Mar. 4th, 2011

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So, I'm guest-blogging with Su Halfwerk, another Damnation Books author, right here today. I'm talking about when side characters (like, for example, PI Ethan Banning) take over. I may also be guest-blogging with David Bridger later on a related subject if I can get my email to behave, so look out for that too!

I've arranged a blog tour for NIGHT AND CHAOS. I don't know how well these things work, but it seems like fun, so more details on that as and when it happens. I also gently nudged my cover artist yesterday and he confimed he'd started work on the new cover, so hopefully there will be that soon too. I'm pretty excited. I went to school with this guy and he really is an amazing artist, so I have unreasonably high hopes, which I've decided are the only kind of hopes you may as well have.

Okay, so I know I mentioned doing a Daily Lovecraft yesterday, but I didn't think the internet would provide so instantly. Turns out Guillermo de Toro is directing an adaptation of At the Mountains of Madness. With Tom Cruise. Tom Cruise! What. The. Hell? Why would you cast Tom Cruise in anything nowadays? It's not the 80s! It's not Top Gun. Look, fine, he may once have been a credible actor, but I think those days are long past, and you're going to have to work pretty hard to convince me he can pull off using words like gibbous and ululating (I'm assuming the script will be full of gibbous, ululating things, or why bother adapting a Lovecraft novella at all?).

I am excited, because I love the story, but I'm also wary because the casting doesn't fill me with hope (I guess Ron Perlman is always a bonus but all I can see is Tom Cruise jumping on couches screaming "I worship Cthulhu! I worship Cthulhu! Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn!" and it's really annoying). The good news is that [ profile] chaostheory  is bring her copy of Reanimator round on Sunday and we're going to watch it and laugh uproariously.

*See what I did there?

ETA: I am guest blogging with David Bridger. It's all right here.
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I'm editing a second Static Movement anthology, since Serve in Heaven, Reign in Hell has been so much fun!

Witches and warlocks wanted! I'm after stories of magic and mayhem featuring witches of all kinds – hedge witches, black witches, ceremonial, Satanic, Celtic or solitary ... whatever takes your fancy. Be creative! I'm looking for fantasy (urban, dark, or traditional), horror, and paranormal romance.

Submissions should be between 1,500 – 5,000 words. I'm not especially interested in flash or longer pieces, but if you have something you think will fit, please email me to query.

Usual Static Movement formatting rules apply: single space with indented paragraphs, no space between paragraphs and standard 12 font. Use centered *** for scene breaks, and please put your bio at the end of the story in the manuscript. Please make sure your story is edited, and pay attention to grammar and punctuation!

Please send your submissions with ‘Wicked Witchery’ in the subject line to

This anthology is opened until filled and is a 'for the love' of anthology. No copies or payment, this one's exposure only.


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