May. 6th, 2011

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I've taken advantage of a quiet work day to finish reading through WILD. *collapses weeping* I've got about a page of changes to make before it's ready for publication. I cannot believe how many typos I found after so many re-writes. Let this be a cautionary tale: you can never edit enough.

So I'm going to send the changes to my lovely formatter and ask him nicely to skillfully cover up my mistakes, and then WILD will officially be fit for release. Huzzahs!

I am, of course, now wondering if I should try selling it traditionally, because my brain is a horrible thing. But I'm pretty certain I've exhausted that option for WILD, and that hanging onto it now rather than self-publishing it will ultimately do me no good whatsoever.

So WILD is very nearly off my plate and into the hands of the reading public. No doubt it will sell millions of copies, snag a movie deal, and secure me fame and fortune beyond my craziest dreams. In the mean time, I have a ton of other stuff to be writing, and I've been slacking this week because of Stuff, so I plan to have a productive weekend. Watch this space.


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