Jun. 23rd, 2011

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Then you might like this!

It's a short story about a werewolf! More specifically, it's a story about a sixteen-year-old boy called Christian who's about to get an unexpected birthday present. I also added in the first chapter of WILD as a bonus for those who may not yet have been tempted by my magnum opus. *ahem*

THE BARKING OF DOGS is available this very minute for the Kindle - just $1.13 on Amazon.com or a ludicrous 70p at Amazon.co.uk.

Sharp-eyed and elephant-memoried readers of my blog may remember Christian as a character from Ill-Met By Moonlight, the novel that landed me my first agent. Since I plan to re-work that novel in the near future, I figured Christian might like to get out there in the public and show himself off. In an ideal world, I would send grown-up Christian off on adventures with Ethan Banning and there would be hi-jinks and drinking contests and Christian would go home with the girl Ethan fancied. Because Ethan always goes home alone.


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