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Huzzahs! Check it out at Pill Hill Press, Amazon US, and Amazon UK.

And here's the table of contents, just to whet people's appetites:

Strings - Emma Kathryn
When It Rains - MH Ruley
The Moments - Terri Fleming
Consequences - Courtney Rene
The God Problem - Gerald Costlow
Gabriel's Revenge - Dorothy Davies
The Templar - Edward McKeown
The Angelic Host - Jeremy Russell
A Girl Named Stephanie - Lawrence Vernon
The Righteous - David L Craddock
Balance - Robert William Shmigelsky
Vengeance - Matt Adams
The Guardian Angel - Alex F Fayle
Incarnation - Cynthia D Witherspoon
The Celestia - Sarah Diemer
The In-Between - Leanne Fitzpatrick
To Reign in Hell - Loren Malloy
The Tale of the Lecherous Lawyer and the Nun with the Gun - Ellen Roepert
The Jury - Jason D Brawn


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I woke up sad today and I don't know why, but I am still sad. So I'm looking at pictures on Cute Overload to try to distract myself. This one helped a lot:

The good news is that I finished editing Serve in Heaven, Reign in Hell  and have sent it off to Chris at Static Movement for her approval. Yay! I'm so proud of this anthology; there's a nice, diverse range of stories and I hope all the authors are very proud of the finished product when it's here!

I've been going back and forth on whether I want to do any more Static Movement anthologies. I keep changing my mind over whether I have the time or the energy, and whether I can still afford to work for free as far as writing goes. Well, I've decided that if I want to move into freelance editing, I need to have proof of my editing skillz, so I can make time for more of these anthologies, as long as Static Movement are doing them. Plus, I really want to to a Zombies Versus... anthology.

Well. I still feel a bit sad and I have to clean the bathroom, which doesn't help. So I'll leave you with this:

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Today is the deadline for Serve in Heaven, Reign in Hell. I've got three more stories to read through, and then I'm calling the anthology full and closed, and going into the editing phase. I'm really proud of the stories in this one, and of how Wicked Witchery is shaping up, but I'm going to take a break before starting any more. For one thing, Static Movement has dozens of open anthologies right now, and I think there is such a thing as too much choice; for another I really need to cut some stuff out of my schedule for my own wellbeing. I know that sounds melodramatic, but I'm exhausted and verging on being a nervous wreck, and something has to go.

I think I have to take that approach to all my other writing stuff too. My main focus at the moment is Night Breed, the third Urban Wolf book. I don't want to get all distracted and delayed with that like I did last year with DARK HUNT because of DEMONISED, so I'm attempting to be strict with myself. Things being as they are, it hasn't worked very well so far, but I'm optimistic that once Serve in Heaven... is edited and outn of my hands, that will change.

I'm musing a lot right now about where my focus should be next, and what sort of writer I want to be. I'm getting disillusioned with the indie route, but the traditional route kinda scares me right now. Epubs and small presses are great, and I'm very loyal to QueeredFiction and Damnation Books, but I'm feeling torn right now between being two types of writer: one who writes a ton of different stuff and gets it all published one way or the other and is known for having a lot of work out there, or one who has a couple of different series (in my case, Urban Wolf and Shoregrave) and sees those through to completion before moving onto the next. I see benefits and disadvantages to both routes. I'm not sure where I'll end up, but one of the reasons I'm getting disillusioned with the indie scene is that so much of the focus seems to be on getting your next book published, not writing the best book you can.

See, the temptation for me is to just pump out whatever story strikes me and see if I can get it published, which is fine, but it means I'm never disciplined in my writing. I'd planned to have the sequel to NIGHT AND CHAOS ready by now. I'd planned to be halfway through Halflife before starting Night Breed. Neither thing happened because I got distracted by THE NECROMANCER'S APPRENTICE. I don't want to keep putting out series' starters and then not finishing the series because some other shiny new idea gets in the way. I'd rather be known for producing a few quality novels than dozens of novellas and novels that promise more but never deliver. And that's the trap I could easily fall into.

This is possibly why I did something (I feel is) a bit crazy this morning. I queried an agent about WILD. I know! This will be the first and last query I make, and if nothing comes of it, I will still go ahead and self-publish WILD but it will be the last thing I self-publish for the time being. I want to focus on the Urban Wolf and Shoregrave series, as well as the Ethan novellas. I want to build a consistent name for myself as a writer, and the scatter-gun approach isn't working. I won't be pulling NIGHT AND CHAOS just yet (there's a new cover in the works, and I want to see what effect, if any, that has on sales), but by the end of the year, if nothing has changed in that area, I will. It all kind of feels like I'm moving backwards instead of forwards, but like I said, I need to cut some stuff out of my schedule and make time for things other than writing and panicking about writing.

