Mar. 7th, 2011

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So I really was joking about the Daily Lovecraft thing, but then I spent yesterday watching the first two Reanimator films with [ profile] chaostheory  and Kyle and realised that sometimes the Elder Gods have their own plan for you. I'm not sure Lovecraft would recognise his story, but there was much hilarity, and even a philosophical discussion over whether Herbert West really exists, or is merely a projection of Dan's own psyche. And then we just made slashy jokes, because it's pretty obvious Herbert loves Dan very, very much.

And then we watched an online review of Mansions of Madness, which looks to be the most horribly complicated boardgame ever designed. It's the kind of game that might actually induce madness if you attempt to play it, and I'm sure we will own it before much longer.

Anyway, all this Lovecrafting meant I got no writing done this weekend, despite my best intentions. I was going to write while Kyle and [ profile] chaostheory  were watching the films, but apparently this would have been antisocial, possibly even rude, so I dutifully shut down my laptop. Guys! I have done no writing of worth for almost a month now *chews fingernails* I'm determined to finish my current [ profile] tessa_morelock wip before I do anything else, because I really could get it done in a week if I make myself sit down and work, dammit. I've got guest blogs to write for the NIGHT AND CHAOS ebook tour, but they can wait til the weekend.

So, my goal this week is to write at least 1k a day on the Tessa wip so I actually have something to report to [ profile] springathon  on Wednesday. I can do that, right?


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