Jul. 26th, 2011

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Where have you been all my life? I had stuff to talk about and now it's all irrelevant because it's two days later and new stuff has happened! Well, here's some link stew to summarise all the things I wanted desperately to blog about and couldn't:

Charlie Brooker and Tabloid Watch are on fine form discussing the media coverage the Norwegian tragedy. Basically the media wanted everyone to think it was Muslims, until it became clear it wasn't, then they decided we should still talk about Muslims anyway.

Stacia Kane talks about Amy Winehouse and double standards. I love Amy Winehouse's music. In My Bed is one of my favourite songs, and the whole Back to Black album is amazing. I've been really saddened by the amount of negative commentary on her passing - that basically she doesn't deserve any sympathy because she was a drug addict. Well, maybe if drug addiction was treated as a disease instead of a crime, she'd still be alive.

Anyway. What else is going on? I went to a wedding in London on Saturday and they had chocolate tasting and cocktail making, which was awesome. I've decided my wedding should definitely involve these things. And maybe be on a farm with peacocks.

We'd been really worried about Remic for the past fortnight or so. He's usually very active and nosy, but over the last couple of weeks he'd grown withdrawn and got quite sluggish. I assumed he was getting ready to shed, but shedding generally takes about a week to ten days, and he still hadn't bloody done it. Nor had he eaten last week, so on Sunday we had a bit of a panic and decided he had either mites, a respiratory infection, mouth rot, or some previously unidentified snake disease, and stayed up with him until midnight looking for signs of any of these conditions, and which point he decided he was going to shed his skin after all. So that was okay.

In writing news, I've kinda been slacking off a lot, and this week doesn't look much better, as I'm either out or have people round every evening until Friday. But the good news is that it's only two weeks until my week off, during which I will write like a crazy person. Huzzahs!

ETA - Jennifer Armintrout thinks I'm cool. BRB, fangirling


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