Mar. 9th, 2011

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In lieu of actual content:

Daily Lovecraft - HP Lovecraft's first day as a substitute teacher at Arkham Junior High School Thanks, [ profile] dwg , for making me laugh hysterically at work and inviting curious glances from my co-workers.

Alice and Kev - as a recovering Sims addict (I want Sims Medieval, dammit!), I love this. It's actually quite moving in places. Although I am opposed to computer programmes thinking for themselves. 

Indie Book Blog reviews NIGHT AND CHAOS and thinks I'm very talented. Huzzahs!

We're watching the V remake. I love how it's basically Cancelled/Finished Sci-Fi Show Actors Reunited. Bit concerned about Father Jack; he's not the greatest resistance fighter ever. Every time he opens his mouth, something goes wrong. Loving Oded Fehr and Charles Mesure. Particularly Charles Mesure. 

I wonder if, if we had the technology and we wrecked up Earth badly enough, we'd jet off to the nearest habitable planet and conduct a hostile takeover?


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