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I made a list last week of "definite projects" and "maybe projects" to work on next year and since I'm still not sleeping properly omg the sleeping pills did NOTHING why would you coat sleeping pills in sugar ffs?, I thought I'd share it with you all instead of putting together an actual post. So!


Finish Undertow (currently at 13856 words, projected total 40-60k)
Finish Halflife (currently at 18036 words, projected total 70-80k)
Write Urban Wolf book four
Write sequel to NIGHT AND CHAOS (currently at 7105 words, projected total 40k)


Write two more gothic romances (provided I can get Shadow Cursed published)
Write Ethan Banning three (tentatively titled Descent)
Write third part of the NIGHT AND CHAOS trilogy
Write second Vargulf novel

I'm also toying with a third Yasmin Stoker/Shoregrave novel. I kinda have an idea for it, but it will depend on how Halflife ends and what state Shoregrave is in afterwards. Either way, I would like to wrap up the first part of the Shoregrave series in 2012, as I have plans for a second series (a trilogy) I'd like to get to work on. I will also have heavy revisions for Night Breed, the third Urban Wolf book, as well as the release at some point! 

I'll be carrying on with editing projects too, but I'm planning to cut back on short story-writing next year. I want to be a focused, lean, mean writing machine next year and see how much I can get done. I've been a very distracted writer this year, and I haven't been anywhere near as productive as I planned. Having spent much of the year experimenting with self-publishing and promo stuff, I've been able to figure out what I want as a writer, and in 2012 what I want is to do more actual writing.

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So I'm revisiting the whole decision to self-publish at the moment, for a number of reasons previously discussed. Since June, my indie sales have plummeted and this month I've sold two books so far. That's pretty dismal. Reading about the Kindle Boards, it seems like a lot of people are seeing the same slump, but I don't really find that reassuring so much as depressing.

I already pulled NIGHT AND CHAOS and found a new home for it (I haven't signed the contracts yet, so I won't say much else because... well, there's not much else to say). WILD is probably next. I was determined to stick with self-publishing for the Vargulf Trilogy because WILD has been a tough book to categorise and that's made it a tough sell. It's not quite YA, it's not quite adult, it's not quite a romance but it's not a straight UF. I'd hoped it would find a niche through self-publishing, but I think I lack the marketing muscle to find readers who will love it.

It's currently on submission at two places, and a third has invited me to submit it to one of their lines when they open it for submissions in October. The third place is actually my first choice, so now I'm eagerly counting down to October 1st so I can be all, "hey, remember me?"

I'm glad I tried indie publishing this year but I don't plan to publish any more novels that way for the foreseeable future. Shorter pieces, yes - people are still buying UNGRATEFUL DEAD even though they could have it for free, so that's gratifying. But for me, for now, the future is not indie. I haven't achieved what I wanted to with it, and although I could stick with it and see if the theory of "ebooks are forever so readers will find you" holds true, that's not going to help my career right now.

Instead I want to focus on building on the works I already have out there. I've been pretty unfocused this year writing-wise, because I've spent a lot of time worrying about marketing, promotion, sales figures, and other stuff. Once Night Breed is finished, I'm going back to Shoregrave. I want to finish Halflife by the end of the year and make a start on the next Ethan project, Undertow. I also have plans for a trilogy set in Shoregrave featuring all-new characters.

I'm contracted for two more Urban Wolf books and I'd hope to sign on for more if possible. I want Shoregrave and Urban Wolf to be the focus for the immediate future and since both series already have publishers I'm very happy with, I see no reason not to continue working with them and really building a name for myself. I think I tried to spread myself too thinly this year and I don't need to. 2011 was the year of trying new things. I'd like 2012 to just be the year of Nome.
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I would rather be doing anything else right now than making a list of gene mutations. Honestly.

Anyway, some bits and pieces, which is all I really seem to have to blog about lately, as so much of my time is being eaten by great big projects.

