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So it's all over! The SILVER KISS blog tour has rolled to a stop right here, at my blog. Bet you didn't see that coming. 

It's been an amazing tour - I've had some lovely reviews and blogged at some brilliant places, spoken to some fabulous people. The Twitter party was great fun too - thanks to everyone who helped that go off with a bang, and shared their thoughts on everything from werebadgers to full moon criminal activity. On that note, I have winners! With the aid of a random number generator, I've selected one lucky winner of a limited edition paperback WOLF STRAP, and one winner of the grand gift hamper, which includes a copy of SILVER KISS, a copy of QUEER WOLF, and a tarot reading from me. So without further ado:

Winner of WOLF STRAP: @doombreed

Winner of the gift hamper: @ThomasRoche

Yay! Thank you both for taking part :)

I'd like to conclude by saying something eloquent and Oscar-esque, but I've eaten too much chicken and chorizo pasta and my brain has stopped. So I'll just say again, thanks everyone, and I'll see you on the BAD DOGS blog tour! 

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Hot on the heels of her awesome review of SILVER KISS yesterday, Mandi at Smexy Books is hosting the penultimate stop on the blog tour today. Le sigh. It's nearly all over! But don't worry, there's still time to win Fabulous Prizes. Just head on over to Smexy Books and show me some love.*

*Prizes are available regardless of how, where, and why you spend your money, and whether or not you leave me a review on Amazon. Because I love you guys, too.

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The SILVER KISS blog tour is nearly over :( Just a few more stops to go, including today's over at Whipped Cream Reviews. I'm talking about world building.

And I know I still need to announce the winners for the last two days of the Twitter party - I promise I'll do it today! Real Life sort of sandbagged last week and I got distracted. But still! Today! Winners! Later.
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I'm being interviewed over at The Pen and Muse today. Ever wondered what my least favourite word is and why? Find out!
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So, I just got back from attending the annual University of Cambridge purchasing exhibition, complete with seminars! Apparently this is one of the perks of doing purchasing for your department. Well, if free mints and a handful of brochures about ergonomic chairs are perks, I would prefer to be perk-free, frankly. And attending seminars on energy efficiency which mostly consist of people telling you to turn appliances off at the socket? Also not a perk.

But never mind. The point is, I'm blogging over at Words From Thin Air today, courtesy of my fellow Damnation Books author, Sue Bolich. As usual, leave a comment to be with a chance of winning Fabulous Prizes. And for daily prizes, join the Twitter party here. I've been Twitter-partying since Monday and am still going strong and you should be too!

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I'm over at Sidhe Vicious today (I love that name a bit too much) talking about silver bullets and Frankenstein Meets the Wolfman. As you do. Come join me! As usual, there are Fabulous Prizes involved.

Oh, and Sidhe Vicious reviews SILVER KISS here. Apparently I write with class and taste, which is great news and will perhaps help make up for all the swearing, Dad?
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I can't remember what day we're on, but never mind! I'm blogging over at Wicked Lil Pixie today, discussing the age-old question: werewolves or vampires? And of course, I'm giving away free stuff ^_^
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Today I'm at Amberkatze's Book Blog, talking about ways you might recognise your neighbour as a werewolf. And of course, giving away Fabulous Prizes! Go check me out, if you will.
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Today I'm over at Fang-Tastic Books talking about my werewolves' hobbies, habits, and phobias. Head on over and leave a comment if you're interested in the Fabulous Prizes! Which of course, you are, because they're fabulous!

Oh, and have you Saved a Werewolf today?

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The blog tour rolls on like an unstoppable freight train of werewolves and bloggy goodness! Today I'm over at Sara's Urban Fantasy Blog. Come on over, read the interview, leave a comment and be in with the chance of winning Fabulous Prizes! It was a bit quiet over at Elisa Rolle's blog yesterday, but there's still time to go comment there too, and also be in with the chance of winning Fabulous Prizes! Because I'm all about the Prizes.

Now, have you ever wondered what I sound like? Well, now you can find out because I'm reading WOLF STRAP for your edification and enlightenment. So if you want to hear my crazy British accent and enjoy the first Urban Wolf story, just follow the link.

And remember - pimpage = prizes too, here in my world. Help me spread the word and yes, you can be in with the chance to win Fabulous Prizes.
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 I'm over at Elisa Rolle's blog today talking about how you might become a werewolf, should you so wish. Check it out! Naturally there are awesome prizes up for grabs. Details of the rest of the blog tour are here too. 

And I'm still answering questions at Bitten By Books, too. I'm so overwhelmed by how many people came along to ask me stuff, or said they'd already read SILVER KISS and liked it, or said they couldn't wait to read it! I wish I could have sat up all night chatting to people, but alas, I fell asleep during a particularly brutal episode of Elfen Lied, so I'm catching up now. So thank you, everyone!

ETA - And Bitten By Books have reviewed SILVER KISS here. Man, I could get used to this.


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