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In fact, today is very, very specific because it's DARK HUNT release day!

I'm going to be pimping Urban Wolf Book Two all over Twitter tonight, so if you don't follow me, maybe you'd like to? @naomi_jay.

There's going to be giveaways - ebooks, postcards, t-shirts, and all sorts of goodies! I'm doing a blog tour:

And there's going to be chances to win loads of cool stuff at every stop on the tour, plus a grand finale hamper of wonder!

There's also a free short story for anyone who wants it! Ever wonder how Ayla and Shannon first met? Get your copy of A Wolf in Girl's Clothing to find out. Just leave me a comment here, tweet at me, or give me a shout on my Facebook page and let me know you'd like a copy!

You can keep up with all the DARK HUNT goodness at Queered Fiction here, including places to get hold of print and e-copies!
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It was a good week for:

Cryptozoology! A paleontologist in Massachusetts thinks he's found the lair of the kraken. Interesting side note - Lovecraft's Arkham is in Massachusetts, and the kraken is estimated to be at least 100 feet long. Is it too great a leap to assume this kraken is Cthulhu and this paleontologist is somehow involved in a cult dedicated to rising Cthulhu from R'lyeh?


Also, Siberian officials confirm the existence of the Yeti. They've found his supposed bed and stuff he uses to mark his territory. See, this is why we've had no luck finding them in the Himalayas. They all moved to Siberia. If they do actually create a centre dedicated to Yeti science, I am so signing up.

Bad week for:

Women. Topeka, Kansas decriminalised misdemeanor domestic violence this week, due to budget cuts apparently. Nice to know you can put a value on human life... And then there's Personhood USA's attempts to get the Personhood Amendment passed in Mississippi, which would effectively ban abortion and most forms of birth control, and make women who miscarry liable to criminal investigation. Wow. I don't even know what to say. This is just all so disturbing.

ETA - Topeka DA says he will prosecute domestic violence cases after all.

Next week:

So let's end on a light note, shall we? As you may have detected if you saw my earlier blog post, Monday 17th October is the release date for DARK HUNT! OMG! We're planning a whole ton of fun stuff for the next few weeks, so stay tuned! But in the mean time, here's the cover and blurb to get you all excited.

Ayla Hammond is taking on Paris. 

Hoping for a romantic getaway in the City of Lights with her girlfriend, Shannon, she finds a city under the dark thrall of Le Monstre

Getting caught up in mystery and murder was the last thing Ayla and Shannon expected in the City of Love, but as the body count grows and tension rises between Parisian werewolves and humans they find themselves stalked by an unknown terror. 

What is Le Monstre and why does it make Ayla's wolf want to turn tail and run? Can it be stopped before they become its next victims?

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So I've managed to clear a few big things from my schedule in the past few weeks, and being pathologically incapable of coping with leisure time, I decided to add something back onto the schedule immediately. This:

How awesome is this cover? I know I'm biased, but I think it's the best Static Movement cover to date. So yes! I'm editing an anthology of Zombie Versus... stories for Static Movement. Guidelines are here and I'm open to submissions now. This one is wide open - I'll consider any genre and any reasonable length as long as there's some hardcore zombie smackdown involved. Anyone who writes me a zombie versus shark story gets a prize, okay?

So send me some zombie goodness! Do it now.
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I'm going to be working as an editor for Damnation Books. Huzzahs! More paying writing work! More excuses not to leave the house! One small step closer to that ultimate dream: quitting the day job *_*

Obviously that's a long way off. But if I can juggle the editing and writing well enough, I'd like to take on more editing down the line, once I have the experience, and look at ways of making that a bigger chunk of my income. If I can get to a part-time day-job stage, I'll be very happy. This has helped solidified my decision to not go full-time indie as a writer. That would be too much on top of everything else, I think. So for the time being my only self-published projects are going to be the Vargulf Trilogy and the occasional short story.