1. Remember UNGRATEFUL DEAD? The story where Ethan spends the night at a haunted morgue and almost nothing bad happens? It's now also going to feature in Static Movement's anthology The Morgue, as this seems fitting. It'll still be available for the Kindle and for free if you email me, but I like the idea of getting the word about Ethan out to as many places as possible, so that's that. (I cannot tell you how excited I am about my ideas for the next Ethan novella-possibly-novel. Like, seriously. I can't wait to get started on it).

2. In Shoregrave-related news, whilst trying to cram one more book onto my sagging bookshelves last night, I discovered I have an extra copy of AFTERLIFE. So, if you'd like a signed copy of my debut novel (wherein Ethan first appears), how about you leave me a comment here before Monday 8th August? I'll draw someone at random to receive it and maybe I'll throw in something else cool as well. Maybe. No promises.

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So I have done virtually no writing this week due to being all social and whatnot, and it's making me kinda grumpy. I need to spend tonight working on Night Breed and the weekend on editing/proofreading committments.

What I do not need, brain, is an idea for a spin-off trilogy from the Shoregrave books when I haven't even finished Halflife yet, and when the next Ethan novella is obviously going to be insanely fun to write. No, no, no! Shut up! Stop making me make notes. *sticks fingers in ears* La la la la la.


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This weekend I shall mostly be working on the second draft of BLOOD HUNT, and hopefully a little bit on Night and Chaos, depending how things go. How about everyone else?

So, I have linkables:

The first urban fantasy story I ever wrote, Cassandra Lee, made it into Static Movement's Something From The Attic 2 anthology. Huzzahs! I re-read it and did a quick polish before submitting, and I'm shocked at how awful some of the dialogue was. Shocked, I tell you! I still really like the main character though, so I'm glad I was able to find a home for the story after so many years.

Anti-Nano kicks off in two days! Still time to sign up if you're interested. I'm adjusting my goals slightly in light of the BLOOD HUNT edits; I would love to get the second draft knocked on the head this weekend, but I'm also realistic enough to know it might not happen. So Anti-Nano for me will now be dedicated to BLOOD HUNT, Night and Chaos, and Halflife if I finish Night and Chaos. Seems like plenty to keep me occupied for one month.

I'm starting to line up projects for myself for 2011, too. I'm contracted for a third Urban Wolf novel, and hope to be contracted for more after that *crosses crossables*. I plan to write more Ethan novellas in addition to Halflife, because I love the Shoregrave world and I want to inflict it on as many people as possible (and I promised my mum I'd finish up Yasmin's story for her anyway). I've also got two sequels to Night and Chaos planned, Blood and Bones and Smoke and Shadows, at least one of which will involve human sacrifices, so huzzahs! If I can get all three of those onto the Kindle, as per my Plan, by summer 2011, I will be a happy bunny.

I will probably attempt to write the Scarlett novel next year too. This has been on hold way too long. Waaaaaaaaay too long.

Oh, and I heard that the editor with Wild hasn't read it yet, but it's creeping up her TBR pile, so I'm hanging fire on that for a while. *chews fingernails*


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I tried to think of a snappier title, but I had a lot of cocktails last night, so...

Yes! The Anti-Nano sign-up beings here! If you love the idea of Nanowrimo but know 50k is an impractical target for you, never fear! Join the cult, and dedicate November to writing as much (or as little) as you want in the company of like-minded writers.

Just leave a comment here stating your goal and what you'll be working on. I'll be doing bi-weekly check-ins throughout November (Mondays and Fridays), and once a week there'll be excerpt postings here (Wednesdays). You can sign-up any time throughout October.

I'll get the ball rolling: I'm going to be working on Halflife, the second Shoregrave novel, and I'm aiming for 1k a day.

Don't be shy - come join me, and feel free to spread the word! The more, the merrier, right?

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I really wish I could find an LJ layout I liked for more than five minutes.

Anyway, that aside, look at all these open submissions here! I really want to write something for the Monster Mash anthology because that just sounds awesome fun, and I could maybe do a Shoregrave short? I'd also like to do something for the Silver Moon, Bloody Bullets one. I had this great idea about setting it during WWI trench warfare and tying it into my Urban Wolf novels, but then decided I couldn't do that in 2 - 5k, so it might have to wait.

