Mar. 3rd, 2011

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Here is your linkage for today (not necessarily in order of importance or relevance):

Lovecraft's Favourite Words. I can't believe "squamous" only came up once! I think I probably need to include that word in a story pretty soon. (Do we need a daily Lovecraft Link? I'm really tempted to make one day a week Lovecraft Day on my blog, just for shits and giggles.)

My Static Movement anthology, Serve in Heaven, Reign in Hell, is up to about 55k. Static Movement shoot for 70k in order to go to print, so there's still room for stories. If you're working on one, let me know. I know a couple of people were thinking about it and I don't want to pressure anyone, but we are approaching critical mass or something.

I'm being interviewed by my fellow Damnation Books author, Fiona Dodwell, today. She's asking me about DEMONISED and my advice for writers. I don't really feel the most qualified to give out advice, but luckily I recently read Stephen King's On Writing, so I just borrowed some from him,

Tyhitia Green over at Obfuscation of Reality is interviewing me about NIGHT AND CHAOS, and running a giveaway too, so that's worth checking out if you like free stuff.

And that's it! The only question that remains is whether I'm good and eat the delicious salad I bought to work with me, or bad and go down to Costa Coffee for muffins and paninis. Important stuff, people!


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