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I got fed a delicious, home-made four course feast last night. There was venison and chocolate torte and ginger cream and fishcakes and port and I never want to see food again oh God.

Of course, this fabulous feast meant I didn't do anything writing-wise last night, and after my dismal efforts last week, I really wanted to get things rolling this week. So far I've failed with a big, fat, chocolatey F. So this seems an appropriate time to roll out an accountability list. In no order of importance, I need to:

1. Write my Queered Fiction horoscopes
2. Write my Cambridge Explorer horoscopes
3. Finish The Necromancer's Apprentice (yeah, I went back to it. I cut the horrible sex scene and replaced it with some stuff about demons, which I like a lot more. I think I can get a first draft done this week now)
4. Finish proofreading WILD. I've found two typos so far *tears hair out*
5. Get at least 2k done on Blood and Bones over the weekend

I'm sure I'm missing something from the list, but I'm so doped up on a food hangover and lack of sleep, I can't think what it is. I've got a story submission to read for Serve in Heaven... that I'm pretty excited about. I know that's not it. I mean, that is something else I have to do, but I'm hoping I'll squeeze it in at work if I get some quiet time.
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By my calculations, Serve in Heaven, Reign in Hell is at 61k. I'm not going to put a deadline on it, but I want people to know that we're at the minimum word count needed for publication. Three people have told me they're working on or about to submit stories, and there's definitely still room for them - I'm shooting for 70k +. So if you're still planning to submit something, let me know!

My other anthology, Wicked Witchery, is at 47k, so plenty of room left there.

Once one (presumably Serve in Heaven...) is full, I'd love to get another one on the go. I'm really enjoying the editing gig; it's been nice to do something writing-related but different, and I've seen a couple of stories that make me think the writers have very bright futures ahead, and it's nice to think I might have given them their first publication credit.

I've got two ideas I'm pretty keen on: Zombies Versus... which would be pretty much what it said on the tin: stories of zombies fighting things! Other zombies, sharks, werewolves, hobos, whatever. I think that could be a lot of fun. The other idea is a YA school-based horror anthology (because I'm currently obsessing over Point Horror's Nightmare Hall series and wishing I hadn't donated them all to charity ten years ago). Basically, as long as time allows and people have ideas, I'd love to keep this up.

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I'm editing a second Static Movement anthology, since Serve in Heaven, Reign in Hell has been so much fun!

Witches and warlocks wanted! I'm after stories of magic and mayhem featuring witches of all kinds – hedge witches, black witches, ceremonial, Satanic, Celtic or solitary ... whatever takes your fancy. Be creative! I'm looking for fantasy (urban, dark, or traditional), horror, and paranormal romance.

Submissions should be between 1,500 – 5,000 words. I'm not especially interested in flash or longer pieces, but if you have something you think will fit, please email me to query.

Usual Static Movement formatting rules apply: single space with indented paragraphs, no space between paragraphs and standard 12 font. Use centered *** for scene breaks, and please put your bio at the end of the story in the manuscript. Please make sure your story is edited, and pay attention to grammar and punctuation!

Please send your submissions with ‘Wicked Witchery’ in the subject line to

This anthology is opened until filled and is a 'for the love' of anthology. No copies or payment, this one's exposure only.
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Here is your linkage for today (not necessarily in order of importance or relevance):

Lovecraft's Favourite Words. I can't believe "squamous" only came up once! I think I probably need to include that word in a story pretty soon. (Do we need a daily Lovecraft Link? I'm really tempted to make one day a week Lovecraft Day on my blog, just for shits and giggles.)

My Static Movement anthology, Serve in Heaven, Reign in Hell, is up to about 55k. Static Movement shoot for 70k in order to go to print, so there's still room for stories. If you're working on one, let me know. I know a couple of people were thinking about it and I don't want to pressure anyone, but we are approaching critical mass or something.

I'm being interviewed by my fellow Damnation Books author, Fiona Dodwell, today. She's asking me about DEMONISED and my advice for writers. I don't really feel the most qualified to give out advice, but luckily I recently read Stephen King's On Writing, so I just borrowed some from him,

Tyhitia Green over at Obfuscation of Reality is interviewing me about NIGHT AND CHAOS, and running a giveaway too, so that's worth checking out if you like free stuff.

And that's it! The only question that remains is whether I'm good and eat the delicious salad I bought to work with me, or bad and go down to Costa Coffee for muffins and paninis. Important stuff, people!

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OMG. This year! This year, you guys. So much is happening all at once. It's now about two weeks until DEMONISED is released, and I haven't even started any of the guest blogs I'm supposed to be doing for that. I'm waiting until I have UNGRATEFUL DEAD ready to go, which will be very, very soon, but I'm starting to panic that all the lovely authors who invited me to write for them will give up in disgust because I'm so slow. I'm sure that won't happen, but you know, it's something I should keep in mind.