Anyway! I hope this is the start of something very cool ^_^
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I keep telling myself I'm going to stop writing stuff for Static Movement so I can focus on bigger projects, but then I have an idea that's perfect for their anthologies, and away I go. Just heard that In From The Cold has been accepted into their Winter Chills anthology, so yay! It's about a man who was a wolf, or a wolf who is a man, depending how you want to look at it.

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Huzzahs! Check it out at Pill Hill Press, Amazon US, and Amazon UK.

And here's the table of contents, just to whet people's appetites:

Strings - Emma Kathryn
When It Rains - MH Ruley
The Moments - Terri Fleming
Consequences - Courtney Rene
The God Problem - Gerald Costlow
Gabriel's Revenge - Dorothy Davies
The Templar - Edward McKeown
The Angelic Host - Jeremy Russell
A Girl Named Stephanie - Lawrence Vernon
The Righteous - David L Craddock
Balance - Robert William Shmigelsky
Vengeance - Matt Adams
The Guardian Angel - Alex F Fayle
Incarnation - Cynthia D Witherspoon
The Celestia - Sarah Diemer
The In-Between - Leanne Fitzpatrick
To Reign in Hell - Loren Malloy
The Tale of the Lecherous Lawyer and the Nun with the Gun - Ellen Roepert
The Jury - Jason D Brawn


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So my parents are moving house on July 15th, going from a spacious four-bedroomed house to a cozy two bedroomed. I'm very excited because they'll be in the next village, as opposed to an hour and a half bus ride away, and I can go and see them all the time! And they'll bring Holly to Milton for walks round the country park and it will be fabulous.

The downside (for my parents) is that there's no real garden to speak of and the front door opens up onto a main road near a train station, and my mum's quite worried about how Fergus will cope. He's not a young cat anymore and he's used to spending his days in the garden under a bush, ignoring humanity unless he's hungry. She's worried about him being run over, or just being unhappy, so he's coming to live with me. Yay! We've got a bush he can sleep under, and we're in a quiet cul-de-sac so no risk of him being hurt. I'm sad for my parents, but I'm really happy for myself because I adore Fergus, and he thinks I'm his mum, so it will be a happy reunion.

We need to cat-proof the house a bit. If anyone has any tips on protecting computers from cat hair, they will be most welcome. I'm pretty sure Fergus will be a royal pain for the first week or so when we have to keep him locked in, because he is just not an indoor cat, but he grew up round here, so maybe he'll remember and go off and have nostalgic trips round the village?

Anyway! Fergus is coming to live with me! Huzzahs all round!

*I am not actually going to arrange any kind of battle to death between Fergus and any of the snakes.
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Check out the newest addition to the Clark-Melkuhn household!

 This is Remic (as in Andy Remic, since we're both reading his books right now). He's a three-year-old, three-foot-long California king snake and he is purdy.


In fact, I don't think the pictures do him justice. The markings on his head are beautiful. So I came home from work today, and there he was! His viv is a bit bare at the moment - Kyle's going on a mission tomorrow to kit him out with some fun stuff. He's pretty damn nosy, so he needs some toys to keep him busy. He's diurnal, so he's incredibly lively at the moment, although apparently he has just shed, so that's probably made him a bit frisky. We have bonded - he tried to get up my skirt and then settled for just coiling round my neck (snakes love my hair, it turns out. Who knew!). We've been warned that he's a bit nippy, but Nick said the same thing about Ket when we took him, and Ket is about as "nippy" as the carpet, so we'll see. 
Anyway! I am very excited to have him, and Kyle has promised me geckos at the end of the year, so huzzahs!
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I don't want to be one of those authors who's constantly harping on about numbers and sales and rankings and whatnot, because I find it rather tedious, so I'm sure other people do too. But hey, something a personal milestone today - WILD broke into the Amazon UK top 50 for contemporary fantasy! Yay! It's been in and out of the top 100 this month, but top 50 is pretty damn cool. Here's the proof so I know it happened:

Yeah, you have to look pretty hard, but trust me it happened. Next stop, top 10? Probably not, but a girl's gotta dream.

