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First, the Anti-Nano news. we have a community to bring together Anti-Nano, Winter-Write-A-Thon, and Springathon, so if you're interested in any or all of these awesome writing comms, check out [ profile] squidathon and sign up! Anti-Nano is just around the corner after all.

Now, DARK HUNT. If you've missed any of the blog tour stops so far, I've been at:

Whipped Cream
My own blog
Sara's Urban Fantasy Reads
Greg Chapman's Darkscrybe blog

You can comment on any or all of these blogs to get your free Smashwords coupon for SILVER KISS, and to be in with a chance of winning masses of cool stuff at the end of the tour! Go say hello so I don't feel lonely ^_^

My ebooks (not just the Urban Wolf ones but all of them) are now up on Kindlegraph, where you can get them autographed by me! So if you'd like a personal message from me in any or all of your Naomi Clark books, check that out. It's pretty cool!

The blog tour continues until November 1st (and possibly beyond!) so please join me along the way. And if you don't yet have your free copy of A Wolf in Girl's Clothing, just leave me a comment here (or at my mirrored Blogger blog if you prefer - they both count!).
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As the title may imply, this week's Writerly Wednesday is all about DARK HUNT. We'll get to the meat of the post shortly, but first, remember the fabulous prizes I've been talking about? The t-shirts, ebooks, postcards, tarot readings, and other exciting things you can win by following the blog tour and commenting on my posts? Well, we've added another one to the mix.

Want to read DARK HUNT but haven't read SILVER KISS yet? Don't worry! Everyone who comments on one of the blog tour posts will receive a Smashwords voucher to download SILVER KISS for free.


So you can read the book that's been called "compelling" and "gritty," and see what lead Ayla and Shannon to Paris for DARK HUNT. Now, speaking of Paris...

"France has a long, dark history with wolves, you know? People do not forget." - Clemence, DARK HUNT.

Once I decided I was going to set book two of the Urban Wolf series in Paris, I knew I wanted to have Ayla and Shannon explore a little of French history. Specifically its werewolf history. In the Middle Ages, when paranoia about witchcraft ran rampant over Europe, France experienced more than its fare share of werewolf hysteria. In 1603 Jean Grenier terrorised St Sever, Gascony, killing many young children. Villagers blamed wolves. Marguerite Poirier, a thirteen-year-old who survived Grenier's savage attack described a wolf-like beast as her assailant. Grenier himself, when caught, boasted of taking a wolf's shape to hunt and eat young children.

How could I not weave that kind of history into my book?

"Stupid thing was, back then wolves were still in hiding," I complained, staring at Grenier's beastly face. "Grenier was probably just a random madman, but because of people like him, we get lumbered with the child-eating reputation." - Ayla, DARK HUNT.

After he was caught and arrested, Grenier confessed to every killing and claimed to be a werewolf. In Ayla's world, that's a very real possibility. In the Urban Wolf universe, werewolves have only been living out in the open since World War I, so every tale of witchcraft, vampirism, and werewolfism...could well be true.

In 1572, Gilles Garnier stole children from the French town of Dole to feed his new wife. Authorities issued an edict encouraging people to find and kill the werewolf. When he was caught, Gilles claimed he used a magic ointment to take on wolf-shape. He was found guilty of witchcraft and lycanthropy and burned at the stake.

Going further back, there are numerous French folk tales and legends revolving around werewolves, from the Werewolf of Auvergne to the Wolves of Paris. In the Urban Wolf world, these might not be legends. They might be true. And if werewolves are real, who knows what else is lurking in the dark? You'll have to read DARK HUNT to find out ^_^

"Some lupine historians thought that once there'd been all kinds of supernatural creatures in the world, not just wolves. Fairies, vampires, other species of shifters...and all wiped out in the Middle Ages." - Ayla, DARK HUNT

(Artwork very kindly provided by [ profile] dwg. And if you like this, you'll love the DARK HUNT postcards we have!)

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So I'm still hard at work on a million things. Night Breed is coming along nicely, although it feels like a very different book to the other Urban Wolf novels so far. It's a lot more of a slow burn, lots of twisty plot threads, and I'm worried I won't be able to pull it all together. It's not the book I thought it would be, and I don't know yet if that's in a good way or a bad way. Still, I'm on track to have the first draft done by the end of September holy shit is that really only two weeks away? What the hell am I talking about? so then I can send it to my editor and let him tell me whether it works or not.

