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So it turns out there's a novel being released this year called Blood Hunt that features lesbian werewolves and vampires, and it's not by me. I know, right? What are the odds? (It sounds good though; I'm probably going to pick up the first in the series on pay day but that's by the by).

The point is, given the eerie similarities between my book and this one, we've decided a title change is in order. So BLOOD HUNT, the second book in the Urban Wolf series, is now going to be DARK HUNT. Yay! I have to say, I like it a lot. My editor suggested it along with a bunch of others, and it just jumped out at me. It still fits the mood and themes of the book perfectly.

So I guess I've just given away that there's some vampiric action in DARK HUNT. I don't want to say too much more about the plot because we've yet to put together an official blurb, but yes, there is a vampire and no, it doesn't sparkle, isn't sexy, and isn't looking for a soulmate to alleviate centuries of angsty loneliness. And that's all I'm saying about that.

So, to summarise! DARK HUNT, Urban Wolf book 2, coming 2011. Huzzahs!
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So! I've pretty much pulled myself out of the slump I fell into after I finished the edits on DEMONISED. I don't know what happened. I was all like, "I'm done. Life is sad now." I thought maybe I was feeling guilty about doing so many horrible things to Ethan throughout the novella, so I decided the cure was to write a short story about Ethan where he doesn't get covered in semen or anything. I think once it's finished I'll make it available as a free read as part of the promotion for DEMONISED (which is out very soon now!)

In other news, I haven't done any writing of note since finishing said edits. I'm leaning towards working on editing Wild, since editing is what I'm all about right now, so I can get that ready to go on the Kindle this month. After that, Blood and Bones is top of the to-do list, followed by Halflife. But I'm expecting (yet more!) edits for BLOOD HUNT, the second Urban Wolf novel, pretty soon, so basically... editty-edits.

In other other news, only four days left at the horrible day job! Huzzahs! I'm torn between being really nervous and really excited about the new job. It's been a pretty stress-laden couple of weeks here getting my temp trained, etc, so I haven't really had time to sit down and panic about the new job, so I suppose that'll hit me at the weekend.

And in other other other news, my website is currently down and probably will be for the rest of February because I don't have any money spare this month to renew the domain name thingy. I can't imagine this will impact upon anyone's lives in any way (except maybe my dad, who reads my Twitter stream via my website then rings me up to tell me off for using words like "bollocks" and possibly the occasional spammer who wants to tell me how to increase traffic to my site and therefore make my business more effective), but ... I can't remember the start of this sentence. So I shall leave it at that.
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So, another year is almost upon us! In a fit of nostalgia I went and looked at my last post of 2009, and here's what I had planned for 2010:

1. Turn Wild into a sleek fighting machine of a book so that my agent can sell it. Yay!
2. Write the sequel to AFTERLIFE, Afterburn, and see if Damnation Books would like it.
3. Rewrite the first Scarlett book and make it so awesome that it conquers the world.
4. Escape the Day Job of Firetop Mountain (I have an interview on Tuesday, so fingers crossed).
5. Move house. I cannot spend another winter in the Cowshed. It's freezing, expensive, and depressing. I want to be out of here by the summer.

And how did these noble goals work out, you ask?

1. I did rewrite Wild, and I do think it's a pretty sleek fighting machine now, but I ended up parting ways with my agent (to leave one is unfortunate, but two? IDEK), so Wild is still unsold. It's currently sitting on the desk of a pretty big name editor, but she's leaving her publishing house in early 2011, and to date I haven't heard from her as to whether she'll be taking Wild with her. I'd love to email her and ask again, but I don't want to nag. On the other hand, I have A Plan for Wild, and I would quite like it to be out of this weird limbo in 2011 so I can progress with that plan.

2. I started the sequel to AFTERLIFE, now called Halflife, as part of the [ profile] wwathon and am currently about 9k in. My plan is to get the first draft done by the end of February 2011.

3. Hahahaha, no. Once again my crippling need for perfectionism when it comes to the Scarlett stuff means I've done eff-all here. 

4. HAHAHAHA, NO! I am still in my crappy day job after another year of desperate job hunting. My God. I am just unemployable. My old boss was right.

5. Yes! I moved house! Kyle and I now have a house that isn't a converted cowshed and isn't freezing, expensive, and depressing. One goal out of five isn't bad, I suppose?

