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So the DARK HUNT tour is nearly over. Sob! I've got one more official guest blog to do (for the wonderful Quinn Smythwood; check out his free Halloween read - it's awesome!) and there may be some extra posts here and there throughout November, but that will be it. Luckily, as [ profile] dwgjust reminded me on Twitter, DARK HUNT itself will be available for many years to come!

You can still go and comment on any of the blogs throughout the tour and be in with a chance of winning (among other things) T-shirts and ebooks. Behold!

And remember that everyone who comments anywhere is entitled to a free copy of SILVER KISS - we'll be sending out Smashwords vouchers for those at the end of the tour.

If you missed any of the tour stops, the schedule is here on the Queered Fiction site. I've been rambling on about my favourite fictional werewolf girls, Ayla's own fictional werewolf heroine, Katrina Pagan, my reasons for setting this book in Paris, some of my hopes for the future of the Urban Wolf books...and lots of other stuff too, so go and take a look, leave a comment, and you are guaranteed to win something brilliant. I promise you.

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*It's like Mega Shark v Giant Octopus but with fewer tentacles.

I have a real thing about private eyes. I even considered being one for a while as a teenager, but then I realised it might involve some degree of physical fitness and decided to stick with the writing plan. But my obsession didn't stop. If anything, it was exacerbated by the discovery of my older brother's computer game, Under A Killing Moon, featuring post-apocalyptic PI, Tex Murphy.

Look at Tex. I loved Tex. I wanted to be his long-suffering dame.

I played this computer game repeatedly until our computer broke (not because of me, probably). And that pretty much did it for me. PIs were awesome forever and if I couldn't be one, I'd write about one.

And this is where Ethan Banning and Shannon Ryan come into it. They're both private eyes but they're very different sorts of private eye. Observe:

Ethan is my personal stereotypical idea of a PI. He's always broke, he drinks and smokes way too much, he's usually in some terrible scrape, and he badly needs to shave some time. He's hopeless with women. His cases are gritty - murder, missing persons, drugs. He's full of (what he thinks is) witty banter. He occupies a depressed city where something seedy is always going on. He's not unlike Tex, actually - down and out but desperately trying to get lucky.

Shannon, on the other hand, is probably closer to the reality. She works on cheating spouses, tax evasion, corporate and legal matters. Unlike Ethan, she lives a pretty clean life and about gets by financially. She's essentially a nosy character - show her a closed door and she'll have to know what's on the other side. She's also the kind of person who always needs an answer. If you ask her something and she doesn't know the answer, she'll go find it. Ethan would probably just make something up.

Which is not to say Ethan is lazy or stupid, because he's not. He's just used to being the underdog (as opposed to living with the underdog, like Shannon). And he also just likes messing with people if he can get away with it. Keeps them guessing and assuming he's...well, stupid and lazy. Whereas Shannon likes people to know exactly how clever and competent she is, as it usually pulls the rug out from under them.

They're both pretty pragmatic people at heart, and neither is afraid to make tough decisions. I think Ethan's a lot more pessimistic than Shannon though, and more than likely hungover 90% of the time. Honestly, if I was going to hire one of them to work a case for me, it would be Shannon. If I just wanted to hang out with someone and get into some wacky scrapes, I'd pick Ethan.

So, this post isn't part of the DARK HUNT blog tour, but let's have some fun anyway! Tell me who'd you rather have on your case - Ethan or Shannon, and I'll send you an ebook featuring the character of your choice.

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First, the Anti-Nano news. we have a community to bring together Anti-Nano, Winter-Write-A-Thon, and Springathon, so if you're interested in any or all of these awesome writing comms, check out [ profile] squidathon and sign up! Anti-Nano is just around the corner after all.

Now, DARK HUNT. If you've missed any of the blog tour stops so far, I've been at:

Whipped Cream
My own blog
Sara's Urban Fantasy Reads
Greg Chapman's Darkscrybe blog

You can comment on any or all of these blogs to get your free Smashwords coupon for SILVER KISS, and to be in with a chance of winning masses of cool stuff at the end of the tour! Go say hello so I don't feel lonely ^_^

My ebooks (not just the Urban Wolf ones but all of them) are now up on Kindlegraph, where you can get them autographed by me! So if you'd like a personal message from me in any or all of your Naomi Clark books, check that out. It's pretty cool!

The blog tour continues until November 1st (and possibly beyond!) so please join me along the way. And if you don't yet have your free copy of A Wolf in Girl's Clothing, just leave me a comment here (or at my mirrored Blogger blog if you prefer - they both count!).
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As the title may imply, this week's Writerly Wednesday is all about DARK HUNT. We'll get to the meat of the post shortly, but first, remember the fabulous prizes I've been talking about? The t-shirts, ebooks, postcards, tarot readings, and other exciting things you can win by following the blog tour and commenting on my posts? Well, we've added another one to the mix.

Want to read DARK HUNT but haven't read SILVER KISS yet? Don't worry! Everyone who comments on one of the blog tour posts will receive a Smashwords voucher to download SILVER KISS for free.


