Apr. 14th, 2011

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*I have been saving that awful blog title pun for so, so long.

So, I don't think I ever did a full "unveiling" of the final cover for WILD, or showed off the blurb. The blurb took me forever because originally it contained a massive spoiler, but I didn't notice it for weeks, for some reason. And then I had to find a new line to replace the spoilery one and everything I tried was just clunky and weird, so then I went away and did something else for a while. Anyway! Here they both are. Ta-da!

Lizzie Creighton ran away from her life a year ago, wanting to escape the pressures of university and just party. And that's exactly what she did.

But now she's sick of the world she's fallen into - the drink, the drugs, the violence - and she's desperate to start again. The chance to do it comes from the last source she could ever imagine. After her deadbeat boyfriend steals her car and abandons her in the dead of night, Lizzie is bitten by a wolf. And suddenly her next fix is her last problem.

Now, caught between Nick Doyle - the outcast werewolf who claims he can save her - and Seth Weaver - the favourite son of the blue-blood werewolf royalty, Lizzie must decide what kind of werewolf she wants to be.

"Werewolves, ghouls, drugs and punk rock; paranormal has a gritty edge and a dark side in Naomi Clark's WILD." - James EM Rasmussen



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So I'm anticipating WILD being published by the end of April. In the mean time, anyone for an advance PDF or mobi copy? All I ask is an honest review/word-spreading in your area of choice - LJ, Facebook, Goodreads, wherever. I do stress honest - if you think the book sucks balls, don't sugar coat it. I probably won't turn to drink.

I'm not going to give away unlimited copies, because I would like some people to, you know, buy it, but if you comment here today, I will send you a copy tomorrow. Holla at me, bitches!


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