Feb. 17th, 2011

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I keep talking about how I see the indie thing as a long game, and taking risks and all that. The more I read about other indie authors and their journeys, the more convinced of that I become. Nobody is really an over-night success, after all. With that in mind, I've lowered the price of NIGHT AND CHAOS to $1.14, because, at the risk of sounding desperate, I want people to buy it, read it, enjoy it, and tell other people they enjoyed it. Word of mouth, I'm certain, plays as big a part in selling books, be they indie or traditionally published, as anything else.

I plan to have the next two installments in the trilogy out this year, and I figure if people can get the first part at a reasonable price, they might be prepared to buy the next parts for a slightly higher price (I don't plan to ever charge more than $3.99 for anything I sell via the Kindle; I've considered what I'd be prepared to pay for an ebook, be it novella or novel, and $3.99 is my cap).

So, that's it. NIGHT AND CHAOS is now available for impulse buying!

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Hey guys, guess what I have?

Yes! A free, all-new, all-exclusive Ethan Banning short story for anyone who wants one! Interested? Just email me at naomi_jay@hotmail.co.uk and it's all yours. I'll be giving away copies for free right up until the released of DEMONISED on March 1st, after that ... well, I'll still be giving it away for free, but I'll also be uploading it to the Kindle.

UNGRATEFUL DEAD is set before the events of AFTERLIFE and DEMONISED, and nothing bad happens to Ethan at all, except he has to spend the night in a haunted morgue with no alcohol or cigarettes. Here's a taster to whet your appetites:

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