Speaking of Urban Wolf, we're looking at an October release for DARK HUNT! I've done the blurb and some extra fun bits and pieces, and am pretty excited about the second book being out in the world. It really doesn't seem that long ago that SILVER KISS was released, and now I'm writing book three of the series. Eek!

In other news, as October is rapidly approaching, let's talk Anti-Nano. I'm hoping/assuming everyone who's doing [ profile] springathonwill be up for it, and maybe some of the people who did [ profile] wwathonlast year too. I'm planning to throw open my blog in October for signing up - both for returners and any newcomers that might have found their way here since last November, so there'll be an inaugral blog post about that soon.

In other other news, I think I mentioned before I've been thinking about implementing a blogging schedule, like Writerly Wednesday (so I could finally get round to those short story posts), Random Monday... I don't know. I like the idea of it, because as much as I just like blogging random crap as it comes to me, I think I need to get more structure into my writing career instead of just flailing wildly and hoping for the best, and this might be a step in that direction. I'm interested in whether people like that approach from writers or if they don't care either way?
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There's an interesting review/discussion going on over at Dear Author right now. Jill Sorenson reviews The Midnight Hunt by LL Raand and rates it a DNF (did not finish):
The raw animalism and overwhelming masculinity of the characters, disturbed me. About halfway through, I quit reading.

Sorenson opens her review by noting that I’m not a lesbian. My opinion on your character’s sexuality or how you choose to portray it carries little or no weight,

As a straight female writer who's best known (if known at all) for SILVER KISS, a novel featuring a strong gay cast and starring a lesbian werewolf, I find this comment fascinating. The implication seems to be that unless you're gay yourself, you can't offer any constructive criticism on a gay novel. It's like apologising in advance and giving the author permission to dismiss everything Sorenson says.

 In the comment thread, one commenter says that I think if you don’t like lesbian sex then you really shouldn’t be reading and reviewing the book, which hits me as drastically unfair. Leaving aside that I've read plenty of straight sex scenes that squicked me (Anita Blake, I'm looking at you), since when did being a lesbian become a requirement for reading lesbian fiction? Anymore than, say being American Indian was a requirement for reading books about American Indians or (pushing the point, I know), being a vampire was a requirement for reading a vampire novel?

Another interesting comment from the thread: a straight reviewer of lesbian for a long time now, it is hard to review a book in which sexuality and gender roles are not a personal experience. I’ve felt the same as you in that I’ve wondered if I’ve had the right to review lesbian as a straight person. And I’m sure I’ve gone off the mark or said some things that a lesbian would be like, “what?”

I don't want to dismiss anyone's opinions here, but it irritates me to think, whilst there's a massive market for m/m romances read largely by straight women, that there's an apparent feeling that lesbian books should only be for lesbian readers. For one thing, that would mean I shouldn't be writing any more Urban Wolf books and that would make me sad. For another, I like to think anyone could pick up SILVER KISS and enjoy it, regardless of who or what they are.

In any case, it seems to me that Sorenson's reasons for disliking The Midnight Hunt are nothing to do with the characters' sexuality (she frequently reviews lesbian fiction for Dear Author), and all to do with the execution of the premise and the flaws she found in the plot:

I also thought Sylvan’s characterization was weak. Weres are hypersexual beings, needing constant physical release. If they don’t mate, or at least copulate, they can become violent and unstable ...Sylvan is reluctant to see to her own needs ... Sylvan decides she’d rather be alone forever than risk losing a partner.

The Alpha’s sexual frustration is bad for the pack. Her needy scent can trigger a snarling hump-fest by sending all of the females into heat and causing dominant members to fight for mating rights. I had trouble believing that Sylvan would continue to deny herself release and jeopardize the safety of her pack.

And whilst she does say that she struggled with the portrayal of sexuality in the book, again I don't think that means she's measuring all lesbian fiction by this one novel, and that all lesbian fiction is squicky to her. And the "don't like it, don't read it," mantra just pisses me off. It's decidedly unhelpful.

Someone else asks:

... where is that line between other-ing a character because you come from a certain POV and honestly speaking about your ability to empathize with a book?

