Jan. 1st, 2011

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  • 10:29:29: @caseyparry I was shocked. I had to eat a couple just to be sure
  • 10:33:13: Last day of the year! Oh, 2010, where did the time go?
  • 11:01:56: @KhristAllMyTea It's just what happens when you let them roam free and unsupervised
  • 11:51:54: Um, Hotmail, I appreciate your enthusiasm, but it's not my birthday so stop telling me it is
  • 12:32:58: It's about that time of day when a certain girl's thoughts turn to Wild. Been a month since I emailed the editor, still no response
  • 12:33:37: Since one of my aims for 2011 is to freaking do SOMETHING with that book, I'm starting to get antsy again. I have a Plan, dammit
  • 12:48:39: On an unrelated note, I'd like to express once again how much I love Danny Dyer, despite The Last Seven
  • 14:06:48: @Chick_Witch I usually hate New Year's Eve and shun it, but I'm optimistic for a good one this year! Hope 2011 is better for you than 2010
  • 14:07:33: @caseyparry I'm still so much in shock, I had to go and buy two more today to help myself adjust
  • 14:24:59: @Chick_Witch Oh no! Sounds not so great. I'm going to a local burlesque night with some friends, so should be fun!
  • 14:28:27: @Chick_Witch Same here! Always looks like so much fun, but I'd never have the guts for it :)
  • 16:58:18: Taxi company quoted me £16000 for a taxi home from Cambridge tonight. I managed to bargain him down to £15 A victory!
  • 16:59:34: And now to get back to Demonised. Want to get as much as possible done today as tomorrow I will be mostly in recovery mode
  • 17:30:33: Really want Demonised edits finished tomorrow so I can spend Sunday working on Night and Chaos
  • 17:39:13: @yolandasfetsos Thanks! I think I can get a pretty big chunk done before I head out tonight
  • 17:52:33: My word of the day is "exploosive." Thanks, Mike Tenay!
  • 18:08:21: Nintendo DS, I don't believe for a second that sexy girls sit around in provocative clothing playing Prof Layton together and giggling
  • 18:08:32: Who is that advert even aimed at?
  • 18:15:29: @Scarimonious They should have got Brian Blessed! I'd buy anything he advertised
  • 18:36:29: It's okay to drink Baileys alone, right?
  • 18:39:19: @wtfbrain There are now three other people here, so it's now a moot point. DRINK!
  • 18:43:41: I don't know what it says about my house that men are comfortable getting changed in the living room?
  • 18:43:52: Maybe I'm living LKH's dream life?
  • 18:44:10: @Scarimonious CLINK! To the future!
  • 18:52:29: @AnneLyle Not as far as I know, but she finds it leads to three men stripping off in the front room, she might be...
  • 19:42:07: I'm all dressed up and sparkly for New Year's Eve. Now watch as I fall off my heels!
  • 19:47:52: Aw, down to my last glass of Baileys. Maybe I won't fall off my heels after all
  • 21:24:11: Listening to a heavy metal cover of Backstreet Boys. Surreal
  • 21:33:01: Off to party like it's 1999! (Again)

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 ... Finishing the first-round edits on DEMONISED. Huzzahs! Just emailed it back to my editor. I assume there will be a second round, so I shall wait anxiously for it to come back to me. It's been quite a weird experience - it's interesting that a lot of the stylistic decisions I made for Ethan's voice are grammatically incorrect or technically passive, but they are just his voice, so I feel quite precious about it all. I've tried to strike a balance between staying true to that voice and addressing my editor's points, and hopefully she'll agree with my choices.

Anyway. I've got a couple of writerly "chores" to do tomorrow, and then I plan to spend some time working on Night and Chaos. If my brain can manage it, I don't know. There was a lot of alcohol going around last night, so we'll see.


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