Jan. 2nd, 2011

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  • 00:12:18: I don't say this lightly but BEST NEW YEARS EVE EVER
  • 00:42:46: I just got proposited by a hot girl!
  • 00:43:41: But so did @khristallmytea so I don't think i'm special
  • 01:10:30: @ktabic You should try wearing corsets
  • 01:11:46: Happy new year all!
  • 03:07:36: My feet hurt rather a lot
  • 03:50:01: @cherose228 Happy new year to both of you! Sequel coming soon, I promise :)
  • 04:31:17: Bed time for me. New year or not, there's still editing to be done tomorrow... or later today... or whatever
  • 11:01:11: So far 2011 is very disappointing. No hover cars, no jet packs, no moon base. Is this the future or not?
  • 11:03:06: And, you know, 2012 is the apocalypse so I want my hover car before that happens and I'm forced to live on a boat with John Cusack
  • 12:44:14: @Scarimonious Aw, but what if we're enslaved by end of the world aliens?
  • 17:25:15: First round edits for Demonised done and emailed back to my editor. I feel knackered now!

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