Now this is an issue that I've seen before. Anyone remember #racefail? The YA Whitewashing Affair? It's so hard to take a sensitive subject of any kind - be it sexuality or race - and bring it in a public arena where personal opinion comes into play. A book is subjective. People will bring their own experiences and expectations to it, and there's nothing a writer can do about that except write the best book they can and hope. But if you comment negatively on a book that contains one of these sensitive subjects, it seems that people will immediately assume your issue is with that subject, not the writing, the characterisation, or whatever. They assume you're saying "this gay book didn't work for because it's a gay book," not "this gay book didn't work for me because I couldn't connect with the protagonist."

It feels like an impossible problem to solve to me. One of the things I've worried most about with the Urban Wolf books is whether my gay characters will ring true, given my own sexuality, and whether I'll be judged as the author because of my sexuality. In the end I kind of made peace with it by deciding that all I could do was write characters who felt true to me and let the readers judge the job I'd done. So far, the response has been great, so I guess I did fine.

I was delighted to see The Midnight Hunt up for review on Dear Author, A) because it's on my TBR pile, and B) because I'm very interested in reading lesbian UF/PNR, and I don't see the genre given a lot of exposure on mainstream blogs. It would be a massive shame if reviews like Sorenson stopped reviewing lesbian fiction because she feels, as a straight woman, she can't offer a fair review.

*I tried so hard to come up with something snappier than that for a title
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Happy book birthday to Ethan!

You can buy DEMONISED right here at Damnation Books, where their variable pricing scheme means it's currently an absolute bargain at just $0.75! (Every time someone buys a copy, the price goes up by $0.25, so act fast to get it dirt freaking cheap).

Or you can buy the Kindle edition right here at Amazon (or here for Amazon UK). If you're a traditionalist and want the paperback version, it should be available in about a week.

So come on, show a broke, borderline alcoholic PI and his rescue dog some love, and pick up a copy of DEMONISED today!

ETA: new review for SILVER KISS, too!
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Queered Fiction are running an ebook giveaway today for Valentine's Day. Just check out the blog post for rules and then tweet for the chance to win any ebook from their catalogue, including QUEER WOLF (featuring Urban Wolf short WOLF STRAP) and SILVER KISS!

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So, I have random stuff. First off, two of the Static Movement anthologies I'm in, Serial Killers and Something From the Attic 2 are now available. Huzzahs! (And yes, that's an excerpt from my story, CASSANDRA LEE, on the Amazon product page ^_^). I'm particularly excited about the Serial Killers anthology as there are a couple of articles in there in addition to the stories that sounds pretty interesting.

Speaking of Static Movement, Submissions for Serve in Heaven, Reign in Hell are coming in steadily, and they're of a great quality. I'm really pleased, in an odd way, that it's not just the regular Static Movement writers submitting. As much as I like and admire everyone over there, it's nice to see fresh blood coming in, as I hope it'll draw more attention to SM and lead to bigger things for them, and I'm totally down with that.

I'm not down with my writing, or lack of, recently. I still haven't really recovered from the slump I hit after the DEMONISED edits. I've dabbled with a couple of projects, but I can't really settle on anything, and I haven't even touched the three projects I should be working on - Blood and Bones, Halflife, and Wild. I don't know if I'm just a bit burnt out at the moment? My last three weeks at the old day job were mentally exhausting, and my first week at the new job, whilst good, has been tiring too. Not to mention the amount of time I've been spending fretting over NIGHT AND CHAOS. Over the weekend I have a couple of stories for Serve in Heaven... to read, and after that I plan to get some writing done. I think my focus is going to be on Wild; I realised today that I'm putting off self-publishing it because I'm so worried about people hating it. And I decided I had nothing to lose if they did, so I'm going to go ahead and damn the torpedoes, or something.

Speaking of torpedoes (see how smoothly I do this), I'm thinking of throwing a Twitter party for NIGHT AND CHAOS. We did one last year for SILVER KISS, and I was pretty happy with it. It was basically a week of using a #silverkiss tag to promote the novel and get people talking; I'd put questions out there, and everyone who tweeted back using the hash tag went into a draw for a copy of SILVER KISS. Are we interested? If it goes well, I'll be doing the same thing for DEMONISED in March.

