Mar. 31st, 2011

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October 30th 2007

I've decided I may have been overly-optimistic with my aim to finish Wild by the end of the month. It's turning out to be a lot longer than I originally thought and, short of skipping work for the next two days and writing non-stop, I don't think there's even a chance of the first draft being finished.

I'm pretty sure I was planning to do Nanowrimo in 2007. In fact, that may even be when I started working on AFTERLIFE*, so presumably that was why I was so keen to wrap Wild up by the end of October. I'm not sure why I thought it would be a good idea to start a brand new project for Nano, rather than finish the one I had going on already, but nobody has ever accused me of logical thinking. In any case, from here on in, every Wild-related blog entry has pretty much been a refrain of I will never finish this book oh God why? because I don't learn lessons.

Tomorrow: Nome makes a New Year's Resolution!

*Trivia! The original working title for AFTERLIFE was Midnight Scream, and then Death for the Born for the longest time. I changed it from Midnight Scream because it sounded far too Point Horror-ish (not that I didn't love Point Horror with a passion as a teenager), although the urban legend known as the Midnight Scream is referenced in AFTERLIFE. This has nothing to do with Wild whatsoever.

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I'm really obsessed with perfume. It seems logical to me I should make my own. Reading Jessica Verday's The Hollow has sealed this decision for me. Rummaging around online, it seems like it's not actually that expensive to do. I just to find the initial equipment to get started, and most of the websites I've found so far are either defunct or based in the US. I'm convinced there must be somewhere local I can get what I need - Boots should stock essential oils, I know a couple of shops that do/did stock fragrance oils. Then it's just getting the odds and ends for mixing, storing, etc. There must be a UK website somewhere, right?

I have this crazy dream of making enough money from my writing that I can quit, move to the sea, and spent my weeks writing and my weekends making perfume, and I have an open fireplace and a cat. Maybe a donkey too. I think the closest I'll get is probably just ... well, what I'm doing now, which is not living by the sea, writing in the evenings, and owning various snakes. But if I add perfume-making into the mix, I'm one step closer to my dream.


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