May. 10th, 2011

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As these are short, snappy novellas, I read them all over the weekend and yesterday whilst I was suffering the wrath of Cthulhu (I still am, for the record). They fit the criteria for both horror and UF, in my opinion, and due to the length, I'm counting them as a single book. I'm too lazy to write one big review for all of them, so I'm just copying and pasting my Goodread reviews. Also, since LJ is being weird about letting me post pretty pictures, no covers! :( But we can live with that, right?


Quick, fun read with a great concept - I'll definitely pick up the rest of the trilogy to see what happens to Alyce and Ross next. I do think it could have been fleshed out more; the ending felt rather rushed, and there were times when we get a summary of the action rather than seeing the action itself, which was a shame as the story was fab. I always love Yolanda's characters and ideas and I always find myself wanting more! Alyce's world is good and dark, and has the potential to expand and get even darker.


A definite jump-up in style, tension, and intrigue from the first instalment, Faithless, Careless is the continuation of Alyce and Ross's quest to rid Alyce of the demon that once possessed her. Demon hunter Ross thinks he's found the solution, but Alyce doesn't trust the demonologist he's taking her to. What more will they have to endure to secure Alyce's freedom from Buer?

Where Faithless was a good little read, Careless is a proper page turner. Though still short, there's plenty going on here, and Yolanda keeps building on the world introduced in the first part of the trilogy. The introduction of new characters like Sebastian and Kelly keep the story moving, and the darkness that was hinted at in Faithless is explored further here. There's bad magic, secrets, and danger on every page, and the cliffhanger ending has left me hungry and keen for Boundless!


The final volume in the Alyce Kerr trilogy is easily the best. The groundwork laid in the first and second instalments is seen through to completion here as Alyce and the mysterious Sebastian fight to save Ross from the clutches of creepy demonologist Kelly and creepier demon Buer. Everyone has their own agenda, nobody trusts anybody else, and Alyce isn't sure she can do what it takes to rescue her beloved Ross. It's full of tension and possibly not for the faint-hearted.

Yolanda does a great job of tying up the established plot threads, as well as introducing new elements in to the Alyce Kerr world, such as Sin Eating. I loved Sebastian and was pleased to find out there's a forthcoming spin-off featuring him, as I think the Sin Eating world is ripe for exploration. We get a further glimpse into the oft-mentioned, seldom-explained organisation that Ross and Sebastian work for, and Alyce begins to embrace her witchy self, as well as accept the damage she did in her quest for fame and fortune. It was nice to see Alyce come to terms with herself and her past, and step up to take responsibility for the mess she created. These are short stories, but Alyce comes a long way throughout them.

I think it's worth mentioning that, whilst Ross and Alyce get a sweet happy ending, this is not strictly (or rather, completely) a romantic story. The sex is occasionally coerced or under duress, and whilst this doesn't bother me (I liked seeing Alyce struggle with the morality of her situation), I know some readers may be surprised by the twists and turns Boundless takes.

Overall, this is a trilogy that gets stronger with every instalment, and I really am excited about Sebastian's spin-off and the Alyce Kerr novella series Yolanda has promised me is coming!

9 / 24 words. 38% done!


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