Jan. 3rd, 2011

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  • 11:36:54: I don't really have to go back to work tomorrow, do I?
  • 12:21:32: @RichHL No, I definitely do. It's tragic and heartbreaking
  • 12:48:36: @RKCharron Lol, I'll try to remember that when I'm hauling myself up at the crack of dawn tomorrow!
  • 14:12:52: @Skarrah Alas, I am due to go in and prepare for our new programmes on Tuesday. This is the price paid for finishing early for Christmas
  • 17:32:00: @Skarrah I want that sleepy baby deer! So cute!
  • 17:49:47: #amediting Night and Chaos. I hate it when you know you have a paragraph you need to move but have nowhere to move it to
  • 18:49:07: Screw you, Open Office, "snuck" is a real word. Dictionary.com has my back #amediting
  • 20:13:48: @Morgana869 It is weird what it picks up as being wrong sometimes. I keep thinking I've forgotten how to spell
  • 21:52:12: Wank! Sunday bus times tomorrow, means I'll be late for work, and will finish work too late for the last bus home
  • 21:53:20: So I go in late and finish early, and am then made to make the time up later. Another reason to hate the day job (as if I needed more)
  • 21:58:48: Now I'm all stressed out and annoyed and I'm not even back at work yet. MY GOD. This job is killing me
  • 22:18:51: @janjonesauthor We run research programmes; need to get the place in shape before we officially open on Tuesday
  • 22:25:53: I am ridiculous. I'm stressed myself out so much over going back to work that I'm now getting teary and upset about everything else
  • 22:26:13: I think this is a sign that it's time to abandon the internet. Night, Twitter
  • 22:28:02: @janjonesauthor :) Hugs always help!

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