Speaking of DEMONISED (this one is an actual segue), I'm aiming to finish the Ethan short story, Ungrateful Dead, either tomorrow or over the weekend. Tonight I'm just going to go "meh" and curl up on the sofa and think twice about the amount of hot chocolate I drank today. One day I will learn that hot chocolate makes me sick, no matter how delicious it is. One day. But not today.
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I had no idea, but SILVER KISS is in fact one of the nominees for best novel in the Print/Electronic Science Fiction & Fantasy Novel published in 2010 category this year. Wow. Every time I think I'm done being amazed by the reaction to this book, something else awesome happens!

If you want to vote for SILVER KISS, or any of the other nominees, just follow the link!
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Look! SILVER KISS is part of the ALA's Over the Rainbow Top 11 for 2011!

The ALA Over the Rainbow Project is an an expansion of the highly successful ALA Rainbow Project. Over the Rainbow Project is an ad hoc committee of the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgendered Round Table (GLBTRT) of the American Library Association (ALA).
Members consist of librarians whose charge it is to select from the year’s publications, books that reflect lesbian/gay/bisexual/transgendered (lgbt) experience for adults and to annotate selected titles. Each year, the Over the Rainbow Project will publish a bibliography of recommended books for general readership.

I am totally having Lindt chocolate eggs tonight to celebrate! *dances off*

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So, another year is almost upon us! In a fit of nostalgia I went and looked at my last post of 2009, and here's what I had planned for 2010:

1. Turn Wild into a sleek fighting machine of a book so that my agent can sell it. Yay!
2. Write the sequel to AFTERLIFE, Afterburn, and see if Damnation Books would like it.
3. Rewrite the first Scarlett book and make it so awesome that it conquers the world.
4. Escape the Day Job of Firetop Mountain (I have an interview on Tuesday, so fingers crossed).
5. Move house. I cannot spend another winter in the Cowshed. It's freezing, expensive, and depressing. I want to be out of here by the summer.

And how did these noble goals work out, you ask?

1. I did rewrite Wild, and I do think it's a pretty sleek fighting machine now, but I ended up parting ways with my agent (to leave one is unfortunate, but two? IDEK), so Wild is still unsold. It's currently sitting on the desk of a pretty big name editor, but she's leaving her publishing house in early 2011, and to date I haven't heard from her as to whether she'll be taking Wild with her. I'd love to email her and ask again, but I don't want to nag. On the other hand, I have A Plan for Wild, and I would quite like it to be out of this weird limbo in 2011 so I can progress with that plan.

2. I started the sequel to AFTERLIFE, now called Halflife, as part of the [ profile] wwathon and am currently about 9k in. My plan is to get the first draft done by the end of February 2011.

3. Hahahaha, no. Once again my crippling need for perfectionism when it comes to the Scarlett stuff means I've done eff-all here. 

4. HAHAHAHA, NO! I am still in my crappy day job after another year of desperate job hunting. My God. I am just unemployable. My old boss was right.

5. Yes! I moved house! Kyle and I now have a house that isn't a converted cowshed and isn't freezing, expensive, and depressing. One goal out of five isn't bad, I suppose?

On the other hand, SILVER KISS was released this year and got a more amazing response than I could ever have expected. I wrote the sequel, BLOOD HUNT, which will be out next year and I'm already very nervous about it. I wrote and sold DEMONISED, an Ethan Banning novella, which I'm currently editing for publication in March 2011, and I'm also quite nervous about that. I wrote Night and Chaos, which I plan to self-publish in the next couple of months as part of My Plan. I also had several short stories published in various Static Movement anthologies. So, no, I didn't hit all the goals I set myself for 2010, but on balance I've had a pretty awesome year.

So, 2011. If the Mayans are to be believed, the apocalypse is on the horizon, so I'd like to pack quite a lot of stuff into next year. If there's one lesson I can take from 2010, it's that I probably shouldn't set myself any solid goals, because I'll change my mind when something shiny appears on the horizon. With that in mind, here are my ... aims ... for 2011:

1. Finish Halflife
2. Publish Night and Chaos
3. Sort out the Wild problem once and for all, dammit!
4. Generally do lots of writing and make it as freaking awesome as can be
5. Write the third Urban Wolf book (this is actually something I'm contractually obliged to do, so I don't know if it counts, but I'm already really excited about writing it, so it's probably okay)

And here are the things I'd like to happen but have no real control over:

1. for BLOOD HUNT to be as well-received as SILVER KISS
2. GET A NEW JOB, FOR GOD'S SAKE! Even if I have to move to the other end of the country to do it.

