Jun. 29th, 2011

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Check out the newest addition to the Clark-Melkuhn household!

 This is Remic (as in Andy Remic, since we're both reading his books right now). He's a three-year-old, three-foot-long California king snake and he is purdy.


In fact, I don't think the pictures do him justice. The markings on his head are beautiful. So I came home from work today, and there he was! His viv is a bit bare at the moment - Kyle's going on a mission tomorrow to kit him out with some fun stuff. He's pretty damn nosy, so he needs some toys to keep him busy. He's diurnal, so he's incredibly lively at the moment, although apparently he has just shed, so that's probably made him a bit frisky. We have bonded - he tried to get up my skirt and then settled for just coiling round my neck (snakes love my hair, it turns out. Who knew!). We've been warned that he's a bit nippy, but Nick said the same thing about Ket when we took him, and Ket is about as "nippy" as the carpet, so we'll see. 
Anyway! I am very excited to have him, and Kyle has promised me geckos at the end of the year, so huzzahs!


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