Jul. 13th, 2011

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Fergus is here! Mum and Dad dropped him off a couple of hours ago and he is now hiding under the bed. People have asked for pictures, but honestly, I'm not going to bother him on his first night adjusting to his new home. He's an old boy who's had the same routine for several years, and now everything's all differenty for him. So until he's settled and used to being here, I'm going to let him do his own thing.

In non- mammal news, I think Remic actually hates me. Every time I go near the viv for anything, he hides, and he's definitely been less active while Kyle's been away. I guess he's a one-man-snake. I will win him over eventually, but I'm a bit worried about what sort of treatment he may have had before we took him, as he's quite jumpy, so I guess it's a case of him getting used to us as much as us getting used to him. I reckon he'll warm up to me pretty sharpish once he realises I'm the one feeding him this week.


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