Mar. 10th, 2011

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Given Hollywood's eagerness to sequalise, prequelise and 3D-inate everything in sight right now,this article is probably not so much satire as explosive revelation. That said, I am kinda cool with a new Lara Croft film. I never played the games, but I have a fondness for the films (possibly fuelled by a fondness for Angelina Jolie?) and I really like Megan Fox in a non-ironic way. But I like Oliva Wilde more, and she's actually British, so would make a fine Lara.

So anyway, I was there last night, trying to tear myself away from Alice and Kev and work on The Necromancer's Apprentice like I was supposed to and getting not even one complete paragraph written all night when I decided it was time to re-evaluate the whole pen name/romance writing thing. I really enjoy reading paranormal romance, but I realised last night that writing it is a massive effort for me because I want to be focusing on the zombie fights or the spider-demons or whatever. I don't really want the main focus to be the romantic arc when it can be, you know, zombies.

Obviously there is romance in all my books, but it's never the main point, and I'm cool with that. I know my strengths as a writer (I think), and I don't want to waste time forcing myself into a box that I don't fit into. Particularly if it's going to take time away from writing stuff I'm passionate about. I started the whole [ profile] tessa_morelock thing as an experiment, a bit of fun, and maybe a way to make some potential pocket money. But actually my time would be better spent working on the many, many, many urban fantasy ideas I have and having my fun and earning my money that way. So the experiment is over: once The Necromancer's Apprentice is finished, so is Tessa. I really do love Morrow and Evanthe, so I want to finish the story now I've started it, and selling it would be a bonus. But if I keep putting pressure on myself to achieve masses more things with no extra time to achieve them in (especially things that I'm not really good enough at to make it worth while), I'll probably end up eating my hands.
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Or maybe he would. I guess we'll never know.


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