And in between all that stuff, I have a couple of other projects pending which I can't talk about right now, but they will be super, I promise you that! Anyway, in the mean time, Happy New Year to everyone, and here's to a fabulous 2011!

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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays and Season's Greetings and so forth! I hope everyone's having a wonderful Christmas Eve and will have an awesome Christmas Day too!

In the spirit of season, I have things! To give (or announce) to you! First of all, QueeredFiction are giving away a free Christmas-themed anthology right here. Huzzahs! It's very pretty and the stories are excellent, so you should check it out and share it with people (and there's a Glory story in there, and that's always good ^_^).

Second of all, I did a guest blog on werewolves and Christmas for Minding Spot which is right here, and there's also a lovely review of SILVER KISS there too so that's that.

Right, there's a tub of Ben and Jerry's in the freezer with my name on it, so I am outta here! Everyone have a wonderful holiday!
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Look what Google Alerts found for me - a new review of SILVER KISS from Chrissie's Corner.

"There is a good contrast of fighting, mystery, romance and emotional struggles, and these all combine to make Silver Kiss an enjoyable read."

Huzzahs! This came through just in time to remind me I have some work to get started on for BLOOD HUNT's promotion....
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Hey look! SILVER KISS gets an honourable mention in this year's Rainbow Awards for Best Bisexual, Transgender, and Lesbian Fiction!

I am totally surprised! I didn't even know I was in the running, lol. And on a related note, check out the new-look QueeredFiction website. It's had a very pretty face-lift.

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Guess what I did this afternoon?

No! I signed a contract with QueeredFiction for two more Urban Wolf books! 

Huzzahs! That means there's going to be five Urban Wolf books in total! I am so happy and excited, I might have to use more exclamation marks!

I really am delighted. I've been so awed and humbled by the responses to SILVER KISS, and I hope everyone enjoys BLOOD HUNT and the next three books in this series just as much. I've got loads of big ideas for Ayla and Shannon (and Glory), and I can't wait to write them all ^_^
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I know, it's a terrible blog title, but the title I wanted to use wouldn't fit in the bar. It's this!:

SILVER KISS nominated for ALA Over the Rainbow Project's 2010 Bibliography of Recommended Adult Books.

"Each year, the Over the Rainbow Project will publish a bibliography of recommended books for general readership. The bibliography will include books published between July 1 and December 31 of the previous calendar year. The committee’s charge is to create a bibliography of books that exhibit commendable literary quality and significant authentic lgbt content and are recommended for adults over age 18."

OMG, and SILVER KISS has been shortlisted! Alongside Poppy Z Brite and Jacqueline Carey, to name but two massively talented authors. How surreal is that? I feel so honoured and bouncy! The final list will be released in January 2011, and obviously my fingers are crossed I'll be on it, but even getting this far feels like a huge deal, and I may well have to celebrate with cake and ice cream. Who's with me?!

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I interrupt this sick day to bring you news of a SILVER KISS giveaway right here at vvB32's blog. Go forth and enter for a chance to win a copy of SILVER KISS!

I'll also have a piece of Urban Wolf flash fiction at this blog in the very near future, so stay tuned for that. 

And now, back to huddling under the duvet watching horror documentaries like some kind of wallowing swamp creature (me, not you guys).
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I think I tweeted about this but didn't actually blog about it: I had an awesome review of SILVER KISS last week from Hannah Priest, who organised the She-Wolf conference I went to in September.

"Clark's writing is tight and well-paced, and her narrative is enjoyable. The final plot reveal is shocking, and I found myself sincerely hoping that Ayla and Shannon would get through it together. Overall, Silver Kiss is a welcome addition to my werewolf library."

So, huzzahs for that! I'm really flattered by this review - by all the awesome reviews this book has received, in fact - and I hope everyone liked BLOOD HUNT just as much when that comes out.

Speaking of which, I'm racking my cold-filled brain for ideas for promotional material for BLOOD HUNT at the moment. One of the things I'd like to focus on is the Museum of Lupine History, which Ayla and Shannon visit during the book. I think it'd be cool to make up some museum-style gifts - postcards and keyrings - to give away. I'm going to try and find some medieval werewolf pictures to use - sort of like this:

And I'd like to make up some stuff using the cover art too. And I'm pretty hopeful I'll have a cover for DEMONISED before much longer, and there's probably a ton of fun stuff I can do with Ethan Banning promo.

