Jan. 4th, 2011

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  • 09:51:03: RT @shewolfmanc: New blog post: Call for Submissions: Wolf-Girls: Dark Tales of Teeth, Claws and Lycogyny --> http://bit.ly/i1xZdt
  • 09:56:17: @shewolfmanc Will definitely be working on something to submit to that!
  • 11:17:27: There is a God!
  • 13:43:28: Things are looking up! Get to take a half day coz I was super efficient AND I got an informal job offer today! VICTORY IS MINE!
  • 14:16:57: Victory cookies and milkshake for all! (Well, just me)
  • 14:20:09: @kazmahoney Finishing work early to go home and write. Yay!
  • 16:32:08: Just cut 6k from a project. I feel sick...
  • 16:37:37: Also decided to change a character's name. Why not?!
  • 18:38:13: @Scarimonious I imagine some kind of meta-gym, where my insecurities pump iron and give each other protein shakes
  • 18:50:41: @Scarimonious And then they go out for smoothies and one breaks down and admits it's still puny and everyone's embarrassed
  • 19:00:42: @Scarimonious And then it's back to the meta-gym for more work, because dammit, they should be past all this!
  • 20:14:59: Brian Blessed is advertising Innocent smoothies! I'm filled with the urge to buy them just because!
  • 20:15:20: I would buy pretty much anything he advertised, I think
  • 21:24:03: @yolandasfetsos Thank you! I'm keeping my fingers crossed it becomes a formal offer before the week is out!
  • 21:24:29: @megan_eb And this is why I gave up on the series after Dark Lover. That and the constant product placement and generally silliness
  • 21:33:58: @megan_eb It was the "abs like smuggled paint rollers" line that finished me. I will never recover from it
  • 21:50:18: Obviously today is a day of great significance, so I have decided to make a significant decision and self-publish Wild as soon as it's ready
  • 21:56:30: Also, I hate writing fight scenes. It's so hard for me to keep track of what everyone's doing and when
  • 23:04:07: I hate Jack Black. There, I said it. I hate him. He's so hateable. He makes me angry. Why is he on my TV?
  • 23:05:40: Phew. I feel better for that. And now he's gone
  • 23:30:33: @KhristAllMyTea just asked me if we could have a goat if we move to Bolton. Where does one get a goat?

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