(In a weird cosmic twist, since I decided to unpublish NIGHT AND CHAOS and rework it yesterday, that's had a sale or two as well. But you won't change my mind, cosmic forces. I know it's the right thing to do!)

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So WILD hit Amazon UK's top 100 in Kindle books and Contemporary Fantasy! And it's already sold more copies in two days than NIGHT AND CHAOS did all May, lol. I feel quite awesome about that, but for the sake of honesty about the indie thing, for anyone who's reading and thinks that means I've sold a shit-ton of books overnight: I've actually only sold five copies.

However, five copies in two days outstrips my other self-published works, and frankly if only one of the five people who bought a book enjoys WILD, I will feel amazingly awesome.

In other news, Carina Press are looking to hire freelance editors. Wow. I would love to do that, except I don't have a year's paid experience at editing. I suppose I could big up my experience with Static Movement? And the fact that I've critiqued for other people for years in a non-professional capacity. I doubt that would actually count for much, but I'm actually pretty confident in my editing chops, and people at SM have thanked me for providing useful feedback and commentary on their work. I don't know. I might just apply anyway.

In other other news, I have been awake since 4am. Stuff has been happening this week. I'm really tired of listening to myself rehash it all in my head and on my blog, so I'm declaring my blog officially a Stuff-free zone from now on. I appreciate everyone who stops and reads and offers support or words of wisdom, I really do, but I'm going to try to focus on non-Stuff issues here from now on. Like the short story posts, which hopefully I'll start next week. Watch this space!

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1. In the very first version of WILD, Lizzie was a heroin addict living in Portland, Oregon, because I didn't think a UK-set urban fantasy would sell.

2. The Sylvia Plath poem, Suicide off Egg Rock, was a heavy influence on me throughout the writing and rewriting of WILD.

3. The ghouls in WILD were inspired both by the werewolf victims in An American Werewolf in London and by my own experiences with homeless people in Liverpool.

4. I originally planned WILD as a standalone, but once I finished, I realised Lizzie still had a long journey ahead of her before I could say her story was done.

5. WILD IS NOW AVAILABLE FOR SALE! Check it out right here at Amazon US and Amazon UK!

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I've taught myself to make ebooks. Huzzahs! It was actually much easier than I thought it would be, too. I'm using my short story, Painless, as an experiment, and as soon as I have a cover I'm happy with, I'll upload it to Amazon for a low, low price. More huzzahs! 
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It's not official yet, as I need to fill in some forms and sign some stuff, but I think it's safe to say that THE NECROMANCER'S APPRENTICE will be published by Eternal Press!

Huzzahs! This makes for a nice early birthday present! More details when I have them ^_^
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So despite this week ... not being all it could be, what with fractured metacarpals and various other things, I'm actually feeling quite chipper tonight. Partly because Kyle is cooking something spectacular involving feta cheese and chorizo and olives, but also because I had two short story acceptances this week.

Happy Ending is going to be in Beyond the Grave. I'm probably more excited about this than is really warranted because it's an Ash story, and he's my favourite. My favourite everything. He's badass and a necromancer and drinks too much and runs a gothy night club and is just basically awesome, and this is the story of why he digs up his father's grave.

Pumpkin Soup will be in Fall Shudders. I wrote this yesterday when I was feeling particularly jaded, and it's actually pretty sad, but really beautiful, if I do say so myself. I don't often make such claims about my own writing, but I do really like this piece, so that's good too.

Also good is that WILD (now with caps!) is fully-formatted and ready to change the world of paranormal-urban-fantasy-YA-with-romantic-elements-and-drugs. Huzzahs! I am going to do a line-edit over the weekend in case I missed anything vital or obvious, but I have high hopes it will be ready to upload next week. OMG. Hold me, you guys. I'm scared.

Luckily, I have Mansions of Madness to distract me. I had no idea there were so many HP  Lovecraft-inspired board games out there, but there are definitely three in my house right now, which makes me a happy Nome. Kyle and I are going to attempt to play it after dinner. If you don't hear from me again, I went mad and was incarcerated in an insane asylum, okay?