So you can read the book that's been called "compelling" and "gritty," and see what lead Ayla and Shannon to Paris for DARK HUNT. Now, speaking of Paris...

"France has a long, dark history with wolves, you know? People do not forget." - Clemence, DARK HUNT.

Once I decided I was going to set book two of the Urban Wolf series in Paris, I knew I wanted to have Ayla and Shannon explore a little of French history. Specifically its werewolf history. In the Middle Ages, when paranoia about witchcraft ran rampant over Europe, France experienced more than its fare share of werewolf hysteria. In 1603 Jean Grenier terrorised St Sever, Gascony, killing many young children. Villagers blamed wolves. Marguerite Poirier, a thirteen-year-old who survived Grenier's savage attack described a wolf-like beast as her assailant. Grenier himself, when caught, boasted of taking a wolf's shape to hunt and eat young children.

How could I not weave that kind of history into my book?

"Stupid thing was, back then wolves were still in hiding," I complained, staring at Grenier's beastly face. "Grenier was probably just a random madman, but because of people like him, we get lumbered with the child-eating reputation." - Ayla, DARK HUNT.

After he was caught and arrested, Grenier confessed to every killing and claimed to be a werewolf. In Ayla's world, that's a very real possibility. In the Urban Wolf universe, werewolves have only been living out in the open since World War I, so every tale of witchcraft, vampirism, and werewolfism...could well be true.

In 1572, Gilles Garnier stole children from the French town of Dole to feed his new wife. Authorities issued an edict encouraging people to find and kill the werewolf. When he was caught, Gilles claimed he used a magic ointment to take on wolf-shape. He was found guilty of witchcraft and lycanthropy and burned at the stake.

Going further back, there are numerous French folk tales and legends revolving around werewolves, from the Werewolf of Auvergne to the Wolves of Paris. In the Urban Wolf world, these might not be legends. They might be true. And if werewolves are real, who knows what else is lurking in the dark? You'll have to read DARK HUNT to find out ^_^

"Some lupine historians thought that once there'd been all kinds of supernatural creatures in the world, not just wolves. Fairies, vampires, other species of shifters...and all wiped out in the Middle Ages." - Ayla, DARK HUNT

(Artwork very kindly provided by [ profile] dwg. And if you like this, you'll love the DARK HUNT postcards we have!)

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In fact, today is very, very specific because it's DARK HUNT release day!

I'm going to be pimping Urban Wolf Book Two all over Twitter tonight, so if you don't follow me, maybe you'd like to? @naomi_jay.

There's going to be giveaways - ebooks, postcards, t-shirts, and all sorts of goodies! I'm doing a blog tour:

And there's going to be chances to win loads of cool stuff at every stop on the tour, plus a grand finale hamper of wonder!

There's also a free short story for anyone who wants it! Ever wonder how Ayla and Shannon first met? Get your copy of A Wolf in Girl's Clothing to find out. Just leave me a comment here, tweet at me, or give me a shout on my Facebook page and let me know you'd like a copy!

You can keep up with all the DARK HUNT goodness at Queered Fiction here, including places to get hold of print and e-copies!
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And AFTERLIFE is one of the books up for grabs (alongside some awesome titles like My Life As A Whitetrash Zombie). You should check it out!

(Also Bastard thinks DEMONISED is sick and twisted. I will add that to my business card).
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If you'd like to be in with a chance of winning it, just leave a comment here.

I am now officially on holiday! Yay! I'll hopefully spend the first half of the week finishing off some editing assignments, then the second half writing. As usual, I have so many things I want to work on. There are actually several projects I want to wrap up before the end of the year - namely, the rewrite of NIGHT AND CHAOS, finishing Halflife, and at least starting the next Ethan project. I'm sure at least one of those things will not happen, but we'll see. In the mean time, there's Urban Wolf stuff to be done!
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I would rather be doing anything else right now than making a list of gene mutations. Honestly.

Anyway, some bits and pieces, which is all I really seem to have to blog about lately, as so much of my time is being eaten by great big projects.

1. Remember UNGRATEFUL DEAD? The story where Ethan spends the night at a haunted morgue and almost nothing bad happens? It's now also going to feature in Static Movement's anthology The Morgue, as this seems fitting. It'll still be available for the Kindle and for free if you email me, but I like the idea of getting the word about Ethan out to as many places as possible, so that's that. (I cannot tell you how excited I am about my ideas for the next Ethan novella-possibly-novel. Like, seriously. I can't wait to get started on it).

2. In Shoregrave-related news, whilst trying to cram one more book onto my sagging bookshelves last night, I discovered I have an extra copy of AFTERLIFE. So, if you'd like a signed copy of my debut novel (wherein Ethan first appears), how about you leave me a comment here before Monday 8th August? I'll draw someone at random to receive it and maybe I'll throw in something else cool as well. Maybe. No promises.

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Novel Addiction is giving away three copies of WILD. If you like werewolves and references to punk rock bands, you might like WILD. And if you don't like werewolves and references to punk rock bands, maybe you know someone who does?

