Jul. 11th, 2011

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Although I felt the first Jude Magdelyn book, Shades of Grey, had lots wrong with it, I really liked it. I enjoyed Pruitt's strong voice and obvious love of New Orleans, and I liked Jude's brash character. Shades of Desire is perhaps a better book technically, but I'm not sure I liked it quite as much. The pace is much slower - maybe because Jude herself has slowed down due to her pregnancy? - and Pruitt has gone over the top with her dialogue. Everything is a witty one-liner, everyone speaks like they're in a sitcom, and Jude's mantra of "I own sarcasm, nobody else gets to use it," wasn't funny enough the first time to make it worth repeating once a chapter.

The Mary Sueing has been toned down (Jude only performs one or two miraculous feats in this book, as opposed to one per page in the first), and Pruitt is working to expand her world and characters. I did honestly love the relationship between Jude and Theo. They're partners in all things and it shows - the affection and love between them is real and believable, and they back each other up as well as take each other to task when it's needed. Jude doesn't emasculate Theo, and he doesn't smother Jude. That element of the book worked perfectly. The other relationships... not so much. There's a lot of will-they-won't-they between two side characters that added to the unfortunate sitcom atmosphere. And there was The Relationship that pretty much near-ruined the book for me: five-year-old psychic Celia finding her soul mate in one-hundred-year-old vampire Mickael. Um. No.

Pruitt has tried to hint that Celia is probably much more than five-year-old by makign Celia far more mature than most of the adults, as well as prodigiously powerful, but that doesn't justify the relationship to me. And of course, everyone's very much "they have to wait, we have to talk about this," etc, but it's still so damn creepy. SO damn creepy.

Much creepier than the villain of the story, Jack, a sociopathic vampire who mixes virgin blood with wine and is, like the villain of the previous book, related to good-guy vampire Williams. There were some early hints this might be a Jack-The-Ripper-is-a-vampire story, but that turned into a red herring, thank God. Sadly, because the book was so focused on the relationships, the Jack-plot was a little underwhelming. I found his connection to Williams to be a bit eye-rolling - how convenient that Williams has another crazy vampire brother - and would have liked more from him than just weird notes and some hammy dialogue. I did like how Pruitt weaved genuine New Orleans history into the plot, but after all the melodrama and theatrics of Shades of Grey, this book felt a little washed-out.

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I like it a lot. It's a great form of catharsis for me, I've made some really good friends through it, and I like reading other people's blogs and seeing what's going on in the rest of the world. I've used this particular LJ for several years now, both as a personal blog and a writerly blog. In the past I've had a private LJ for ranting, venting, angsting, and generally letting off steam, but I closed that down some time ago.

Well, I've been doing a lot of thinking lately, mostly inspired by my experiments in self-publishing, which have lead to some ruminations on what sort of writer I want to be/what sort of writing I want to do, and I've decided I need to gear this LJ entirely towards the writerly/professional side of things. But I still want somewhere to vent and work through the tangled web that is Life For Nome, so I've started another LJ under the name [livejournal.com profile] dagonista and that's where all that stuff will go from now on. It's all going to be friends locked, but anyone who follows me currently and wants to keep reading my tedious rants on how terrible everything is, is more than welcome to add me.

My Blogger account - http://naomijay.blogspot.com/ - will continue to mirror my writerly blogs here, but really that's just meant to function as a website until I can afford to get naomiclark.net running again, or move to Wordpress (although my new business cards all have the Blogger address on them, so I'm reluctant to switch to a new cyberhome just now).

Anyway, this is all probably of no interest to anyone but me, but there we are. I am indulging in some cyber-multiple personality stuff.


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