May. 9th, 2011

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I had squid for tea last night and today I'm ill. Sleepless night, bad stomach, bad head. Blargh. Called in sick to work, because spending my entire working day in the toilet didn't seem like the way forward. TMI! I know!

Anyway, I figured if I'm going to sit at home in my dressing gown all day, I'd work on my plan of escaping office work forever. I've written a bunch of freelance articles for the Independent Publishing Network, two of which have been accepted with much praise, the rest of which are under review. It's not masses of money, but it's a start. I've been researching womens' magazines that accept short fiction as another potential source of income, and generally scouring the internet for creative, possibly home-based jobs that would free me from the tyranny of The Office. 

I don't know why I've suddenly made the decision to say "fuck it" and go for this stuff. I mean, I've always wanted to. When I graduated from uni, I was so adamant that I'd never end up stuck in an office, but Cambridge doesn't have many other opportunities for my skill set, so that's where I've landed. And now I'm rapidly approaching 30 and have come to terms with the fact that, no, it wasn't just the Isaac Newton Institute making me miserable, it was office work in general, and I'm like ... I have to change things.
So this is me trying to break free. I've just applied for a job as a creative writer for a games designer (probably don't have a shot, but it sounds amazing!). I'm working on Urban Wolf 3. I'm writing novellas for epubs around that. I'll keep up the article writing, try the womens' magazines... Hell. I will do anything to make sure I'm not still working in an office answering phones and opening letters by the time I'm 30. Do you hear me, Cthulhu?


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