On the other hand, SILVER KISS was released this year and got a more amazing response than I could ever have expected. I wrote the sequel, BLOOD HUNT, which will be out next year and I'm already very nervous about it. I wrote and sold DEMONISED, an Ethan Banning novella, which I'm currently editing for publication in March 2011, and I'm also quite nervous about that. I wrote Night and Chaos, which I plan to self-publish in the next couple of months as part of My Plan. I also had several short stories published in various Static Movement anthologies. So, no, I didn't hit all the goals I set myself for 2010, but on balance I've had a pretty awesome year.

So, 2011. If the Mayans are to be believed, the apocalypse is on the horizon, so I'd like to pack quite a lot of stuff into next year. If there's one lesson I can take from 2010, it's that I probably shouldn't set myself any solid goals, because I'll change my mind when something shiny appears on the horizon. With that in mind, here are my ... aims ... for 2011:

1. Finish Halflife
2. Publish Night and Chaos
3. Sort out the Wild problem once and for all, dammit!
4. Generally do lots of writing and make it as freaking awesome as can be
5. Write the third Urban Wolf book (this is actually something I'm contractually obliged to do, so I don't know if it counts, but I'm already really excited about writing it, so it's probably okay)

And here are the things I'd like to happen but have no real control over:

1. for BLOOD HUNT to be as well-received as SILVER KISS
2. GET A NEW JOB, FOR GOD'S SAKE! Even if I have to move to the other end of the country to do it.

And in between all that stuff, I have a couple of other projects pending which I can't talk about right now, but they will be super, I promise you that! Anyway, in the mean time, Happy New Year to everyone, and here's to a fabulous 2011!

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Look what Google Alerts found for me - a new review of SILVER KISS from Chrissie's Corner.

"There is a good contrast of fighting, mystery, romance and emotional struggles, and these all combine to make Silver Kiss an enjoyable read."

Huzzahs! This came through just in time to remind me I have some work to get started on for BLOOD HUNT's promotion....
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In which Nome is running out of funny Cthulhu pictures.
That aside, how's it going for everyone? I've been a bit slack this week, I must confess. I finished the second draft of BLOOD HUNT on Wednesday, and haven't done anything at all worth mentioning since. In my defence, I do appear to be developing carpal tunne syndrome, so...

I'm hoping to gain some ground over the weekend on Night and Chaos, though as I have nothing else planned (yay!). How about everyone else? Doing better than me, I hope!

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The second draft of BLOOD HUNT is done and winging it's way to my editor at QueeredFiction. Huzzahs! Thanks to everyone who beta-read (I know there's still some feedback to come, which hopefully means by the third pass through, this will be the best book it can possibly be!)

I am now brain dead and have very sore wrists, so I'm going to chill out with Dagon until bed time. Which will be soon. 
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Can you believe this is the last Anti-Nano Excerpt day? Luckily, by the power of Cthulhu...

[ profile] wwathon starts next week, so nobody needs to cry! Huzzahs!

So, I've not been working on Night and Chaos this week because I'm thisclose to being done with the second draft of BLOOD HUNT. However, I do have a snippet from Night and Chaos from the weekend. Enjoy!



Snikt! )


I await everyone else's snippets eagerly!
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It's 8.47 am, I have a terrible cold, and I'm at work. Could today be any worse? Well, there's time yet...

On the other hand, I've only got 38 pages of BLOOD HUNT to go through before I wrap up the second draft. Huzzahs! I was pleased to discover I'd included some stuff about werewolf high school gangs that will tie nicely into Urban Wolf book 3, but horrified to discover I know nothing about the treatment of second-degree burns. But that's why beta readers are awesome, thank you, [ profile] blythe025 !

I haven't added anything to Night and Chaos over the weekend, but spent some time on Saturday working on a Paranormal Romance novella which I'd like to submit to Evernight Publishing under my Sekrit Identity when it's done*. I'm planning to spend today and tomorrow finishing off BLOOD HUNT, then getting back to work on Night and Chaos later in the week.

So, how's everyone else doing?

I suppose there's no point being coy about it. My Sekrit Identity is [ profile] tessa_morelock 
(I know! I got it from a vampire name generator).I was going to wait until I'd actually sold some stuff under that name before making a big deal about it, but I have had two short stories accepted by Static Movement under this name, so there we are. This is Part II of The Plan, you see, dear readers, which is basically Writer Some Romance and Sell It Because People Love Romance. Which sounds incredibly cynical of me when put like that, but my intentions are nothing but good. I've always secretly wanted to write for Harlequin Nocturne, and I think I've mentioned here before how much I'd love to write a great big OTT paranormal romance saga ala Gena Showalter's Lords of the Underworld, or Anna Windsor's Crescent Moon Sisterhood. And blah blah branding etc, I decided a pen name would be fun. So that's that, really. Anyway.

