Jan. 23rd, 2011

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I had no idea, but SILVER KISS is in fact one of the nominees for best novel in the Print/Electronic Science Fiction & Fantasy Novel published in 2010 category this year. Wow. Every time I think I'm done being amazed by the reaction to this book, something else awesome happens!

If you want to vote for SILVER KISS, or any of the other nominees, just follow the link!
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*Ursula K LeGuin

Well, yesterday was kind of a write-off for writing. I know I did something, but I can't remember what so it clearly wasn't enough to be worthwhile. Today was better; I added 1500 words to Blood and Bones, and finished a short story for submission to a Static Movement anthology. I'm hoping to finish the edits on DEMONISED by Tuesday. I wanted to get some work done on Halflife today too, but my arm's getting sore and I don't want to push it, so this is probably it for the day. But that's good enough for me!

I've also been sending out review requests for NIGHT AND CHAOS, which I always find nerve-wracking. It's really easy to believe you've written something fascinating and brilliant, until you actually put it out there for the public, and then it's much easier to believe you've written a pile of crap. And then if someone reviews it and agrees with you it's a pile of crap, you're forced to gnaw your arms off and eat ice cream for weeks. Which is really hard to do when you've gnawed your arms off.

Anyway, here's a pretty stat bar for Blood and Bones:

5065 / 40000

Now I depart! I had a really vivid dream last night about a half-orc-half elf girl and a dragon and some high fantasy epicness, and I want to make some notes before it all vanishes from my head.


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