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We interrupt the DARK HUNT blog tour (although that is still going on and there is still loads of chances to win awesome free stuff) to bring you an important Ethan Banning-related announcement.

GONE TO THE DOGS, an Ethan Banning short story, is now available on Amazon US and UK. Huzzahs! And of course, it's at a low, low price, because money into Ethan does not go.

After PI Ethan Banning is kicked out of his favourite bar, he figures the night can't get much worse. Naturally, he's wrong. A trip to the dog track, a meeting with a wannabe femme fatale, and a revenge scheme gone wrong leave Ethan high, dry, and depressingly sober. And that's after he's been mistaken for a hobo...

Some random facts about GONE TO THE DOGS:

1. As with UNGRATEFUL DEAD, this is set before the events of AFTERLIFE, so you can read it without having read any other Shoregrave books.

2. Unlike UNGRATEFUL DEAD, there are no paranormal elements in this story at all. It's just Ethan, his wit, and a bunch of greyhounds.

3. Nothing bad happens to any dogs.
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In fact, today is very, very specific because it's DARK HUNT release day!

I'm going to be pimping Urban Wolf Book Two all over Twitter tonight, so if you don't follow me, maybe you'd like to? @naomi_jay.

There's going to be giveaways - ebooks, postcards, t-shirts, and all sorts of goodies! I'm doing a blog tour:

And there's going to be chances to win loads of cool stuff at every stop on the tour, plus a grand finale hamper of wonder!

There's also a free short story for anyone who wants it! Ever wonder how Ayla and Shannon first met? Get your copy of A Wolf in Girl's Clothing to find out. Just leave me a comment here, tweet at me, or give me a shout on my Facebook page and let me know you'd like a copy!

You can keep up with all the DARK HUNT goodness at Queered Fiction here, including places to get hold of print and e-copies!
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I keep telling myself I'm going to stop writing stuff for Static Movement so I can focus on bigger projects, but then I have an idea that's perfect for their anthologies, and away I go. Just heard that In From The Cold has been accepted into their Winter Chills anthology, so yay! It's about a man who was a wolf, or a wolf who is a man, depending how you want to look at it.

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So yesterday I learnt to make ebooks. I used my short story, PAINLESS, as my guinea pig, and today it is available for sale! Huzzahs!

PAINLESS was originally published by Midnight Times ezine in 2006, and then again by Static Movement in the Weird City anthology in 2011. I'm rather fond of it and maybe you will be too? Here's the blurb:

Theo Kane is a professional thief with an unique talent - she doesn't feel pain. Usually that's enough to give her the edge she needs to get any job done. But her latest job has her out of her depth and fighting for her life. Caught between two dangerous - and angry - crime bosses, Theo is racing against time to save her skin. Just because she doesn't feel pain, doesn't mean she can't be hurt.

And here's the cover:

And here are some things of note:

1. PAINLESS is about 5k words, so it really is a short story. But it has psychic mutants, safecracking, imported alcohol, and a professional thief, so there's a lot packed into that 5k.

2. One of these days I will write the two sequels I planned back in 2006, which will also be short stories.
3. PAINLESS is available for just 69p in the UK, and $1.14 in the US. That's less than a return bus ticket to Cambridge! (From a village near Cambridge, probably not from where you are).
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Hey guys, guess what I have?

Yes! A free, all-new, all-exclusive Ethan Banning short story for anyone who wants one! Interested? Just email me at and it's all yours. I'll be giving away copies for free right up until the released of DEMONISED on March 1st, after that ... well, I'll still be giving it away for free, but I'll also be uploading it to the Kindle.

UNGRATEFUL DEAD is set before the events of AFTERLIFE and DEMONISED, and nothing bad happens to Ethan at all, except he has to spend the night in a haunted morgue with no alcohol or cigarettes. Here's a taster to whet your appetites:

Snippety! )
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So, I have random stuff. First off, two of the Static Movement anthologies I'm in, Serial Killers and Something From the Attic 2 are now available. Huzzahs! (And yes, that's an excerpt from my story, CASSANDRA LEE, on the Amazon product page ^_^). I'm particularly excited about the Serial Killers anthology as there are a couple of articles in there in addition to the stories that sounds pretty interesting.

Speaking of Static Movement, Submissions for Serve in Heaven, Reign in Hell are coming in steadily, and they're of a great quality. I'm really pleased, in an odd way, that it's not just the regular Static Movement writers submitting. As much as I like and admire everyone over there, it's nice to see fresh blood coming in, as I hope it'll draw more attention to SM and lead to bigger things for them, and I'm totally down with that.