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Guess what I did this afternoon?

No! I signed a contract with QueeredFiction for two more Urban Wolf books! 

Huzzahs! That means there's going to be five Urban Wolf books in total! I am so happy and excited, I might have to use more exclamation marks!

I really am delighted. I've been so awed and humbled by the responses to SILVER KISS, and I hope everyone enjoys BLOOD HUNT and the next three books in this series just as much. I've got loads of big ideas for Ayla and Shannon (and Glory), and I can't wait to write them all ^_^
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 Cthulhu fights for your attention!

Today's Cthulhu-tribute was brought to you by [ profile] chaostheory . So, how's it going? I got a good chunk of edits on BLOOD HUNT done yesterday, and added 2k to Night and Chaos today. Huzzahs! 

28523 / 40000

Report, people! How are you doing?
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Cthulhu expects! How did the weekend go for everyone? I spent most of mine drinking delicious cocktails and eating delicious nachos working on BLOOD HUNT. Made some headway into the second draft, was appalled at how many typos there were, and inserted a discussion about how Shannon always preferred Wonder Woman to Superman.

I'm up to about 23k on  Night ahd Chaos, but haven't actually worked on it since Friday. How about everyone else?

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This weekend I shall mostly be working on the second draft of BLOOD HUNT, and hopefully a little bit on Night and Chaos, depending how things go. How about everyone else?

So, I have linkables:

The first urban fantasy story I ever wrote, Cassandra Lee, made it into Static Movement's Something From The Attic 2 anthology. Huzzahs! I re-read it and did a quick polish before submitting, and I'm shocked at how awful some of the dialogue was. Shocked, I tell you! I still really like the main character though, so I'm glad I was able to find a home for the story after so many years.

Anti-Nano kicks off in two days! Still time to sign up if you're interested. I'm adjusting my goals slightly in light of the BLOOD HUNT edits; I would love to get the second draft knocked on the head this weekend, but I'm also realistic enough to know it might not happen. So Anti-Nano for me will now be dedicated to BLOOD HUNT, Night and Chaos, and Halflife if I finish Night and Chaos. Seems like plenty to keep me occupied for one month.

I'm starting to line up projects for myself for 2011, too. I'm contracted for a third Urban Wolf novel, and hope to be contracted for more after that *crosses crossables*. I plan to write more Ethan novellas in addition to Halflife, because I love the Shoregrave world and I want to inflict it on as many people as possible (and I promised my mum I'd finish up Yasmin's story for her anyway). I've also got two sequels to Night and Chaos planned, Blood and Bones and Smoke and Shadows, at least one of which will involve human sacrifices, so huzzahs! If I can get all three of those onto the Kindle, as per my Plan, by summer 2011, I will be a happy bunny.

I will probably attempt to write the Scarlett novel next year too. This has been on hold way too long. Waaaaaaaaay too long.

Oh, and I heard that the editor with Wild hasn't read it yet, but it's creeping up her TBR pile, so I'm hanging fire on that for a while. *chews fingernails*


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So. The weekend! First of all, no Ket :(. That's the bad news out of the way.

The good news is that my writers' group all enjoyed BLOOD HUNT, and had some very helpful notes for me, and I will start the second draft today. I would love to have it wrapped up by the end of the week, but this head cold is still making me pretty ineffectual, so we'll see.

The other news is that I got some more work done on Night and Chaos. Behold!

16562 / 30000 words. 55% done!

And the other other news is that this is your last week to sign up for Anti-Nano!
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I think I tweeted about this but didn't actually blog about it: I had an awesome review of SILVER KISS last week from Hannah Priest, who organised the She-Wolf conference I went to in September.

"Clark's writing is tight and well-paced, and her narrative is enjoyable. The final plot reveal is shocking, and I found myself sincerely hoping that Ayla and Shannon would get through it together. Overall, Silver Kiss is a welcome addition to my werewolf library."

So, huzzahs for that! I'm really flattered by this review - by all the awesome reviews this book has received, in fact - and I hope everyone liked BLOOD HUNT just as much when that comes out.

