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So! It's the last day of November, which means Anti-Nano ends tonight *sob* But Winter-Write-a-Thon is here to pick up the slack! Like Anti-Nano, WWAT is now housed over at [ profile] squidathon, and everyone is welcome to join in. We check in on Mondays and Fridays and post writing snippets on Wednesdays. If you're working on something and would like some company over the cold, dark, lonely winter weeks, come and say hello!

My goal for Anti-Nano was to work on Undertow and Halflife. I was half-successful, in that I worked on Undertow. I'd like to have the first draft done by the end of December now, which is perfectly do-able if it works out at the same length as DEMONIZED (about 40k). I have a feeling it might be longer, but I'm planning to try out this technique to see if I can increase my wordage output. I'm not usually a planner when it comes to writing, but I toyed with this a little last week, and although I was a long way off 10k, I was definitely more productive with notes to work from. So we'll see.

I'm also planning to write an Ethan Christmas Special. It'll be one of the Ethan Banning Files - a short, self-published story, but festive! So there's a slim chance something nice might happen to Ethan. Look, it might, that's all. Hopefully I can get to work on that over the weekend (I have a novel to finish editing for Damnation Books, and a house party to avoid going to).
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I signed and posted the contracts last week, so I can officially announce it now:

NIGHT AND CHAOS will be republished by Damnation Books in June 2012! Huzzahs! I'm very excited and looking forward to seeing some awesome new cover art. My aim is to have part two of the trilogy (currently titled Blood and Bones but probably to be renamed) ready for submission in Spring 2012.

In other news, Anti-Nano is officially go (check out [ profile] squidathon for details), which means Halflife is back on my to-write list and the new Ethan novella/novel, Undertow is going to be started this very night. In honour of this, I've been putting together an Ethan Banning playlist. It will probably grow as the month continues but at the moment it looks like this:

When the Night Comes Down - Tiger Army
Twenty Flight Rock - Tiger Army
Under Saturn's Shadow - Tiger Army
I Turned Into A Martian - The Misfits
Ain't No Rest for the Wicked - Cage the Elephant
Wolf Like Me - TV On The Radio (who am I kidding, this song goes on all my playlists)
Monster - Skillet (Ethan's official theme song)
Stained Glass Cross - DOWN
The Man That Follows Hell - DOWN
Down With The Sickness - Disturbed
Divide - Disturbed
Shout 2000 - Disturbed
I Love To Say Fuck - The Murderdolls
People Hate Me - The Murderdolls

Hmm. No AFI yet...That must be rectified.
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October is nearly over and November is just a few days away, so it's your last chance to sign-up for Anti-Nano!

If you're new to the Anti-Nano family, here's the gist of it:

If you love the idea of Nanowrimo but know 50k is an impractical target for you, never fear! Join the cult, and dedicate November to writing as much (or as little) as you want in the company of like-minded writers. We'll be doing bi-weekly check-ins throughout November (Mondays and Fridays), and once a week there'll be excerpt postings (Wednesdays).

(I'd like to add that if you're doing Nanowrimo but still want to stop by the Anti-Nano community and share your progress, you're very welcome!).

If you want to participate, head over to [ profile] squidathon and join up. This is now HQ for Anti-Nano, so go and make yourselves at home, read this post to see what we're all about, and I'll see you in November for hardcore (but self-governed) writing action.

Oh, and Happy Halloween!

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First, the Anti-Nano news. we have a community to bring together Anti-Nano, Winter-Write-A-Thon, and Springathon, so if you're interested in any or all of these awesome writing comms, check out [ profile] squidathon and sign up! Anti-Nano is just around the corner after all.

Now, DARK HUNT. If you've missed any of the blog tour stops so far, I've been at:

Whipped Cream
My own blog
Sara's Urban Fantasy Reads
Greg Chapman's Darkscrybe blog

You can comment on any or all of these blogs to get your free Smashwords coupon for SILVER KISS, and to be in with a chance of winning masses of cool stuff at the end of the tour! Go say hello so I don't feel lonely ^_^

My ebooks (not just the Urban Wolf ones but all of them) are now up on Kindlegraph, where you can get them autographed by me! So if you'd like a personal message from me in any or all of your Naomi Clark books, check that out. It's pretty cool!

The blog tour continues until November 1st (and possibly beyond!) so please join me along the way. And if you don't yet have your free copy of A Wolf in Girl's Clothing, just leave me a comment here (or at my mirrored Blogger blog if you prefer - they both count!).
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This picture is a pretty accurate representation of how I felt on Sunday when I finished Night Breed's first draft. It clocked in at just over 72k, which means between September 1st and October 2nd I wrote just over 60k. Oh man. I don't want to do that again. I mean, it's nice to know I can, but forget that. I want to be able to sleep and watch Thundercats too.