In other news, I'm slightly behind my target for finishing Night and Chaos before November, because every day this week I've come home from work, coughed and sneezed everywhere, and then fallen asleep on the sofa instead of writing. I'm pretty dosed up on cold and flu medicine now, and I'm hoping to get some proper writing done this weekend and get myself back on track. I think if I'm not finished by November, I'll carry on with it, as I'd hate to stop halfway through and lose the momentum just as the story is coming alive in my head.

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... So says Lambda Library in their review of SILVER KISS!

"Where many other pieces of werewolf fiction fail, Clark delivers.  Her werewolf pack comes across as both natural and believable in a world where weres coexist openly with humans."

I'm sorry, but that's awesome, especially now, when I'm bricking it over how bad I think BLOOD HUNT is! nearly finished the first draft of BLOOD HUNT!
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Or rather, AFTERLIFE is, according to this review from Book Goggles!

Clark manages to take a plot that's been done before & not only make it her own, but bring a creative new twist to it.

Yay! It's this kind of review that reminds me Yasmin's story is still not done. She's got at least one more book in her, maybe two. And I want to write Ethan novellas forever because I heart him this much. I could happily play in the Shoregrave world for years, I think. So, must crack the whip on self. This seems as good a time as any to check the Accountability List:

Writing Life (in no particular order)

1. Finish Earthbound for Queer Light anthology - still waiting to hear back on this one.
2. Rewrite Wild for my Fearless Agent. First three chapters must be done by 23rd March. Shouldn't be a problem. Wild is now out on submission. One rejection so far, and my agent and I both feel the ending still needs work, so we'll see.
3. Finish Demonised, an Ethan Banning novella, for submission to Damnation Books - Yep, nailed that sucker. DEMONISED is officially due for publication in March 2011.
4. Start on BAD DOGS, the sequel to SILVER KISS - Yeah... Started it, hated it, destroyed it, started again. But BLOOD HUNT is going very well, I'm really happy with my progress now, and confident I'll have a first draft done by the end of August, which was always my aim.
5. Write Halflife, sequel to AFTERLIFE. I have a rough (very, very rough) plot in mind involving necromancers, witches, demons, and mad monks. Should be fun! However...
6. Write the Cassandra novel for my agent - This one takes precendent for me. Once BLOOD HUNT is done, I'll be focusing on this, so I'm thinking late 2010, early 2011 before I even start working on Halflife.
6. The Queer Gothic anthology is due for release soonish, so I should have edits for Moths forthcoming too. - Still waiting to hear about this one.

There's also a dragon novella floating around somewhere, but that's low down the list of priorities.
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I just found this article by Robert Winston about creative block (jncluding writers' block). Lots of interesting stuff there about musicians gassing themselves, but obviously I'm more interested in the writerly bit. I've been pretty open about the fact that I've suffered from depression, and how much I hate this idea that misery equals great creativity*, so I like that Winston notes so many of these composers and writers did not produce their best work during periods of depression. Rather, they struggled through the depression caused by lack of inspiration in order to create.**

I'm not sure how I feel about writers' block; whether it really exists, or whether it's a convenient excuse for not working. I definitely have days when I don't want to write, or can't think of anything to write, but if I make myself do it, I usually get in the swing eventually. I can't remember who said it, but I'm a firm believer in the idea that "you can edit anything except a blank page." In other words, even if you've got 10 pages of crap, that's still 10 pages, right?

On the other hand, I struggled horribly with the original sequel to SILVER KISS, BAD DOGS. Every time I opened the document up to work on it, I became more and more convinced it was utter tripe and would never be as good as SILVER KISS. In the end I was afraid to try to work on it. So I scrapped it, started BLOOD HUNT and found I was much happier. Was that writers' block, or just the wrong project at the wrong time? Or just rampant neuroticism on my part?

What do other people think? Writers, do you get writers' block? Non-writers, do you believe in it, or are we all just a bunch of wangsty emo kids who should shut up and get back to work?

*If I could imprint one message upon humanity's collective unconsciousness, it would be that depression and art are not the same thing. You do not have to be some tortured, maudlin, absinthe-swigger to produce works of beauty. Being creative does not automatically make you some darkity-dark Byronic figure, okay?

**Probably worth noting that one of the commentors on this article notes that his best work comes when he's unhappy.


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