Feb. 1st, 2011

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Guess what I'm doing?

No! I'm editing an anthology for Static Movement. Look at my shiny cover!

Give me your angels and demons, your nephilim and fallen angels! I want tales of Heaven and Hell, saints and sinners, redemption and revenge. For me, a lot of the fun of these anthologies is seeing how every author interprets the theme differently, so be creative! I'm looking for urban fantasy, romance, and horror. No erotica, please.

I'm looking for submissions between 1,500 and 5,000 words, no flash. If you have something longer than 5k you think will fit, please email me to query.

Usual Static Movement formatting rules apply: single space with indented paragraphs, no space between paragraphs and standard 12 font. Use centered *** for scene breaks, and please put your bio at the end of the story in the manuscript. Please make sure your story is how you want it to appear in print, and pay attention to grammar and punctuation!

Please send your submissions with ‘Serve in Heaven, Reign in Hell’ in the subject line to naomi_jay@hotmail.co.uk

This anthology is opened until filled and is a 'for the love' of anthology. No copies or payment, exposure only, but you can't beat a good bit of exposure, I reckon

I'm really excited, guys. I wanted to go into editing after university, but the right opportunities never came along, so I'd love to do more of this kind of work this year if it goes well.

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So! I've pretty much pulled myself out of the slump I fell into after I finished the edits on DEMONISED. I don't know what happened. I was all like, "I'm done. Life is sad now." I thought maybe I was feeling guilty about doing so many horrible things to Ethan throughout the novella, so I decided the cure was to write a short story about Ethan where he doesn't get covered in semen or anything. I think once it's finished I'll make it available as a free read as part of the promotion for DEMONISED (which is out very soon now!)

In other news, I haven't done any writing of note since finishing said edits. I'm leaning towards working on editing Wild, since editing is what I'm all about right now, so I can get that ready to go on the Kindle this month. After that, Blood and Bones is top of the to-do list, followed by Halflife. But I'm expecting (yet more!) edits for BLOOD HUNT, the second Urban Wolf novel, pretty soon, so basically... editty-edits.

In other other news, only four days left at the horrible day job! Huzzahs! I'm torn between being really nervous and really excited about the new job. It's been a pretty stress-laden couple of weeks here getting my temp trained, etc, so I haven't really had time to sit down and panic about the new job, so I suppose that'll hit me at the weekend.

And in other other other news, my website is currently down and probably will be for the rest of February because I don't have any money spare this month to renew the domain name thingy. I can't imagine this will impact upon anyone's lives in any way (except maybe my dad, who reads my Twitter stream via my website then rings me up to tell me off for using words like "bollocks" and possibly the occasional spammer who wants to tell me how to increase traffic to my site and therefore make my business more effective), but ... I can't remember the start of this sentence. So I shall leave it at that.


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