I've sent the draft to my editor at QueeredFiction and am looking forwards to not thinking about it for a while. I'm not sure how well I've pulled off what I wanted, and I already know the emotional intensity needs amping up, especially towards the end. But it's a book, dammit, and it wasn't a book a month ago, so that's something.

(By the way, I do need beta readers, so if anyone's up for reading through, drop me a line. No pressure, no hurry).

So! What's next? Well, Anti-Nano sign-up has begun. If you're interested, go take a look and join the cult fun. I loved doing this last year and it spawned a year-round write-a-thon which has been awesome to be part of. In a change from last year, when I ran Anti-Nano from my LJ, I'm going to start a master community this year, which will incorporate Anti-Nano, Winter-Write-a-Thon, and Springathon. So if you want to join in one or any of those things, stay tuned!

In other news, Fictional Candy has reviewed AFTERLIFE and given Nicomedes some love. He needs the most love. I decided last week that since I'll be working on Halflife for Anti-Nano, I'd try to garner some fresh reviews for AFTERLIFE. You know, so people know what I'm talking about and stuff. And maybe buy AFTERLIFE and get excited about Halflife. So hopefully there'll be some more nice reviews coming soon!

In other other news, it's a little over a month until THE NECROMANCER'S APPRENTICE is released! Eep. I'm working on some promo ideas for this. I'm a bit worried it'll be an odd one to work with. It's a short novella (just over 20k), it's a sweet romance (kissing but nothing more), and I haven't found many review sites that will look at sweet romances, especially sweet paranormals. I did find quite a mighty list of review sites here, though, so I'll plough through and see what comes up. I'd like to do some giveaways and prizes and fun stuff, too, possibly involving Bud Ducks. I just like Bud Ducks, okay? And you should like them too. Look at them!

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I think most people who read my journal know the rules, but for any newcomers, here they are again:

If you love the idea of Nanowrimo but know 50k is an impractical target for you, never fear! Join the cult, and dedicate November to writing as much (or as little) as you want in the company of like-minded writers.

Just leave a comment here stating your goal and what you'll be working on. I'll be doing bi-weekly check-ins throughout November (Mondays and Fridays), and once a week there'll be excerpt postings here (Wednesdays). You can sign-up any time throughout October.

I'll be working on Halflife, the next Shoregrave book, in November, and if progress goes well I'd also like to start on Undertow, the next Ethan Banning story.

Who's with me?
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So I'm still hard at work on a million things. Night Breed is coming along nicely, although it feels like a very different book to the other Urban Wolf novels so far. It's a lot more of a slow burn, lots of twisty plot threads, and I'm worried I won't be able to pull it all together. It's not the book I thought it would be, and I don't know yet if that's in a good way or a bad way. Still, I'm on track to have the first draft done by the end of September holy shit is that really only two weeks away? What the hell am I talking about? so then I can send it to my editor and let him tell me whether it works or not.

Speaking of Urban Wolf, we're looking at an October release for DARK HUNT! I've done the blurb and some extra fun bits and pieces, and am pretty excited about the second book being out in the world. It really doesn't seem that long ago that SILVER KISS was released, and now I'm writing book three of the series. Eek!

In other news, as October is rapidly approaching, let's talk Anti-Nano. I'm hoping/assuming everyone who's doing [ profile] springathonwill be up for it, and maybe some of the people who did [ profile] wwathonlast year too. I'm planning to throw open my blog in October for signing up - both for returners and any newcomers that might have found their way here since last November, so there'll be an inaugral blog post about that soon.

In other other news, I think I mentioned before I've been thinking about implementing a blogging schedule, like Writerly Wednesday (so I could finally get round to those short story posts), Random Monday... I don't know. I like the idea of it, because as much as I just like blogging random crap as it comes to me, I think I need to get more structure into my writing career instead of just flailing wildly and hoping for the best, and this might be a step in that direction. I'm interested in whether people like that approach from writers or if they don't care either way?
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I finally managed to book a week off work! Come on, 8th August. *waits*

I was just checking over my writing to-do list ahead of this and came to the following conclusions based on the last time I updated the do-to list:


Stuff! And things! )

So my hope for the week off is that I'll have cleared enough of the editing stuff to be able to just write and watch copious amounts of Come Dine With Me. I'm making a start on the critiquing this Sunday (we have to go to a wedding tomorrow. I know!), and I'm trying to avoid social engagements for the next couple of weeks anyway because frankly, I think I've seen enough people this summer already. Yay! Pure, unadulterated writing time is just a few weeks away!
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I remembered the other stuff I wanted to blog about. It's actually not that interesting, but it involves making lists, which I like.

