Jul. 14th, 2011

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I'm going to be working as an editor for Damnation Books. Huzzahs! More paying writing work! More excuses not to leave the house! One small step closer to that ultimate dream: quitting the day job *_*

Obviously that's a long way off. But if I can juggle the editing and writing well enough, I'd like to take on more editing down the line, once I have the experience, and look at ways of making that a bigger chunk of my income. If I can get to a part-time day-job stage, I'll be very happy. This has helped solidified my decision to not go full-time indie as a writer. That would be too much on top of everything else, I think. So for the time being my only self-published projects are going to be the Vargulf Trilogy and the occasional short story.

Anyway! I hope this is the start of something very cool ^_^


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