Jan. 16th, 2011

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I can't believe the weekend is over already. It was all going so well! There was Fake Baileys and Ultimate Fighter and all sorts of shenanigans, and now it's nearly Monday again. Ugh. Ugh, I tell you, ugh. I have to start training my replacement temp tomorrow. I've never trained anyone before, and I'm not really sure I'll be very good at it. I'll be all like, "this is your desk. Here is a chair. This is a post-it note dispenser. I'll be taking that with me." And she'll be all, "WTF?" and wonder how I've managed to hold down the job for three years.

Anyway. On Saturday I finished editing Night and Chaos and it's now been whisked away for type-setting. This means I'm one day closer to being able to self-publish it. *chews nails* Today I got some decent work done on Halflife, as demonstrated by the almighty word count metre. Behold!

12573 / 80000

Yasmin's mystery grave-robber has a name now! Although she still doesn't know why he's grave-robbing, but I'm sure all will become clear. I'm only about 13k words away from hitting my January goal of 25k for this WIP, which I think I can manage now I've got Night and Chaos out of the way somewhat.

I also made a start on the sequel to Night and Chaos, Blood and Bones. I decided to include the first chapter at the end of Night and Chaos as a bonus/teaser thing, and I wanted to get it under way asap anyway so there's (hopefully) not a massively annoying gap between releases. So that's also begun:

2586 / 40000

And finally, I had some really awesome feedback on Wild from a couple of people. This feedback has both reassured me that the book isn't a stinking pile of stink and highlighted that it's still not quite ready to unleash on the public. It still needs a little fine tuning, but I'm hopeful of having that ready for self-publishing in late January/early February. I'm so very relieved that nobody hates Lizzie; I'm aware that she's not the most likeable of heroines and she makes a lot of choices that might be difficult for readers to sympathise with. But my plan with Wild was always to write a redemption tale. It's not quite there yet, but it's not far away either.


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