I thought I had loads more things to say but apparently I do not. I blame sleep deprivation. Maybe I'll remember them later and come back. Anyway, WILD giveaway! Free stuff! Yay!

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Queered Fiction are running an ebook giveaway today for Valentine's Day. Just check out the blog post for rules and then tweet for the chance to win any ebook from their catalogue, including QUEER WOLF (featuring Urban Wolf short WOLF STRAP) and SILVER KISS!

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 I wrote an alien-themed piece for vvb32's blog, starring the Urban Wolf gang (but especially Glory), and it's right here. There are fabulous prizes involved too, so you should definitely check it out!
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Where, you ask? Why, over at Fang-tastic Books! I'm talking about the world-building process for the undead of AFTERLIFE, and I'll be giving away an e-copy to someone too! I suggest you go take a look.
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So it's all over! The SILVER KISS blog tour has rolled to a stop right here, at my blog. Bet you didn't see that coming. 

It's been an amazing tour - I've had some lovely reviews and blogged at some brilliant places, spoken to some fabulous people. The Twitter party was great fun too - thanks to everyone who helped that go off with a bang, and shared their thoughts on everything from werebadgers to full moon criminal activity. On that note, I have winners! With the aid of a random number generator, I've selected one lucky winner of a limited edition paperback WOLF STRAP, and one winner of the grand gift hamper, which includes a copy of SILVER KISS, a copy of QUEER WOLF, and a tarot reading from me. So without further ado:

Winner of WOLF STRAP: @doombreed

Winner of the gift hamper: @ThomasRoche

Yay! Thank you both for taking part :)

I'd like to conclude by saying something eloquent and Oscar-esque, but I've eaten too much chicken and chorizo pasta and my brain has stopped. So I'll just say again, thanks everyone, and I'll see you on the BAD DOGS blog tour! 

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The SILVER KISS blog tour is nearly over :( Just a few more stops to go, including today's over at Whipped Cream Reviews. I'm talking about world building.

And I know I still need to announce the winners for the last two days of the Twitter party - I promise I'll do it today! Real Life sort of sandbagged last week and I got distracted. But still! Today! Winners! Later.
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I'm over at Sidhe Vicious today (I love that name a bit too much) talking about silver bullets and Frankenstein Meets the Wolfman. As you do. Come join me! As usual, there are Fabulous Prizes involved.

Oh, and Sidhe Vicious reviews SILVER KISS here. Apparently I write with class and taste, which is great news and will perhaps help make up for all the swearing, Dad?
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I can't remember what day we're on, but never mind! I'm blogging over at Wicked Lil Pixie today, discussing the age-old question: werewolves or vampires? And of course, I'm giving away free stuff ^_^
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I'm sure a lot of you may have noticed me bombarding Twitter yesterday as part of SILVER KISS's release. I'd apologise, except I'm not actually sorry because I had loads of fun chatting with the various people who dropped by to discuss (among other things) werebadgers, selkies, drag queens, and my kitchen sink. Later on in the day, I'll be randomly drawing a couple of names from those who stopped by. One person will win a SILVER KISS ebook, the other will win one of those limited edition WOLF STRAP paperbacks, so stay tuned for that!

But wait! There's more! The party is not stopping - in fact it's carrying on all week, so be prepared for more Twitter than you can shake a stick at. All this week, to celebrate the release of SILVER KISS, I'm giving away (among other things) ebooks and tarot readings, as well as a shiny prize hamper at the end of the week. To be in with a chance of winning, just head along to Twitter and join the party by adding the #silverkiss hashtag to your comment. I'll be asking questions, engaging in fierce philosophical debate, and attempting to save my kitchen sink (which is officially not part of the prize package). Check it all out here.
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 If you haven't already checked it out, we're having a Twitter release party for SILVER KISS (yes, the clue is in the title!). Wander over here and get involved  for the chance to win tarot readings, copies of SILVER KISS, QUEER WOLF, and limited edition WOLF STRAP books. (I only have three of those to give away, so definitely not to be missed!)

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I've been told it's not too early to get excited, so I'm fighting through the effects of Beecham's max strength cold and flu medicine to be very excited indeed.

SILVER KISS is out today! Huzzahs! And to celebrate, we're having a Twitter release party. There will, of course, be Fabulous Prizes involved, including very limited edition copies of WOLF STRAP. If you're not already following me on Twitter, why not start now and join in? I promise you it will be awesome, especially as there's the prospect of flu-medicine fuelled nonsense from me as the day wears on. And you can't put a price on that.

So how does it work? Why, there will be Fabulous Prizes for everyone who asks me a question or sends me a comment regarding SILVER KISS and include the #Silver Kiss tag. It's that damn simple, so you have no excuses. So I recommend heading over to Twitter right now and getting in on the hot werewolf action.

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Today I'm at Amberkatze's Book Blog, talking about ways you might recognise your neighbour as a werewolf. And of course, giving away Fabulous Prizes! Go check me out, if you will.


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