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We interrupt the DARK HUNT blog tour (although that is still going on and there is still loads of chances to win awesome free stuff) to bring you an important Ethan Banning-related announcement.

GONE TO THE DOGS, an Ethan Banning short story, is now available on Amazon US and UK. Huzzahs! And of course, it's at a low, low price, because money into Ethan does not go.

After PI Ethan Banning is kicked out of his favourite bar, he figures the night can't get much worse. Naturally, he's wrong. A trip to the dog track, a meeting with a wannabe femme fatale, and a revenge scheme gone wrong leave Ethan high, dry, and depressingly sober. And that's after he's been mistaken for a hobo...

Some random facts about GONE TO THE DOGS:

1. As with UNGRATEFUL DEAD, this is set before the events of AFTERLIFE, so you can read it without having read any other Shoregrave books.

2. Unlike UNGRATEFUL DEAD, there are no paranormal elements in this story at all. It's just Ethan, his wit, and a bunch of greyhounds.

3. Nothing bad happens to any dogs.
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I've taken advantage of a quiet work day to finish reading through WILD. *collapses weeping* I've got about a page of changes to make before it's ready for publication. I cannot believe how many typos I found after so many re-writes. Let this be a cautionary tale: you can never edit enough.

So I'm going to send the changes to my lovely formatter and ask him nicely to skillfully cover up my mistakes, and then WILD will officially be fit for release. Huzzahs!

I am, of course, now wondering if I should try selling it traditionally, because my brain is a horrible thing. But I'm pretty certain I've exhausted that option for WILD, and that hanging onto it now rather than self-publishing it will ultimately do me no good whatsoever.

So WILD is very nearly off my plate and into the hands of the reading public. No doubt it will sell millions of copies, snag a movie deal, and secure me fame and fortune beyond my craziest dreams. In the mean time, I have a ton of other stuff to be writing, and I've been slacking this week because of Stuff, so I plan to have a productive weekend. Watch this space.

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So a few years ago I wrote a short story called Painless, which was published in Midnight Times ezine, which is now defunct, I think. It's about a professional thief who can't feel pain as a result of a childhood incident. I really loved the character, Theo Kane, and the world I touched on, and for years I thought about making it into a novel. Never got round to it though.

Then recently I submitted Painless to a Static Movement anthology, Weird City, which should be available soon (and apparently Caitlin Kittredge is going to be reviewing it, which makes me a bit giddy and fangirly). And there's going to be a Weird City 2, so it seems clear to me that I should write a sequel to Painless. I left Theo's story pretty unfinished, and since I don't think a novel will ever materialise, I've decided on a different tactic. I'm going to write a bunch of short stories set in Theo's world, about her and her cohorts, and then publish them as a collection. 

I'm not planning to do them all at once; Halflife and Blood and Bones are still my priorities, but obviously short stories aren't as time-consuming as novels or novellas, so I see no reason why I can't aim to have a good collection out later in the year. They should make for nice side projects. Huzzahs! 
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I'm editing a second Static Movement anthology, since Serve in Heaven, Reign in Hell has been so much fun!

Witches and warlocks wanted! I'm after stories of magic and mayhem featuring witches of all kinds – hedge witches, black witches, ceremonial, Satanic, Celtic or solitary ... whatever takes your fancy. Be creative! I'm looking for fantasy (urban, dark, or traditional), horror, and paranormal romance.

Submissions should be between 1,500 – 5,000 words. I'm not especially interested in flash or longer pieces, but if you have something you think will fit, please email me to query.

Usual Static Movement formatting rules apply: single space with indented paragraphs, no space between paragraphs and standard 12 font. Use centered *** for scene breaks, and please put your bio at the end of the story in the manuscript. Please make sure your story is edited, and pay attention to grammar and punctuation!

Please send your submissions with ‘Wicked Witchery’ in the subject line to

This anthology is opened until filled and is a 'for the love' of anthology. No copies or payment, this one's exposure only.
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 ... Finishing the first-round edits on DEMONISED. Huzzahs! Just emailed it back to my editor. I assume there will be a second round, so I shall wait anxiously for it to come back to me. It's been quite a weird experience - it's interesting that a lot of the stylistic decisions I made for Ethan's voice are grammatically incorrect or technically passive, but they are just his voice, so I feel quite precious about it all. I've tried to strike a balance between staying true to that voice and addressing my editor's points, and hopefully she'll agree with my choices.

Anyway. I've got a couple of writerly "chores" to do tomorrow, and then I plan to spend some time working on Night and Chaos. If my brain can manage it, I don't know. There was a lot of alcohol going around last night, so we'll see.
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...I've written 18k this month on Night and Chaos. I've also completed the second draft of BLOOD HUNT, adding 3k to that. I wrote a short story that came to 8k and another that came to just short of 2k. That makes a grand total for Anti-Nano of 31k! Which actually means I (just) exceeded my daily goal of 1k a day for Anti-Nano. AND both of those short stories have been accepted for publication!

