Jun. 24th, 2011

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So I downloaded this book today. I was expecting it to be trashy-silly bad, because the author has a ... reputation, but I kinda feel like some trashy-silly bad fiction at the moment. I started reading. Well.

Authors, please note. If you're going to have a passage where the hero is fantasising about sex with the heroine, please don't write it like this:

Funny, to think a chance visit to his little sister, Shelly, had yielded this all-consuming obsession. From the first moment her scent of roses and cream had wafted toward him, the wolf inside him had clawed to escape. It was more than just her natural perfume that excited him. Her pheromones drove him to the brink of madness. And yet he hadn't even seen her face to face. The mere vestiges of her scent were enough for him to know this was the woman who would be his mate.


*Ahem* I should add that the 2% I've read is riddled with grammatical and punctuation errors. I'm going to enjoy this book in a really bad way.

Ooh, in self-pimping news, there's a new review of WILD here at Book Lover's Hideaway.

"If you love deep and I do mean deep dark storylines, then this book is for you."

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I just finished Running in Fear: Escaped. I can't decide what my favourite part was though.

Was it when Jaycee, the heroine, got her nipples pierced so her husband wouldn't recognise her?

Is the fact that her husband's surname changed halfway through the book?

Was it the whole idea of Jaycee being bonded to three men, two of whom were brothers, and all of whom were gigantic assholes who treated her like shit?

Oh, was it when her first mate fisted her in the car whilst his sister sat in the back seat watching with a "dreamy look" on her face? That was certainly something.
Maybe it was the scene where Jaycee and Dane start shagging while her dad's in the room? And then her dad leaves and waits in the hall for them to finish, then comes back in so they can carry on their conversation about everyone who's ever raped Jaycee?
OMG, or when someone snuck into Jaycee's room and poured acid on her sex toys and they melted into goo?
How about the fact that having a threesome gave Jaycee telekinetic powers?
Or how about how someone kept sneaking into Jaycee's room and pissing on her clothes?
I guess I can't pick just one moment. There was so much WTFery jammed into this book, it was unreal. I'm not even going to get into the grammatical errors riddling the book from start to finish, but I can say that at one point, a dog turns into barley via an unfortunate spelling mistake.
Okay, look. It's Ravenous Romance. I wasn't expecting much. I think it was worth buying for the sheer entertainment value alone, but really? Someone thought this was okay to publish? Really? I... I don't know how to feel. My understanding of how the world works has been damaged. I'm sure there are people out there who think this book is awesome, and that's fine, but my God. The continuity errors, the spelling mistakes, the grammatical errors, the fact that at one point Dane appeared to be fantasising about shagging his sister (although maybe I'm wrong and that was deliberate?). Where was the editor? Hell, where was the writer? Why doesn't the writer know that this is subpar?
There are four more books in this series. The feeling from a certain faction on Twitter is that I should read them all and review them. I'm not sure I should pay for any more of these books, in case it encourages the author to believe she's got this writing thing nailed.
But thanks for the lulz, Trinity Blacio. I needed cheering up and Running in Fear: Escaped definitely made me laugh my freaking ass off.


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