I'm not down with my writing, or lack of, recently. I still haven't really recovered from the slump I hit after the DEMONISED edits. I've dabbled with a couple of projects, but I can't really settle on anything, and I haven't even touched the three projects I should be working on - Blood and Bones, Halflife, and Wild. I don't know if I'm just a bit burnt out at the moment? My last three weeks at the old day job were mentally exhausting, and my first week at the new job, whilst good, has been tiring too. Not to mention the amount of time I've been spending fretting over NIGHT AND CHAOS. Over the weekend I have a couple of stories for Serve in Heaven... to read, and after that I plan to get some writing done. I think my focus is going to be on Wild; I realised today that I'm putting off self-publishing it because I'm so worried about people hating it. And I decided I had nothing to lose if they did, so I'm going to go ahead and damn the torpedoes, or something.

Speaking of torpedoes (see how smoothly I do this), I'm thinking of throwing a Twitter party for NIGHT AND CHAOS. We did one last year for SILVER KISS, and I was pretty happy with it. It was basically a week of using a #silverkiss tag to promote the novel and get people talking; I'd put questions out there, and everyone who tweeted back using the hash tag went into a draw for a copy of SILVER KISS. Are we interested? If it goes well, I'll be doing the same thing for DEMONISED in March.

Speaking of DEMONISED (this one is an actual segue), I'm aiming to finish the Ethan short story, Ungrateful Dead, either tomorrow or over the weekend. Tonight I'm just going to go "meh" and curl up on the sofa and think twice about the amount of hot chocolate I drank today. One day I will learn that hot chocolate makes me sick, no matter how delicious it is. One day. But not today.
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Guess what I'm doing?

No! I'm editing an anthology for Static Movement. Look at my shiny cover!

Give me your angels and demons, your nephilim and fallen angels! I want tales of Heaven and Hell, saints and sinners, redemption and revenge. For me, a lot of the fun of these anthologies is seeing how every author interprets the theme differently, so be creative! I'm looking for urban fantasy, romance, and horror. No erotica, please.

I'm looking for submissions between 1,500 and 5,000 words, no flash. If you have something longer than 5k you think will fit, please email me to query.

Usual Static Movement formatting rules apply: single space with indented paragraphs, no space between paragraphs and standard 12 font. Use centered *** for scene breaks, and please put your bio at the end of the story in the manuscript. Please make sure your story is how you want it to appear in print, and pay attention to grammar and punctuation!

Please send your submissions with ‘Serve in Heaven, Reign in Hell’ in the subject line to

This anthology is opened until filled and is a 'for the love' of anthology. No copies or payment, exposure only, but you can't beat a good bit of exposure, I reckon

I'm really excited, guys. I wanted to go into editing after university, but the right opportunities never came along, so I'd love to do more of this kind of work this year if it goes well.

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It's that time again! How are we all doing? I haven't added anything to Night and Chaos since Wednesday, but yesterday I did write a short story for Static Movement's Serial Killers anthology and have it accepted! Yay! So I'm counting that as progress. How about everyone else?
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My short story The Edge of Sight has been accepted into Static Movement's Madness of the Mind anthology. Yay!
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I really wish I could find an LJ layout I liked for more than five minutes.

Anyway, that aside, look at all these open submissions here! I really want to write something for the Monster Mash anthology because that just sounds awesome fun, and I could maybe do a Shoregrave short? I'd also like to do something for the Silver Moon, Bloody Bullets one. I had this great idea about setting it during WWI trench warfare and tying it into my Urban Wolf novels, but then decided I couldn't do that in 2 - 5k, so it might have to wait.

But Monster Mash! The possibilities are endless! Look at that list - aliens, gorgons, dragons, vampires, banshees... I want to go home right now, put on Famous Monsters by the Misfits and write to the extreme.

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 Guys, Ethereal Tales is out now! You can totally buy a copy and read all the excellent stories in it, such as [ profile] chaostheory 's A Slight Change of Plan, or[ profile] rjpayne 's Deliver Me. Or indeed, my own Breaking Down.