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So we're eating our dinner and watching Castle and otherwise minding our own business, when there's this knock on the door. Kyle answers and there's a couple there with a spaniel that we've never seen before (we'd never seen the couple or the spaniel, just to clarify). And when ensued was a conversation a bit like this:

Couple: Hello, we're from Number 15. Are you missing a snake?


And then the spaniel started barking and there was a conversation about anime, but the upshot was... These people had Ket. They had our snake. OMG. What are the chances? It's been six months since he escaped, yet a group of kids found him today on our front lawn. They called an adult who took Ket in, put him in a nice tank, and started asking around. What are the odds of any of that happening? I can only think that Ket's been in the house somewhere all winter, and the recent warmer weather got him moving. I am so unbelievably grateful that those kids did the sensible, kind thing instead of ignoring or tormenting Ket, as they could easily have done.

So he's home! My Number One Snake is home. He's bigger. He seems quite sluggish, but I guess he's had a busy day. We've bathed him, we're going to feed him tomorrow, and get him to the vet on Friday. And on Saturday we are damn well buying some snake locks for his tank.

It's so weird... I dreamed on Sunday night that we found him. And I was thinking today that all these nice, small things keep happening to me at the moment. Nothing life-changing, but just little things that make me pause and feel thankful. And this, this is incredible. Of all the things I excepted when we got that knock at the door, Ket coming home was the last of them.

But I am very, very grateful to my neighbours and their spaniel.
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Book Goggles reviews Ethan's excellent adventure right here.

 I ... loved the book & look forward to more Banning tales.


The review does make the point that to get the full experience, you're probably better off reading AFTERLIFE first, which is something I haven't really discussed before. I tried to make DEMONISED as stand-alone as possible, but because Ethan's story really begins in AFTERLIFE, there are elements of the novella that are probably better fleshed-out if you've read it too.

Hopefully that won't discourage readers - I'm kind of hoping DEMONISED will be a gateway drug and lead people back to AFTERLIFE if they're curious, rather than making readers feel they must read one before reading the other.
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Happy book birthday to Ethan!

You can buy DEMONISED right here at Damnation Books, where their variable pricing scheme means it's currently an absolute bargain at just $0.75! (Every time someone buys a copy, the price goes up by $0.25, so act fast to get it dirt freaking cheap).

Or you can buy the Kindle edition right here at Amazon (or here for Amazon UK). If you're a traditionalist and want the paperback version, it should be available in about a week.

So come on, show a broke, borderline alcoholic PI and his rescue dog some love, and pick up a copy of DEMONISED today!

ETA: new review for SILVER KISS, too!
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Huzzahs! She liked it! It's weird how much more nervous I was sending this for reviews than my previous publications. I mean, I'm always nervous asking for reviews, because, you know, I don't people to hate my stuff. But something I self-published... It kinda makes me feel a lot more vulnerable. But luckily:

I can't help but wonder why we aren't seeing her name plastered all over the shelves at your local Barnes & Nobles along with the heavyweights of the UF genre...This book was so cool that Clark makes it all look so effortless & easy.

So there you go. Unrehearsed testimony from someone who is not related to me.
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So, after all the excitement this afternoon (and all the celebratory chocolate I had to eat), I sat down tonight and got back to work on Halflife for the first time since the Christmas holidays. That's actually only a week and a bit, but it feels like much longer. Only managed 1k, but at least that means I have something new for [ profile] wwathon  snippet day tomorrow! (Although it's not very interesting, admittedly. I'm working to the interesting stuff, but I don't want to rush into it. I've got mad monks and witches and all sorts! Coming soon!)

11020 / 80000

In other news, since Static Movement lifted the max word count restriction on some of their open anthologies, I submitted a gaslight story I wrote last year to Something in the Attic 2, and it was accepted! Yay! Today has just been fabulous. Therefore, I will go to bed and feel at peace with the world. 


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