Apr. 7th, 2011

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May 23rd 2008
By the time I'm 40, I may have finished redrafting Wild.
Luckily, it only took me until I was 27. The real challenge will be whether I can complete the trilogy in just thirteen short years...
Tomorrow: Lizzie can haz cheeseburger?

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So yeah, it turns out I broke my hand.

Well, to be technical about it, I fractured a metacarpal in my left hand about eight weeks ago. I knew I'd done something bad at the time because of the serious pain, but I'm used to experiencing serious pains in my hands now, and figured I'd probably hyperextended the tendon like I did with my thumb last year, and that if I ignored it, all would be well.

But it's eight weeks on, and the pain is exactly the same, so I went to the doctor, who exacerbated the pain with much prodding and tugging, and decided it was a fracture. He kept calling it a "punch injury" and remarking on how hard I must have hit the door frame to do such damage. I think maybe he thinks I'm a battered wife or in Fight Club? I did literally just bash the finger on a door frame though. I'm not in Fight Club. Or am I? 

Anyway, he prescribed me anti-inflammatories, because my doctor freaking loves giving me anti-inflammatories regardless of what my ailment is, and told me to go away and not do anything to make it worse. If it's still painful in six weeks, it'll be x-rays and whatnot. It would never have occurred to me I'd broken anything. My mum broke the same finger last year, and you can tell - her finger is still swollen and crooked. My finger just looks normal. And obviously, it's taken me two months to feel concerned enough to do anything about it, so I guess it can't be all that serious (except for the non-stop pain and aching, but I can live with that). Now I know it's broken, I am a bit worried that I might be slowing down the healing process by ... well, by going about my business, but I don't really see how I can stop going about my business.


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