Jun. 8th, 2011

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My boss is trying to make me learn about grant management and administration. I have discovered we have an allowance for rat brains and goat serum. Also that I am exactly as bad at accounting as I always suspected I'd be.

The Daily Mash has it's own take on the banning of The Human Centipede 2. Frankly I'm still finding it all baffling and hilarious. I've come to terms with the fact that I will watch this film one way or the other. I owe it to Beloved 3-Hund.

I'm having my best month so far with my self-published stuff. Twenty books sold, thirteen of which were WILD, which makes me happy*. Particularly as I've done pretty much no promotion. I organised a book tour via Book Lovin' Bitches, but other than a few mentions on Twitter and Facebook, that's it. Possibly this means I'll only sell twenty books this month, but hopefully it will be an upwards trend. I've yet to try a promotion technique that genuinely seems to work, and I really do not want to be one of those authors who's constantly all up in your face on Twitter being like FOLLOW ME! BUY MY BOOK! FOLLOW ME! because it's so annoying. So I'm leaving WILD and my other stuff to their own devices at the moment.

(I say at the moment because I'm actually planning a big ebook giveaway for the very near future, so stay tuned!)

So, in slightly-related news, I had a couple of gaslamp-esque pieces published by Static Movement recently, and now the anthologies are out, the rights are reverted to me. One's a flash piece, the other's a short story, and I thought it might be cool to bundle them together with some other gaslamp-esque pieces and put them up for sale. So I'm working on another short story and I'll do a couple more flash pieces too and that will be that. It's going to be called STEAM-POWERED DEAD AND OTHER STORIES. It sounds kinda steampunk-ish, but it's not because I don't like Steampunk. I know! I want to. I love Steampuink fashion, but the fiction just doesn't do it for me. Gaslamp (or is it gaslight?) is nicer, but these stories aren't really strictly gaslamplight either, more light-hearted alternative history with the occasional clockwork bug.

Anyway, that's another "stay tuned" notice. I suppose I should continue filing my grant reports now. Yay.

*I think putting a disclaimer about the drug use and violence in the book has surely helped. Maybe I should make up some outraged Daily Mail reader comments** for it too? "I have never read this book or even heard of it, but I am shocked that it exists." That sort of thing.

**I spent SO LONG last night reading outraged DM comments on THCII. Did you know watching horror films leaves your soul open to demonic possession? TRUFAX!!!



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