Submissions for Serve in Heaven, Reign in Hell are coming in nicely, but I'm now falling behind on reading and plan to catch up at the weekend. So if you submitted something and haven't heard from me, it's not because I'm ignoring you, it's because I'm saving your assuredly fabulous story for Saturday.

As far as my own writing goes, yes, I finished UNGRATEFUL DEAD. No, I haven't got back to work on Halflife, Blood and Bones, or Wild yet. I meant to do some writing last night, but I had this weird dizzy spell on the way home that I never quite recovered from last night, so I took a bath, fell asleep in it twice, and then went to my actual bed, which has far fewer drowning risks. I think I was maybe just dehydrated, because I feel fine this morning. Either that, or withdrawal from chocolate eggs. I wish I was kidding about that.

Anyway, my plan for the rest of the week is just "catch up, omg!!!" I'm going to write tonight, come hell or high water. I want to get 1k done on either Halflife or Blood and Bones. Tomorrow, Kyle is going camping at the seaside (I'm not jealous!), and I plan to spend the evening editing Wild. Friday, 1k on something again. Weekend, submissions and guest blogs. I also need to catch up on [ profile] tessa_morelock stuff at some point, because I do actually have news in that area.

I also need to nag my old boss because I left my wrist brace at the Isaac Newton and she said she'd send it to me and she hasn't. And I kinda need it and I'm not going to pay for a new one when she can post that one to me for free via the Unversity post service.

Anyway, that's me. I think I'm now caught up on being aware of everything I need to catch up on, if nothing else.
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So, I have random stuff. First off, two of the Static Movement anthologies I'm in, Serial Killers and Something From the Attic 2 are now available. Huzzahs! (And yes, that's an excerpt from my story, CASSANDRA LEE, on the Amazon product page ^_^). I'm particularly excited about the Serial Killers anthology as there are a couple of articles in there in addition to the stories that sounds pretty interesting.

Speaking of Static Movement, Submissions for Serve in Heaven, Reign in Hell are coming in steadily, and they're of a great quality. I'm really pleased, in an odd way, that it's not just the regular Static Movement writers submitting. As much as I like and admire everyone over there, it's nice to see fresh blood coming in, as I hope it'll draw more attention to SM and lead to bigger things for them, and I'm totally down with that.

I'm not down with my writing, or lack of, recently. I still haven't really recovered from the slump I hit after the DEMONISED edits. I've dabbled with a couple of projects, but I can't really settle on anything, and I haven't even touched the three projects I should be working on - Blood and Bones, Halflife, and Wild. I don't know if I'm just a bit burnt out at the moment? My last three weeks at the old day job were mentally exhausting, and my first week at the new job, whilst good, has been tiring too. Not to mention the amount of time I've been spending fretting over NIGHT AND CHAOS. Over the weekend I have a couple of stories for Serve in Heaven... to read, and after that I plan to get some writing done. I think my focus is going to be on Wild; I realised today that I'm putting off self-publishing it because I'm so worried about people hating it. And I decided I had nothing to lose if they did, so I'm going to go ahead and damn the torpedoes, or something.

Speaking of torpedoes (see how smoothly I do this), I'm thinking of throwing a Twitter party for NIGHT AND CHAOS. We did one last year for SILVER KISS, and I was pretty happy with it. It was basically a week of using a #silverkiss tag to promote the novel and get people talking; I'd put questions out there, and everyone who tweeted back using the hash tag went into a draw for a copy of SILVER KISS. Are we interested? If it goes well, I'll be doing the same thing for DEMONISED in March.

Speaking of DEMONISED (this one is an actual segue), I'm aiming to finish the Ethan short story, Ungrateful Dead, either tomorrow or over the weekend. Tonight I'm just going to go "meh" and curl up on the sofa and think twice about the amount of hot chocolate I drank today. One day I will learn that hot chocolate makes me sick, no matter how delicious it is. One day. But not today.
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So I am Free. My time at the Isaac Newton Institute is over and my time at the Institute of Metabolic Sciences is shortly to begin. Feel free to make jokes about me being institutionalised and whatnot. I really haven't had time over the past four weeks to panic or fret about the whole new job thing, and I decided to keep myself ultra-busy this weekend in order to avoid last-minute panic and fretting. I went to my parents' yesterday for my dad's birthday and we had a lovely time shopping and eating and upsetting Holly by playing with my mum's Nintendo DS instead of playing with Holly (Holly hates Mario Brothers. It makes her bark and roll around on the newspapers) (Holly is a dog, for those who don't know. I just realised I might be making her sound like some kind of deranged child, which is not entirely off the mark, but she is actually a dog).

