Apr. 8th, 2011

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May 25th 2008


It's all tension!action!excitment! right now. Will Lizzie ever dump Harris? Why do strange men keep following her on her manic runs through the city? WIll she ever satisfy her desire for a cheeseburger?

These are obviously all vital plot points that have remained throughout each draft of Wild. Naturally I can't reveal the answers (you'll just have to buy the book!), but rest assured that Lizzie's cheeseburger issues are resolved to everyone's satisfaction.

Next time: Nome contemplates ending it all.

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So despite this week ... not being all it could be, what with fractured metacarpals and various other things, I'm actually feeling quite chipper tonight. Partly because Kyle is cooking something spectacular involving feta cheese and chorizo and olives, but also because I had two short story acceptances this week.

Happy Ending is going to be in Beyond the Grave. I'm probably more excited about this than is really warranted because it's an Ash story, and he's my favourite. My favourite everything. He's badass and a necromancer and drinks too much and runs a gothy night club and is just basically awesome, and this is the story of why he digs up his father's grave.

Pumpkin Soup will be in Fall Shudders. I wrote this yesterday when I was feeling particularly jaded, and it's actually pretty sad, but really beautiful, if I do say so myself. I don't often make such claims about my own writing, but I do really like this piece, so that's good too.

Also good is that WILD (now with caps!) is fully-formatted and ready to change the world of paranormal-urban-fantasy-YA-with-romantic-elements-and-drugs. Huzzahs! I am going to do a line-edit over the weekend in case I missed anything vital or obvious, but I have high hopes it will be ready to upload next week. OMG. Hold me, you guys. I'm scared.

Luckily, I have Mansions of Madness to distract me. I had no idea there were so many HP  Lovecraft-inspired board games out there, but there are definitely three in my house right now, which makes me a happy Nome. Kyle and I are going to attempt to play it after dinner. If you don't hear from me again, I went mad and was incarcerated in an insane asylum, okay?


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