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As the sharp-eyed amongst you will have already realised. Yesterday was manic at work. Boss is travelling next week and she always goes into panic-mode beforehand, so I spent a lot of the day reassuring her that things had been done/would be done. And then in the evening it was D&D. I'm deeply, deeply disappointed with my menfolk. They can't go anywhere in this fantasy world without inciting a riot, destroying a civilisation, or wiping out a town. And we're the good guys. My God. My druid and her crocodile are thinking of dumping them and running off with the Pirate King. It's complicated. 

Anyway! I'm gearing up for the release of THE NECROMANCER'S APPRENTICE on Monday so in lieu of actual content, here are two pictures which have made me smile this weekend.

This is Fergus watching us play D&D. He was halfway through washing, saw dice rolling, and forgot what he was doing.

And this is something I found on Cambridge market this morning. You're welcome.

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