Apr. 12th, 2011

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By my calculations, Serve in Heaven, Reign in Hell is at 61k. I'm not going to put a deadline on it, but I want people to know that we're at the minimum word count needed for publication. Three people have told me they're working on or about to submit stories, and there's definitely still room for them - I'm shooting for 70k +. So if you're still planning to submit something, let me know!

My other anthology, Wicked Witchery, is at 47k, so plenty of room left there.

Once one (presumably Serve in Heaven...) is full, I'd love to get another one on the go. I'm really enjoying the editing gig; it's been nice to do something writing-related but different, and I've seen a couple of stories that make me think the writers have very bright futures ahead, and it's nice to think I might have given them their first publication credit.

I've got two ideas I'm pretty keen on: Zombies Versus... which would be pretty much what it said on the tin: stories of zombies fighting things! Other zombies, sharks, werewolves, hobos, whatever. I think that could be a lot of fun. The other idea is a YA school-based horror anthology (because I'm currently obsessing over Point Horror's Nightmare Hall series and wishing I hadn't donated them all to charity ten years ago). Basically, as long as time allows and people have ideas, I'd love to keep this up.


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