So Kyle is going to stay with his mum for a week soon. Not sure when yet, but early July as we have a wedding to go to in late July. I'm hoping if the timing works out, I can take that week off work and have some "me" time. I'm supposed to give two weeks' notice for holiday, so ideally Kyle needs to book his train tickets on Friday for the second week of July. Even if I can only get a long weekend, I'll take it. I need it.

I have a ton of writing commitments going on right now, and I need some extra time to get back on top of those. First priority is obviously Night Breed, which I have fallen behind on.

Immediate urgent stuff alongside Night Breed is:

Queered Fiction horoscopes (will do those tonight).

Wicked Witchery - the anthology is at the lower word count limit for publication now. I'm waiting for one more author who's doing some revisions on a story, but I'm thinking I'm going to put the end of June as the deadline for submissions. I'm going to take a break from editing any more SM anthologies until Night Breed is done.

Critiquing - I've got two pieces from writer friends I'm reading over and I'd like to get them wrapped up before much longer. Happily for me, they both seem to be fabulous thus far.

Other writing stuff that is not urgent is:

Snakeskin, a novella I've been playing with as a sequel to a novella called Snakebite that I submitted to Damnation Books a few weeks ago
(21st of May, as it happens, not that I'm anxiously counting off the days or anything). Snakebite clocked in at around 13k, so really short, but I liked it and I'm interested to see if someone else likes it, so I thought, why not submit it somewhere? So I did. I imagine Snakeskin will be around the same length, and if the first part gets picked up, I'd like to have the second part ready to submit straight away. I'm about 6k in at the moment.

Blood Romance - a longer novella set in the same world as THE NECROMANCER'S APPRENTICE. It's really low down the priority list, but I do want to finish it and, at some stage (probably next year now), write a second novella featuring Morrow and Evanthe.

Blood and Bones - ideally I'd like to finish that off this year, but having assessed my schedule and thought about where I want to focus my writing efforts, I don't plan to publish it until February 2012, a year on from NIGHT AND CHAOS.

Halflife - I'm planning to pick this up as my next "big" project after Night Breed is done, and hopefully crack on with it during Anti-Nano this year (I'm doing Anti-Nano again, regardless of whether anyone else is).

Other writing stuff I haven't actually started yet but am planning to:

Caged - the second Vargulf book. This is almost definitely going to have to wait until 2012.

Another Ethan Banning novella - I have plans for Ethan. Possibly evil plans.

Two more Theo Kane short stories - PAINLESS is roughly 5k, I think I could manage two more stories that length this year.

Around all that, there will be edits for DARK HUNT (we're aiming for a late summer/early autumn 2011 release as far as I know). I will have to crush my desire to write Arkham Horror fanfiction until at least 2013.
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...I've written 18k this month on Night and Chaos. I've also completed the second draft of BLOOD HUNT, adding 3k to that. I wrote a short story that came to 8k and another that came to just short of 2k. That makes a grand total for Anti-Nano of 31k! Which actually means I (just) exceeded my daily goal of 1k a day for Anti-Nano. AND both of those short stories have been accepted for publication!

I want to celebrate with this cake:

But I can't bake cakes, so never mind. I hope everyone else found Anti-Nano as useful as me, and I hope you all enjoyed each other's excerpts as much as I did!

Anyway, as we should all know, [ profile] wwathon  kicks off tomorrow, so we have two more months of thrilling good times ahead! Huzzahs!

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I know! Can you believe Anti-Nano is pretty much over already? But that does mean that [ profile] wwathon is just around the corner, so the fun need not end yet. Huzzahs!

Anyway. I am shamed to admit I'm still slacking. Well, that's not strictly true. Over the weekend I finished up a short story, edited it, submitted it, and had it accepted for publication, and am now waiting for the contract to come through. That's pretty damn good, if I do say so myself! Today I've got a half-day at work, so am planning to get back into Night and Chaos this evening. I feel like I'm very close to the end now, and hope to have the first draft wrapped up by the weekend.

How about everyone else? Tell me you've been more productive than I have!

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In which Nome is running out of funny Cthulhu pictures.
That aside, how's it going for everyone? I've been a bit slack this week, I must confess. I finished the second draft of BLOOD HUNT on Wednesday, and haven't done anything at all worth mentioning since. In my defence, I do appear to be developing carpal tunne syndrome, so...

I'm hoping to gain some ground over the weekend on Night and Chaos, though as I have nothing else planned (yay!). How about everyone else? Doing better than me, I hope!

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Can you believe this is the last Anti-Nano Excerpt day? Luckily, by the power of Cthulhu...

