Jul. 4th, 2011

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I like cheap things. I think probably everyone does, depending on what those things are. Cheap books are surely a definite win, so for the month of July, WILD will be cheap!

It's down to $1.13 at Amazon.com and 71p at Amazon.co.uk. That's pretty damn cheap.

I am trying to get it formatted for Smashwords and Createspace too, but Createspace is never happy (first the content was fine and the cover was wrong, then the cover was fine and the content was wrong, and then Nome decided her time was better spent playing Arkham Horror), and Smashwords is just ... I don't even know. Anyway, hopefully, eventually it will be available in both other digital formats and as a paperback.
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So my parents are moving house on July 15th, going from a spacious four-bedroomed house to a cozy two bedroomed. I'm very excited because they'll be in the next village, as opposed to an hour and a half bus ride away, and I can go and see them all the time! And they'll bring Holly to Milton for walks round the country park and it will be fabulous.

The downside (for my parents) is that there's no real garden to speak of and the front door opens up onto a main road near a train station, and my mum's quite worried about how Fergus will cope. He's not a young cat anymore and he's used to spending his days in the garden under a bush, ignoring humanity unless he's hungry. She's worried about him being run over, or just being unhappy, so he's coming to live with me. Yay! We've got a bush he can sleep under, and we're in a quiet cul-de-sac so no risk of him being hurt. I'm sad for my parents, but I'm really happy for myself because I adore Fergus, and he thinks I'm his mum, so it will be a happy reunion.

We need to cat-proof the house a bit. If anyone has any tips on protecting computers from cat hair, they will be most welcome. I'm pretty sure Fergus will be a royal pain for the first week or so when we have to keep him locked in, because he is just not an indoor cat, but he grew up round here, so maybe he'll remember and go off and have nostalgic trips round the village?

Anyway! Fergus is coming to live with me! Huzzahs all round!

*I am not actually going to arrange any kind of battle to death between Fergus and any of the snakes.


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