I want to celebrate with this cake:

But I can't bake cakes, so never mind. I hope everyone else found Anti-Nano as useful as me, and I hope you all enjoyed each other's excerpts as much as I did!

Anyway, as we should all know, [ profile] wwathon  kicks off tomorrow, so we have two more months of thrilling good times ahead! Huzzahs!

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The second draft of BLOOD HUNT is done and winging it's way to my editor at QueeredFiction. Huzzahs! Thanks to everyone who beta-read (I know there's still some feedback to come, which hopefully means by the third pass through, this will be the best book it can possibly be!)

I am now brain dead and have very sore wrists, so I'm going to chill out with Dagon until bed time. Which will be soon. 
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Guess what I did this afternoon?

No! I signed a contract with QueeredFiction for two more Urban Wolf books! 

Huzzahs! That means there's going to be five Urban Wolf books in total! I am so happy and excited, I might have to use more exclamation marks!

I really am delighted. I've been so awed and humbled by the responses to SILVER KISS, and I hope everyone enjoys BLOOD HUNT and the next three books in this series just as much. I've got loads of big ideas for Ayla and Shannon (and Glory), and I can't wait to write them all ^_^
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I know, it's a terrible blog title, but the title I wanted to use wouldn't fit in the bar. It's this!:

SILVER KISS nominated for ALA Over the Rainbow Project's 2010 Bibliography of Recommended Adult Books.

"Each year, the Over the Rainbow Project will publish a bibliography of recommended books for general readership. The bibliography will include books published between July 1 and December 31 of the previous calendar year. The committee’s charge is to create a bibliography of books that exhibit commendable literary quality and significant authentic lgbt content and are recommended for adults over age 18."

OMG, and SILVER KISS has been shortlisted! Alongside Poppy Z Brite and Jacqueline Carey, to name but two massively talented authors. How surreal is that? I feel so honoured and bouncy! The final list will be released in January 2011, and obviously my fingers are crossed I'll be on it, but even getting this far feels like a huge deal, and I may well have to celebrate with cake and ice cream. Who's with me?!

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I have won the holiday battle! The week of 4th - 8th October is all mine, bitches. And I'm going to sit around in my dressing gown watching Come Dine With Me and reading and eating blueberries with cream all freaking week BECAUSE I CAN! Take that, evil co-worker!
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Oh my God, you guys. You guys. Seriously. I wrote nearly 9k today. I did. My arm is killing me, but it's worth it because the first draft of BLOOD HUNT is now done and winging its way to my wonderful editor at Queered Fiction.

9000 words. That's my new record. I probably should have stopped at 5k and finished it off tomorrow, but I reached a point where the end was so close it felt stupid to stop. Look at that word meter, people. This novel is 102% finished. This novel is a mathematical impossibility!

71663 / 70000 words. 102% done!

Huzzahs! Now all I need is someone to check the French and a couple of trusty beta readers. If you can help with either of those things, let me know and the rewards will be awesome and shiny!

For now, I have a wicked headache and a very sore arm, so I'm going to stop typing and watch Derren Brown perform crazy feats of wonder. Burn the witch!
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I'm trying to stay away from LJ, Facebook, and Twitter at the moment because my arm has suddenly kicked into "OMGAMPUTATEITNOWPLEASEPLEASE!!!" mode and I need to conserve my puny strength for writing. That said, two more Static Movement anthologies featuring my stories are now availabe, so:

Were-What is here

and The Cedar Chest is here. And this one also features the paranormal romance story written by my Secret Identity, so that's double the awesome, clearly.

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 Got back from Manchester late last night feeling happy but exhausted. I had a fantastic four days, two of which were even more fantastic because I spent them at the She-Wolf conference. Yay! I'm so excited and full of ideas right now. This conference is really going to inform my writing, and not just the werewolf stuff, but the dark YA novel I'll be working on next. When I've eaten and recovered from this weird bout of hayfever I've just developed, I'll blog about it some more.

In the mean time, thanks to those who joined my cult! The Anti-Nano movement has begun ^_^ Again, I'll blog about this some more later, because I'm sure there must be more minions out there to join my cause.

In other news, I now must cleanse and dress and go food shopping because there is nothing here to eat. I've been off the Harcombe Diet this week, since I didn't want to be a diva and start demanding particular meals while I was with Kyle's folks, and now I'm back to being a bit blargh and umf body-wise. It was nice to have a few days of just eating without thinking too hard about it, but I actually did miss the Harcombe Diet. It's a way of eating that's really working for me, and for someone who's struggled with weight and body image for most of my life, that's refreshing. So I need to go stock up on bacon, eggs, fruit and cheese, and I might even go crazy and try to make some soup. Laters!
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 I have been remiss, friends! Madness of the Mind, the Static Movement anthology featuring my story THE EDGE OF SIGHT, is available now from Amazon! Huzzahs! It looks like Were-What and Cedar Chest will be available shortly too, so double huzzahs!