Speaking of which, I'm racking my cold-filled brain for ideas for promotional material for BLOOD HUNT at the moment. One of the things I'd like to focus on is the Museum of Lupine History, which Ayla and Shannon visit during the book. I think it'd be cool to make up some museum-style gifts - postcards and keyrings - to give away. I'm going to try and find some medieval werewolf pictures to use - sort of like this:

And I'd like to make up some stuff using the cover art too. And I'm pretty hopeful I'll have a cover for DEMONISED before much longer, and there's probably a ton of fun stuff I can do with Ethan Banning promo.

In other news, I'm slightly behind my target for finishing Night and Chaos before November, because every day this week I've come home from work, coughed and sneezed everywhere, and then fallen asleep on the sofa instead of writing. I'm pretty dosed up on cold and flu medicine now, and I'm hoping to get some proper writing done this weekend and get myself back on track. I think if I'm not finished by November, I'll carry on with it, as I'd hate to stop halfway through and lose the momentum just as the story is coming alive in my head.

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Oh my God, you guys. You guys. Seriously. I wrote nearly 9k today. I did. My arm is killing me, but it's worth it because the first draft of BLOOD HUNT is now done and winging its way to my wonderful editor at Queered Fiction.

9000 words. That's my new record. I probably should have stopped at 5k and finished it off tomorrow, but I reached a point where the end was so close it felt stupid to stop. Look at that word meter, people. This novel is 102% finished. This novel is a mathematical impossibility!

71663 / 70000 words. 102% done!

Huzzahs! Now all I need is someone to check the French and a couple of trusty beta readers. If you can help with either of those things, let me know and the rewards will be awesome and shiny!

For now, I have a wicked headache and a very sore arm, so I'm going to stop typing and watch Derren Brown perform crazy feats of wonder. Burn the witch!
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... So says Lambda Library in their review of SILVER KISS!

"Where many other pieces of werewolf fiction fail, Clark delivers.  Her werewolf pack comes across as both natural and believable in a world where weres coexist openly with humans."

I'm sorry, but that's awesome, especially now, when I'm bricking it over how bad I think BLOOD HUNT is! nearly finished the first draft of BLOOD HUNT!
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So, my optimistic prediction of finishing BLOOD HUNT this weekend was ... overly optimistic? Illness has plagued me most of the week, and I really struggled to get much done. Today I feel mostly better and managed a rather pleasing 4k. Huzzahs!

So, only about 14k to go and the first draft is wrapped up. Argh! I'm in Manchester Tuesday - Friday next week, and I'm not sure how much (if any) writing time I'll get as I'll be busy with the She-Wolf conference, and with meeting Kyle's family which is not a terrifying prospect at all. So, yeah, I'm a little worried. I know I'll get it done, but I hate being late with or for anything, and a novel most of all. Still, I'm getting there, right? Right.

56264 / 70000 words. 80% done!

The other thing I've done today is once again start writing/rewriting the long-stewing Scarlett novel. I woke up this morning wondering why I agonise over making this story perfect when I could just, you know, write it and enjoy myself. I've spent this evening going through the two original novels (both of which make me cringe now) and pulling together some ideas for the new, improved version, and now I have 2k on The Fire Inside, which is a terrible title, but will do until I think of a better one. Ta-da!

2062 / 70000 words. 3% done!

I'm actually making the bold decision to not worry about long this piece ends up being. Novel or novella, all I want is to get it written, and then write lots more. From the age of about sixteen to twenty-five, I wrote nothing but Scarlett stuff. Literally, nothing, unless it was a course piece for university. I have so much material waiting to explore, and this morning I decided that as much as I'd love to see it all published, the most important thing about Scarlett's story is writing it for myself. And frees me from this crippling need to make it perfect and just enjoy the characters I've loved the longest all over again.
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Ever have one of those days when you wake up and your head is just full of stuff? Way too much stuff to possibly deal with in just one day, especially when the bulk of that day is going to spent at work? Yeah, that is today.

So I am now officially behind on BLOOD HUNT, thanks to having been ill all week (I have been so ill so often this summer, it's ridiculous). I'm not panicking yet because at least I know what I'm doing, which is always a good thing, but I do anticipate a heavy amount of editing on this book. The atmosphere doesn't feel right to me. I want this dark, claustrophobic sense running through the book, and I don't think I've nailed that. But hey, that's what the second draft is for, right? Right. I'm still hopeful of having a first draft done before I go to Manchester next week, but don't quote me on it.

I am struggling very hard not to be distracted. I think because I know I'm nearly done with the first draft, my brain is leaping ahead to the next project already, which is annoying. I woke up with the first line of the next Ethan novella in my head (for those interested, it's going to be, "Let me clear up a couple of misconceptions about private dicks. We are not all sex machines to all the chicks, for starters."). And I was like, yeah! Ethan! And then I thought I should probably write Halflife before I write another Ethan novella, so then I was all like, yeah! Yasmin! on the bus to work, and mentally writing the first chapter for that.

