Apr. 5th, 2011

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There's a pretty detailed update of all the WTFuckery thus far here. Apparently Running Press are now contacting the authors who withdrew asking them to pretty please come back. I understand Verday's story has now been replaced, so I guess the publishers are determined to go ahead with the anthology even though every day it becomes more of a clusterfuck than it was before.

Jessica Verday posts her final thoughts here, and continues to be awesome about the entire affair, despite this whacked-out article on Publisher's Weekly from Running Press publisher Christopher Navratil, in which he claims Verday "accused Running Press of intolerance and censorship."

Um, no she didn't.

Running Press's approach to this whole affair just baffles me. They stand behind Trisha Telep one day, then insist that they have "no contact with that editor" in the PW article. Either support Telep or don't. It's too late now to try to distance yourself from the mess by insisting you had no idea what happened here. And truthfully, while I still find Telep's original comments misguided and dubious, I also find it hard to believe she just pulled this whole "no alternative lifestyle" shit from thin air.

Just in case the article wasn't dumb enough, it also makes a valiant attempt to paint Verday as the villain of the piece for talking about what happened. Never mind that Verday is pretty much the only person involved who's shown any class or composure from the start (I'm not including other authors who have withdrawn stories from RP anthologies here; that should go without saying). Basically, RP's stance now seems to be that Verday should just have backed down, shut up, and given up her principles. Also she was mean to them, you guys. Nice one, Running Press.

I fail to see the point in RP continuing with this anthology, really. It was bad enough when it was The Anthology Where Gay People Don't Exist. Now it's The Anthology Where Gay People Don't Exist And STFU Authors. Rather than insisting that this is all someone else's fault and pretending that WPT can go ahead despite the massive black cloud hanging over it, why aren't RP pulling the anthology altogether? Yeah, that would be bad for the authors involved who still have stories in there, and it would be awful if they all suffered because of someone else's stupidity, but the more I read about this mess, the worse it gets.

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(I couldn't post Day Six here yesterday because of all the whatever that was happening with LJ, but you can read it here if you so wish!)

February 25th 2008


Ricia's about eight chapters away from the end of Wild and her verdict so far is good writing, predictable plot. I'm now frantically trying to think up things I can throw in to add more twists and turns. So far I've come up with:


Lizzie's long-lost father turning up and being a werewolf

Vaughn dying



A freakshow of some sort featuring werecreatures (actually that might be book three...)

I'm not sure how well any of these things will fit in at the moment... I might hold off until Ricia's finished.

I'm pretty sure I didn't seriously considering putting any of these things into Wild, with the possible exception of the freakshow. As much as I enjoy surprise cannibalism in books, I probably couldn't justify adding it to a book that already included drug abuse, domestic violence, murder, werewolves, and ghouls. Although ghouls do lend themselves nicely to cannibalism, so I don't rule it out of appearing in the rest of the trilogy...

Tomorrow: Nome does some maths.


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