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I've booked my place on the She-Wolf conference in September. Yay! I'm very much excited at the prospect of spending two days talking about werewolves and shapeshifters, and this will sort of make up for not being able to go to the RNA conference this year (next year, dammit).

I'm especially excited about this talk:

Nickianne Moody (Liverpool John Moores University): Supernatural Hierarchies: The Place of Werewolves in the Paranormal Romance and Contemporary Urban Fantasy

I went to John Moores, so I really hope I get a chance to talk to Nickianne Moody after her talk. Now I feel like there's a million things I need to do before September, like get my hair cut, prepare myself for meeting Kyle's family (we'll be staying with them), finish BLOOD HUNT so I can turn this into a "reward for being a good girl and working hard" trip, re-read lots of Angela Carter, and watch every single werewolf film I own in preparation. I might have to take some time off work for that.
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I haven't really been blogging much lately because I've been feeling rather crap. I suspect a virus is on its way. But now I have News And Opinions! So damn the earache, here comes the blog:

1. I've been offered a contract for DEMONISED! (or Demonized, as it will be Americanised in editing). Yay! Damnation Books are looking at a March 2011 release, but more details will follow. I'm very excited (or would be if my head didn't feel like it's full of cottonwool), and hope this will be the first of many wacky adventures for Ethan.

2. This whole "I write like..." meme thing is everywhere now, and I'm bored of it. Everyone I know apparently writes like Stephen King, which is probably patently untrue (no offence, anyone, but come on), and I think we should all aspire to write like ourselves anyway.

3. We went to see the trailer for The Expendables Predators last night. OMG. I don't even know. It was vastly superior to both AVP films, but not quite as good as Predator. I have this thing about Predator films where I don't really want the puny humans to have personalities, I just want them to be walking targets. So I get annoyed when people start showing each other pictures of their kids (not least because as soon as you do that YOU ARE GOING TO DIE, QUITE FRANKLY) and having deep philosophical conversations about why they became hitmen or whatever. Look, just run around blindly, realise you're all doomed and then die, okay? Predator does not care for your backstory. And please, please don't EVER get a human and a Predator to team up together! That's not what I watch Predator films for! I hated it in AVP, and I didn't appreciate it last night either.

But it was good! Laurence Fishburne put in a great performance as a crazy-ass wild man, and I loved the sword fight between the Yakuza guy and the Predator. I was disappointed not to notice any xenomorph skulls in the Predator death camp, but they may just have been there and I didn't notice because I was all distracted by Adrian Brody's Wolverine impression. (Oh seriously, Adrian Brody as an action hero? He looks like a Toby jug!). And I totally pegged the doctor at the start. You don't drop a weedy-looking doctor on a planet designed as a game preserve with a group of black ops-serial killer-mercenary-cartel enforcer types unless he's also a Very Bad Man.

Of course, none of that matters because I saw a trailer for The Expendables, and it's like Hollywood looked into my brain, saw everything I love and made it into a film. I cannot wait for August! I need this film in my life. Also saw a trailer for Splice, which I'm convinced will be hilarious good times, and also features Adrian Brody in a more appropriate role.

Anyway. My head hurts so I'm going to hunt down some painkillers.
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 So! I just had a short story accepted into Static Movement's Were-What? anthology! *all rise, general huzzahs*

Yes, it is another werewolf story, one I wrote many years ago about my loveable playboy werewolf, Christian, and his first time out of the furry closet. It's a light-hearted story in which nobody takes drugs or dies, so it's nothing like any of my other werewolf stories, and given how old it is, and how much I've learned since I wrote it, I'm very proud it got accepted.

There are a bunch other anthologies open there that I'd love to submit to, but I don't think I have anything already written, and I don't really have time to write anything new, but never mind! I consider myself one step closer to world domination anyway.

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I want to go to this so very much.

Can you imagine? Two whole days of nothing but female werewolves! Talks about she-wolves in urban fantasy, in cinema, and there's even a talk on shapeshifting and queer activism, which would be so relevant for the Urban Wolf books! EEE! I NEED TO GO!!! I cannot use enough exclamation marks! Plus the whole thing is in Manchester, so it's an excuse to visit The North! Yay!

Registration deadline is August, so I have just over a month to figure out the finances. Conference registration plus ticket to Manchester plus accommodation = no new books for Nome all summer, but it would be so worth it. I might try selling a kidney again, although I had no takers last time...

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... Ethan's done! Demonised is finished (the first draft, anyway) and in the hands of two trusty readers who will no doubt love and worship me for writing it (or tell me it sucks, more likely...) Huzzahs! Now I can stop worrying about it for a week or so and get cracking on BAD DOGS, which technically I should have started last month.

Anyway, behold my shiny gold word count meter!

37287 / 37287 words. 100% done!

Now to celebrate with voodoo!


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