment.

5. Resolve all my personal problems in one fell swoop. (This probably won't happen. But you've got to aim high, right?)


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