[ profile] wwathon starts next week, so nobody needs to cry! Huzzahs!

So, I've not been working on Night and Chaos this week because I'm thisclose to being done with the second draft of BLOOD HUNT. However, I do have a snippet from Night and Chaos from the weekend. Enjoy!



Snikt! )


I await everyone else's snippets eagerly!

It Is Done

Nov. 22nd, 2010 09:57 pm
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 [ profile] wwathon  is live! Whether or not you're currently doing Anti-Nano, you're welcome to sign on for the Winter-Write-a-Thon and write through to January 31st 2011. The principles of Anti-Nano continue: set your own goal, check-in Mondays and Fridays, excerpts on Wednesdays (if that pattern continues to suit everyone?)

I'll do an official WWAT sign-up post shortly so we can all post our new/ongoing goals, but in the mean time feel free to go over and settle in!
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It has been brought to my attention that Anti-Nano is going well, and that some of you are enjoying it. Me too! I'm loving reading everyone's excerpts, and seeing everyone's progress, not to mention the warm glow of satisfaction I get from running a cult. So, shall we keep it going?

[ profile] out_totheblack has suggested we run Anti-Nano past the end of November and turn it into a Winter-Write-A-Thon (or WWAT, which seems appropriate). I am totally up for this - I'm getting loads of work done this month and would love to keep that momentum going, and nothing motivates me as much as other writers getting stuff done too. So how about it? I suggest we keep going until either the end of December or the end of January. I know December gets to be busy what with holidays and Christmas and families and all that pesky stuff, so having January there to pick up the pace again suits me.

Let me know what you all think - and if you're not Anti-Nano-ing but you are jealous of how awesome we all are, feel free to join the WWAT!
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It's 8.47 am, I have a terrible cold, and I'm at work. Could today be any worse? Well, there's time yet...

On the other hand, I've only got 38 pages of BLOOD HUNT to go through before I wrap up the second draft. Huzzahs! I was pleased to discover I'd included some stuff about werewolf high school gangs that will tie nicely into Urban Wolf book 3, but horrified to discover I know nothing about the treatment of second-degree burns. But that's why beta readers are awesome, thank you, [ profile] blythe025 !

I haven't added anything to Night and Chaos over the weekend, but spent some time on Saturday working on a Paranormal Romance novella which I'd like to submit to Evernight Publishing under my Sekrit Identity when it's done*. I'm planning to spend today and tomorrow finishing off BLOOD HUNT, then getting back to work on Night and Chaos later in the week.

So, how's everyone else doing?

I suppose there's no point being coy about it. My Sekrit Identity is [ profile] tessa_morelock 
(I know! I got it from a vampire name generator).I was going to wait until I'd actually sold some stuff under that name before making a big deal about it, but I have had two short stories accepted by Static Movement under this name, so there we are. This is Part II of The Plan, you see, dear readers, which is basically Writer Some Romance and Sell It Because People Love Romance. Which sounds incredibly cynical of me when put like that, but my intentions are nothing but good. I've always secretly wanted to write for Harlequin Nocturne, and I think I've mentioned here before how much I'd love to write a great big OTT paranormal romance saga ala Gena Showalter's Lords of the Underworld, or Anna Windsor's Crescent Moon Sisterhood. And blah blah branding etc, I decided a pen name would be fun. So that's that, really. Anyway.

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It's that time again! How are we all doing? I haven't added anything to Night and Chaos since Wednesday, but yesterday I did write a short story for Static Movement's Serial Killers anthology and have it accepted! Yay! So I'm counting that as progress. How about everyone else?
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Show me your best excerpts! Here's mine; little bit longer than usual:


Snikt! )


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 Cthulhu fights for your attention!

Today's Cthulhu-tribute was brought to you by [ profile] chaostheory . So, how's it going? I got a good chunk of edits on BLOOD HUNT done yesterday, and added 2k to Night and Chaos today. Huzzahs! 

28523 / 40000

Report, people! How are you doing?
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Sorry about that, fellow cultists. I fell over on Thursday and knackered both my arms. Those who pay close attention will know I have a chronic nerve-damage issue in my right arm (I know! I hardly ever moan about it at all!), and landing on wet concrete on my right arm is never a good idea. Add in the hyper-extended tendon in my left thumb, which I also re-injured in my fall, and I've just been too stiff and sore to do much (except moan). Anyway, long story short, I didn't do an Anti-Nano check-in yesterday.

So I'm doing it now instead!

Admittedly I don't have much to report myself. I've done very little writing this week for various reasons. The word count meter lies, in any case, because Night and Chaos is going to be well over 30k when it's done.

24565 / 30000
How's everyone else doing? Better, I hope!


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