But Monster Mash! The possibilities are endless! Look at that list - aliens, gorgons, dragons, vampires, banshees... I want to go home right now, put on Famous Monsters by the Misfits and write to the extreme.

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I'm stupidly smiley and happy this morning. Must be all the glorious sunshine! (And I'm still a little bit giddy from seeing the maned wolf on Saturday - must find a way to work a maned werewolf into a future novel).

Anyway, where are we at? Wild is back with my Fearless Agent, who's re-reading the changes and promises to get back to me soon and send it out on submission (barring any further changes *quakes*). So:

Writing Life (in no particular order)

1. Finish Earthbound for Queer Light anthology - waiting to hear back on this one.
2. Rewrite Wild for my Fearless Agent. First three chapters must be done by 23rd March. Shouldn't be a problem. Actually ended up rewriting the whole second half from scratch, then adding in a further 11k last week to accommodate a few suggestions and questions from my Fearless Agent. Am now sick to death of werewolves. (Nah, not really).
3. Finish Demonised, an Ethan Banning novella, for submission to Damnation Books - this is definitely the next project. Got 13k already down, and really want to finish this off before the end of April (which won't happen, but there is a bank holiday weekend coming up, so we can but try).
4. Start on BAD DOGS, the sequel to SILVER KISS - This is my May project, another reason to finish Demonised as soon as possible.
5. Continue with Afterburn, the sequel to AFTERLIFE. - Yep, still on the list, except I'm changing the title back to Halflife because I decided to steal the original plot for another novel to be written in the future had a rethink on the storyline and came up with a much, much better idea for Yasmin's second adventure.

The Queer Gothic anthology is due for release soonish, so I should have edits for Moths forthcoming too.

Real Life

1. Keep job-hunting! Must be in new job before the summer if possible - Got an interview on Wednesday (hmm, need to tell my boss, actually).
2. Start house-hunting. Must be in new house before the summer. I will not spend another winter in this glorified cowshed - We've got three places to look at this week, and fingers crossed one will be right, because I am just not paying the extra rent on the cowshed. [ profile] chaostheory  has already found herself new digs (sob!) which makes me sad for myself but happy for her, because she's going to be saving money and living with awesome people.
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The Small World Guide to Shoregrave

 With its clean, sandy beaches and trendy nightclubs, it’s no wonder Shoregrave has become such a popular tourist destination. Once upon a time, travellers might have visited to explore the city’s deadly history, but today’s modern holiday-goer will appreciate the unique boutiques and relaxed street cafes. Just one word of warning – avoid visiting in the winter when the rain is heavier and the temperature plummets.

So on October 1st I'm beginning my countdown to AFTERLIFE's release. I know! Two months! It's going to fly by for me, but in the mean time, I want to do everything I can to make you go out and grab a copy on December 1st. And if that means shoving AFTERLIFE and the world of Yasmin Stoker down your throat every day for two months... Well, so be it.

And I'm starting here with a bit of a blurb to let you know what the book is actually freaking about:

Life in the afterlife is about to get dangerous.

Yasmin Stoker is a ghost tour guide who spends her days showing tourists around Shoregrave’s haunted hotspots. She also happens to be a wraith who spends her nights hunting Revenants, newly-risen flesh-eating vampires. On one of her regular hunts, she witnesses a mysterious ghostly girl pulling the body of a teenage boy underground. Who – and what – is this girl, and why is she attacking men around the city? Yasmin investigates, but it quickly becomes clear that somebody wants to keep her from finding the killer and they’ll do anything – including ambushing her with ghouls and cacodaemons – to stop her.

With only a persistent private eye and a taciturn vampire (one of the Immaculate, no less) to help her, Yasmin must deal with fanatical necromancers, crazed ghosts, and a sexy history teacher in her quest to solve the mystery. And along the way she uncovers some heartbreaking truths about her own existence.

And if that didn't whet your appetite, from October I'll be giving you a virtual guided tour of Yasmin's home city, Shoregrave. The jazz bars, the graveyards, the cocktails, the monsters, all still to come! And if you're lucky, there'll be a giveaway or two along the way. Spread the word!


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