Meanwhile, I've just written up the dedication and acknowledgements for SILVER KISS and emailed them off to James at QueeredFiction. This would totally call for jelly beans under other circumstances, but I've already eaten them. Maybe next time Pip and I hit the old-fashioned sweet shop, I should buy more than one tube. Then I wouldn't be in this predicament. 
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In other news, the Sneak Peek for issue six of Ethereal Tales is up now! Go take a look to see what the haps are. As well as my story, Breaking Down, there's also fiction by my housemate and platonic lifeparter, [ profile] chaostheory , my fellow Girton writer [ profile] rjpayne , and my fellow Damnation Books author, [ profile] yolandasfetsos . What more could you ask for? 
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In a piece of news that has totally driven away the terrible black mood I was in an hour ago, I have had a short story accepted for the next edition of Ethereal Tales! Yay! That makes three straight issues in a row for me, which is awesome.

What's even more awesome is that my fellow Girtonites, [ profile] chaostheory  and [ profile] rjpayne  have also had stories accepted! That's a Girton hat-trick, as well as a very first publication for my beloved[ profile] chaostheory . If you like stories about accidentally causing the Apocalypse after getting into a drinking contest with the Four Horsemen, you'll love her story, so you should totally check out Ethereal Tales when it's released on January 29th.

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I totally forgot to mention it, what with all the "excitement," but issue five of Ethereal Tales, featuring my short story Happy Anniversary, is now out. So if necromancers and gravedigging are your bag, you should check it out.

It also has stories by my fellow Damnation Books author, Lily, and Josie Gowler, who is a member of my fabulous writers' group.
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Fancy a preview of October's Ethereal Tales? Of course you do! Because I'm in it! And you guys love me, right? And you want to read my short story, Happy Anniversary, right? Because it's about necromancers and grave-digging, and we all love that stuff, right?

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For the curious, I'm the one being eaten. By life.

Last week was an incredibly unproductive week writing-wise. I managed a grand total of 2k on SILVER KISS, most of which was done last night under the influence of peanut M&Ms. I'm pretty please with how the story is progressing, but it needs to progress faster! So this week, I am totally laying the smackdown. No socialising, no showerig, no eating. Just hardcore, graphic, extreme-close-up, unadulterated, writing. No, okay, I will shower and eat.

Although, of course, Watchmen is out on DVD this week, and [ profile] chaostheory  and I have been planning our glorious viewing of the director's cut for months now. I was very amused to see a review of the DVD in a men's mag this weekend that cautioned that "this film does have a naked blue man in it." Like Dr Manhattan's penis might somehow threaten the moral integrity of the male viewer.

Oh, and also, Ethereal Tales' July issue is out now. Featuring me! So if you'd like to read a story about dying angels and warehouse fires, go grab a copy. Go now!

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If you fancy a sneak preview of my short story, Burned, which will be out next week in Ethereal Tales, just click right here. Yeah, that's it. Right here.

I'm so excited - this is the first short story I've written that will be in an actual print magazine, as opposed to an ezine. I mean, I'm excited every time I get something published, but it's always nice when you can show your family without having to talk them through connecting to the internet first.
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So, first of all I'm excited to announce that my short story Burned will be appearing in this month's Ethereal Tales. Yay! I love short story writing, so I'm always pleased when I actually get something published, and I'm especially pleased in this case because it's a Scarlett story. Scarlett and her gang of werewolves, necromancers, lost gods, and pyschics being my first writing love and all that.

Anyway, I've seen this on a few people's blogs, but[ profile] kazdreamer  is encouraging everyone to do it, so here we are.

'I wish you were coming with me tonight.' - SILVER KISS (which is rolling along nicely, thanks!)

A fire storm was brewing. - Wonderland (which has stalled because I'm too lazy to work on the much-needed worldbuildling).

She ran through the forest, the metallic tang of blood in her nostrils - Wild (which one day I will finish rewriting because I love it, damn you).

The vampire slunk through the dead leaves and damp earth, a parody of the woman it had been in life - Death for the Born (don't really have any witty comments for this one).
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So the AVA technician at work has offered to build me a website (yay! Next step - business cards!) and I thought I'd trawl t'internet for short stories I'd had published over the past few years so I actually had something to put on the website. I couldn't find all of them, as a couple of the ezines don't have archives. But I found all these:

Unusual Appetites
Born and Dead in Brooklyn
The Lady in the Fog
Mercury Bones
Scream if You Know What I Did Last Friday 13th
Mirror, Mirror

And since I'm here pimping myself, this is probably as good a time as any to remind you all that Queer Wolf is released in paperback on June 7th - just a few short days away!


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