Jun. 28th, 2011

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I don't want to be one of those authors who's constantly harping on about numbers and sales and rankings and whatnot, because I find it rather tedious, so I'm sure other people do too. But hey, something a personal milestone today - WILD broke into the Amazon UK top 50 for contemporary fantasy! Yay! It's been in and out of the top 100 this month, but top 50 is pretty damn cool. Here's the proof so I know it happened:

Yeah, you have to look pretty hard, but trust me it happened. Next stop, top 10? Probably not, but a girl's gotta dream.

(In a weird cosmic twist, since I decided to unpublish NIGHT AND CHAOS and rework it yesterday, that's had a sale or two as well. But you won't change my mind, cosmic forces. I know it's the right thing to do!)


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