And then I got to work and remembered I A) still have work to do on Wild, really, and B) want to write the dark YA novel after BLOOD HUNT anyway, so then I was all, yeah! Werewolves and Satanism and eating disorders!

And then I checked through my emails and LJ and saw [ profile] yolandasfetsos  mention a new epublisher and immediately started wondering what I could write to submit there, because I am nothing if not compulsive, and when I see things like this, I obsess about them manically for a few days before reason returns.

And now I'm just going to stop everything, because BLOOD HUNT won't finish itself (and nobody will give me a minion to dictate to), and that's the priority. After that, the dark YA. After that, everything else. I think my problem is, I want to write so many things so much, and get them all published, and I when I decide I want to do something, I want to do it immediately, so I kind of swamp myself with projects I can't possibly do any work for because I don't have the time, and then I panic and feel I'm not working hard enough.

But actually, dare I say it, I am working pretty damn hard on my writing this year, allowing for the arm injury, various issues, and the day job. I'm not anywhere near where I want to be yet, but I'm a hell of a lot further along than I was this time last year, so that's got to count for something. And I'm not failing. I have to keep reminding myself of that and remove the "must try harder" millstone from around my neck.

Okay, I didn't mean to go all sombre and introspective there. Um... Kittens and flowers and chocolates! Yay!

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I wrote 2k yesterday and passed the 50k mark on BLOOD HUNT. Look at me go! I was going to push ahead for 51k since I only needed 300 more words, but then Ket rather unceremoniously shed his skin, and we had to marvel over him. It was pretty cool - we knew he was due to shed, but I didn't realise he would literally just peel out of his skin in a couple of minutes. He seemed very proud of himself afterwards, as well he should be, I suppose. And that got me all excited about writing about snake shape-shifters and how they could shift by just shedding, and after that I was over-stimulated and had to go to bed. Because, you know, I'm five.

50703 / 70000 words. 72% done!

Anyway, I'm really hoping to get this first draft wrapped up in the next week or so. I know I'm not giving myself a massive amount of time, and I certainly won't rush if I can't do it, but I have a three-day-weekend this weekend, so that's one extra day of nothing but writing. It can happen!

In other news, I've got an old short story I'm thinking of submitting to a Static Movement anthology. I'm vascillating because it's very much a paranormal romance and not in my usual vein, and I'm considering a pseudonym? I don't know if having a pseudonym makes me a pretentious wanker though. It's something I've been toying with for a while, especially the past week or so, since I have some ideas that are outside the usual "Naomi Clark" stuff (even there even us a "Naomi Clark vein" yet; I don't think I have enough published work out there to have a recognisable voice and style yet). I'm not sure it's really that worthwhile though. I'm pretty sure you at least have to be world-famous before you start having multiple-pen names. Thoughts? Suggestions? Insults?
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So! I have completely worn out my arm this weekend. I wrote about 4k on BLOOD HUNT and started a short story, as well as doing some brain storming for a sekrit projekt, and woke up this morning very achey and stiff all down my right arm and across my shoulders. I'm at a point with the arm injury where it doesn't really hurt at the time anymore, so I have no warning bell telling me to stop, but the next day I always suffer. Still, since I'm edging ever closer to finishing that mythical first draft, I'm not going to complain. Another 20k to go and I'm there!

48000 / 70000 words. 69% done!

In other news, we have acquired* a corn snake!

There he is, along with my hand. Not the best picture, but he's not feeling too sociable at the moment because he's shedding his skin. We'd been talking about getting either a bearded dragon or some leopard geckos for a while, and then a guy we know in the village mentioned he needed to rehome his snake because he was getting a puppy. Or something. So anyway, we picked him up on Saturday. He's six months old and we've named him Ket. He hasn't really been handled very much yet and is a bit tense whenever he thinks we're going to touch him, so we let him just settle in and burrow around the vivarium all day yesterday, and today we're going to spend some time getting him used to being handled. Stay tuned for my adventures with Ket, in which I will undoubtedly be bitten a lot!

*I've been thinking about the word "acquired" and how it makes it sound like we stole Ket or found him roaming the streets or something. Is that just me? It seems like a word you generally follow with "by illegal means." For the record, we did actually pay for him and didn't rob him from an unsuspecting passer-by or anything.


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