Jul. 21st, 2011

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... Oh look, the Daily Mail is. Along with its bigoted readers. How surprising. And so soon after the "too many gays in Coronation Street!" outrage too.

I really don't expect common sense, decency, or even literacy from the Daily Mail, but I loathe these ridiculous, hate-mongering articles about the outrageously shocking number of non-straight TV characters being forced down the delicate throats of the British public. Seriously? Three gay characters in a soap with a cast of forty-nine? If anything, I think it's fair to say GLBT characters are under-represented. Same goes for Coronation Street. I haven't watched either show since I moved out of my parents, but off the top of my head I can think of only four gay characters in Corrie.

I think we can file this one under "if you have to ask why it matters, you won't understand the answer." In other words, for all the commentors and journalists demanding to know why we're having yet more GLBT characters "forced" on us, you're clearly missing the rampant homophobia very present in our culture that, along with the UK's decidedly unfriendly attitude towards other social minorities, papers like the Daily Mail delight in perpetuating.

This is why I love sites like Tabloid Watch, that call out newspapers on this kind of bullshit. It's so tedious and annoying to be constantly told by the British media that I've been offended, shocked, or outraged by, or how angry I am about there being Polish people working in my pubs, or Muslim people teaching in my school. Because you know what, British Media? I'm not offended, shocked, or outraged by any of it. Thanks anyway.


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