Anyway, yeah. My parents bought me some cool new work clothes so I can march into my new job tomorrow feeling all swanky and confident. In the evening I came home to find a full-on manly night in taking place in my house, involving war documentaries, beer, and questions like "how much would you have to be paid to be hit in the face?", so I took a long bath, read some of Laura Bickle's Sparks, and then went to bed so I didn't have to watch any more documentaries about tanks. (Is it worth noting that Kyle came to bed at 7.30 this morning, and that he and Dave are both still asleep? I'm find it quite amusing).

So today I'm just continuing to keep myself busy. I've decided to pay more attention to Goodreads, so I've been updating my profile and bookshelves over there. Friend me if you're on there! I'm naomi_jay, surprise, surprise.

I've been through my slush pile for Serve in Heaven, Reign in Hell, and I've been really delighted with the stories submitted so far (although I did have to reject one, which made me feel bad). There's been a great mix so far - some urban fantasy, some literary, some humorous, some with a touch of the Divine Comedy, and I'm really excited to see what comes next.

I've lowered the price of NIGHT AND CHAOS to $1.99. I think it'll be about a day before it's back up for sale at the new price, and obviously it means taking the lower revenue rate from Amazon, but I don't really care about that. I always planned to offer it at as low a price as reasonable, A) as an introductory thing and B) I really feel $3.44 is excessive for a self-published novella. Hopefully it'll lead to increased interest. Like I said before, I see this whole indie venture as a marathon, not a sprint, and I think I have to be willing to take risks and experiment to make a success of it.

I'm lining up some guest blogs for March and the release of DEMONISED, which I'm really excited about. I'm hoping to finish my Ethan short story, Ungrateful Dead, today and then I'll be deciding how best to use it promo-wise. I still really like the idea of putting together a DEMONISED playlist and offering that as a freebie, maybe with the story attached? I'm running out of time to find bands who'll be happy to take part though, so we'll see.

Anyway, I'm hungry now, so I'm going to forage in the kitchen for food that isn't empty beer bottles.
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So! I've pretty much pulled myself out of the slump I fell into after I finished the edits on DEMONISED. I don't know what happened. I was all like, "I'm done. Life is sad now." I thought maybe I was feeling guilty about doing so many horrible things to Ethan throughout the novella, so I decided the cure was to write a short story about Ethan where he doesn't get covered in semen or anything. I think once it's finished I'll make it available as a free read as part of the promotion for DEMONISED (which is out very soon now!)

In other news, I haven't done any writing of note since finishing said edits. I'm leaning towards working on editing Wild, since editing is what I'm all about right now, so I can get that ready to go on the Kindle this month. After that, Blood and Bones is top of the to-do list, followed by Halflife. But I'm expecting (yet more!) edits for BLOOD HUNT, the second Urban Wolf novel, pretty soon, so basically... editty-edits.

In other other news, only four days left at the horrible day job! Huzzahs! I'm torn between being really nervous and really excited about the new job. It's been a pretty stress-laden couple of weeks here getting my temp trained, etc, so I haven't really had time to sit down and panic about the new job, so I suppose that'll hit me at the weekend.

And in other other other news, my website is currently down and probably will be for the rest of February because I don't have any money spare this month to renew the domain name thingy. I can't imagine this will impact upon anyone's lives in any way (except maybe my dad, who reads my Twitter stream via my website then rings me up to tell me off for using words like "bollocks" and possibly the occasional spammer who wants to tell me how to increase traffic to my site and therefore make my business more effective), but ... I can't remember the start of this sentence. So I shall leave it at that.
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Guess what I'm doing?

No! I'm editing an anthology for Static Movement. Look at my shiny cover!

Give me your angels and demons, your nephilim and fallen angels! I want tales of Heaven and Hell, saints and sinners, redemption and revenge. For me, a lot of the fun of these anthologies is seeing how every author interprets the theme differently, so be creative! I'm looking for urban fantasy, romance, and horror. No erotica, please.

I'm looking for submissions between 1,500 and 5,000 words, no flash. If you have something longer than 5k you think will fit, please email me to query.

Usual Static Movement formatting rules apply: single space with indented paragraphs, no space between paragraphs and standard 12 font. Use centered *** for scene breaks, and please put your bio at the end of the story in the manuscript. Please make sure your story is how you want it to appear in print, and pay attention to grammar and punctuation!

Please send your submissions with ‘Serve in Heaven, Reign in Hell’ in the subject line to

This anthology is opened until filled and is a 'for the love' of anthology. No copies or payment, exposure only, but you can't beat a good bit of exposure, I reckon

I'm really excited, guys. I wanted to go into editing after university, but the right opportunities never came along, so I'd love to do more of this kind of work this year if it goes well.


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